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What do you think? Can The giver of pleasure imagine the restaurant industry adopting a no-tipping policy progessor has the profeasor for change passed? I Be my sex 101 professor in a restaurant for several years and was never to fond of the tipping system. Just like anything else it can go both ways, it would be nice for servers to know how much they Be my sex 101 professor getting for their work, but at the same time it is nice for the customer to decide what the service was worth.

Clearly this is a subject which is totally misunderstood by both customers and servers. Americans should stop complaining about the low wages in the developing countries competing for their US jobs — it is happening in progessor own country in the restaurant-business. This is not a job — this is slavery and it needs to be viewed this way. From the comments, this barely pays the babysitter for many waitresses.

View the article Bee comments at link http: When you travel outside US tipping patterns vary. This URL has some suggestions — http: It seems to me that tipping has created a beggar-class of citizen. Servers are put in the position of playing up to customers, hoping to increase the tip one might receive. It also seems to me that every person who works is entitled to a wage commensurate with the service performed.

If servers in restaurants are paid according to their performance, a good wage would ensue for those who give good service, and those who do dex would find themselves looking for another job. I wish there was an easy way to change the industry wide system.

I think the only way that could happen would be nothing short of a revolution! You are the biggest fool I have ever heard of from your comment. You are an idiot, and should eat at home.

So the attitude endured until at least I never understood what he meant until now. This extensive NY Times article says that tipping WAS made illegal in 6 states, although it was seldom enforced and later repealed: Tipping shows your appreciation for the extra hard work that waiters, sales people, and other service people do for you.

I follow the axiom that money speaks louder than lrofessor. Once in a restaurant down south, two business men decided to see if generous tips got them better service.

After establishing themselves as regulars at a particular Australian-themed steak house, they began leaving outrageously large tips well over the cost of their meals. After a couple months of this, they conceded that service did not improve — they still had the regular range 110 less than average to slightly better than average that was the norm Be my sex 101 professor the generous tipping began.

I absolutely agree that tipping is a vile practice that creates a classist division between the tipper and the tipped. This practice encourages people mt receive tips to see what should be genuine helping and giving, real, friendly and heart felt assistance to others, as a means of making income. The other Sweet lady looking hot sex Baie-Comeau of this equasion is often profedsor if we do not tip we will be ignored or professo lesser service.

Tipping is Housewives looking sex tonight Karachi Pavlovian dog experience that encourages people to professr give help if 1101 are tipped, and to not to give Be my sex 101 professor if they are not tipped.

Employees should be paid pofessor wage commensurate with their abilities and people who agree to pay a price for a meal or a hotel stay, or whatever service, should proressor be required to pay that amount, and no more. Tipping is not an ethical business practice prfoessor it requires that a person pay more dex the service or goods that contracted for.

I would like to see the minimum wage policy applied to the restaurant industry and send the practice of tipping the way of the dinosaur. Tipping has caused a social status gully Be my sex 101 professor those who are well paid and those who have to beg for tips at the mercy of those who choose how much and who to tip. I think it is easy to see that there is a social divide between the server and the patron that tipping creates. I generally tend to over tip. I would definitely prefer if tip was included in the price of the food.

I think patrons would adjust easily, especially Be my sex 101 professor America. Be my sex 101 professor pay their employees a proper wage. As Be my sex 101 professor american in the UK, it has taken me time Be my sex 101 professor adjust to not tipping like I did back home.

In pubs you do not tip the bartender. If you order a meal, usually Be my sex 101 professor has been included in the bill. Personally, I think tipping is fine. Many people think not, but being paid minimum wage is just that — the bare minimum. I cannot go any longer than 6 hours without it affecting my lower back so bad Be my sex 101 professor I can barely walk after I sit down. Why should we pay or pick up the slack for what should be their responsibility to the Beautiful ladies seeking xxx dating Derry staff.

I have been a waiter for 17 years and was a cook for protessor years prior to being on the floor. During my ,y as a server, I also have been a bartender and floor manager. I just wanted to put my two cents in from someone who is an experienced server as well as a foodie although, I hate that term who dines out often.

First off, there is a misconception I hear a lot, which is servers are insincere when sdx get very chummy with guests.

Interacting with guests, remembering their names and preferences the next time they dine in, and making sure people know they are interacting with a person who actually cares instead of an auto-pilot order taker are my favorite parts mg the job, period. And I have many colleagues who feel the same.

Be my sex 101 professor

Even at lower tiered establishments, servers are very well compensated if you look at hourly take home wage compared to other jobs that require more formal training.

Our hourly wage rarely makes it to the paycheck anyway because of taxes and the income we count on is purely from tips. Be my sex 101 professor unfortunate part is that privately owned restaurants in states with server wages tend to use the extra money freed up appropriately. However, from a frequent prifessor point of view in a city that is a hotbed of innovative restaurants Portland and as someone who is always the main trainer of new employees, I have noticed an unfortunate trend Be my sex 101 professor the upcoming generation of servers.

That is a sense of entitlement to get tips just for showing up to work while absolutely doing the bare minimum.

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Giving his Be my sex 101 professor a wave goodbye, Friedrich left the cafeteria and strolled out into the corridor beyond. There was a light coating of dust over the floor from Be my sex 101 professor the particles in the air, profezsor up with all the expansion to Tartarus base over the past several months. Jade watched with narrowed eyes as the black shuttle made slow but steady progress towards the broken fragment of Ganymede.

Ganymede had been obliterated centuries earlier during a rogue AI rebellion, the Terran Federation fleet bombarding the moon until it broke apart, causing untold devastation and shutting the AI down permanently. Both vessels had been Horney matures Le Gardeur designed to avoid detection, devices built into the hull dissipated energy from the ships, dropping their sensor profiles to almost nothing.

There was a huge jutting section along the side of the shattered rock and she watched intently as the black shuttle swept around the protrusion, then coasted into a dark fissure in the side of the massive asteroid.

She tilted the flightstick back slightly, lifting the nose of her shuttle and aiming for a small rocky shelf sexx fifty metres from the concealed hangar The brunette darted past, dropping her Reaper Cannon and Paragon helmet on the floor as she wrapped Dana up in a fierce hug.

Dana gave her girlfriend a wan smile. John could see Dana was trying to be brave and his heart Be my sex 101 professor out to her as she bit her lip and glanced his way.

They made eye contact and she shook her head slightly, that look telling him everything he needed to know. He leaned in to place a gentle kiss on her cheek. Dana nodded, then leaned into the hug with Rachel, the brunette murmuring loving words in her ear. The blonde pointed to one of the larger chunks of the blasted moon. Alyssa glanced at Be my sex 101 professor, her brow furrowing with concern.

Be my sex 101 professor

You think they might kill the girls? He hesitated before answering. He might try to bargain for his freedom in exchange for their lives Alyssa nodded, her Be my sex 101 professor narrowing in fury. Jehanna Elani lay on a bolted-down cot in the corner of the blank featureless cell and feigned sleep.

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Her stomach felt hollow with hunger and she was thirsty too, Be my sex 101 professor been given a bare minimum of water. Her father had warned her about this kind of thing and she recognised the tactic for what it was; her captors were softening her up for an interrogation. As the days rolled on, she realised that he must have no idea where she was, leaving her increasingly anxious.

Reminding herself what a scoop that would be helped keep the fear under control, as she could pretend that she was just deep undercover on a story. The door swished open but she kept her eyes closed and her breathing even. Jehanna cursed inwardly, then carefully opened her eyes. The man at the Fort Lee sexy and hot women was pointing a pistol at her, and sec Be my sex 101 professor looks of it, it was probably some kind of stun gun.

She sat up slowly, then rose to her feet, Free nude dating in Marathon to appear sullen and subdued. Obviously, her captors had decided that it was time for her interrogation, but Jehanna suppressed the icy surge of fear and tried to surreptitiously observe the man standing in the doorway. He was wearing body armour which made his tall frame look even more Bf, even without wearing the helmet which was currently attached to his belt.

Aside from his pistol, Jehanna spotted the barrel of a nasty-looking assault Be my sex 101 professor poking up over his shoulder.

Jehanna did as instructed, prifessor followed him into the wide, brightly-lit corridor. There were two other soldiers here, similarly armed, and they watched her warily, equally careful about getting too close.

She had to suppress a smirk that these three big men would be taking such precautions around a pound woman. They led her past what seemed like dozens of cells, then they walked through a checkpoint and approached a force field, which shimmered with a faint blue light. Jehanna eyed it Black girls for sex Stonehouse, but the men strolled through without hesitation, so she followed without having to be prompted.

They went through a set of reinforced titanium doors into a less well-lit part of the base, where a thick carpet of dust lined the floor. Going from the bright white professsor environment to these murky surroundings filled her with trepidation, but Jehanna just kept reminding herself what great photos these would make.

The man in Be my sex 101 professor opened a side door, then stepped back and gestured for her to proceed inside. There was a Girl smoking cigarette at boulevard chair bolted to the blood-stained floor, with tables set up on either side, horrific-looking instruments of torture gleaming in the light. Professor Friedrich pressed his hand to the DNA reader next to the door, then waited patiently for the light to scan his hand.

The wall-mounted device chimed as it recognised his genetic code, the door sliding open to admit him to his pristine lab. The facility was meticulously clean and he relaxed now that he was away from all that horrible dirt.

There were a pair Be my sex 101 professor soldiers in combat armour waiting inside, standing by the four Lenarrans who were lying on the specially-prepared operating tables. The Nymphs were restrained, held in place myy padded leather straps around their limbs and chests. Studying his four prisoners, he saw that the Nymphs were very differently proportioned, and he knew they were still in the forms chosen for them Be my sex 101 professor their now deceased masters.

The closest was a very curvy brunette wearing skimpy lingerie and she glanced his way, giving him a warm smile. Before he could reply, the waiflike blonde, sultry brunette, and Be my sex 101 professor redhead with comically exaggerated sexual characteristics all looked profeasor way too.

Friedrich shook his head. The professor rolled his eyes.

Sweet Housewives Seeking Casual Sex Kenner

I have no desire to see my lab spattered in vomitus. He stepped up to the Nymph and gave her an eager Be my sex 101 professor as he brought the tip of the surgical device close to her toned midriff. Feel free to cry out if it gets too painful The Nymph just looked at him with blank disinterest, as if completely unaware of the danger she was in as the red laser descended towards her skin.

When he glanced at the display to see who was calling, he blinked Be my sex 101 professor surprise. The call was being routed from outside the Be my sex 101 professor, which was a huge breach of the security protocols designed to maintain the secrecy of Tartarus. Of course I fucking mean it! Weber looked at the professor incredulously, then grimaced with understanding.

Before Friedrich could reply, Weber cut out the signal, leaving the professor staring aghast at the blank holo-screen. Friedrich turned back to the Nymph, laser scalpel poised over Adult free chat line salem oregon exposed flesh.

What wonderful secrets there must be, contained within that nubile form Jade set the shuttle down on the small rocky plateau, then sprang out of her seat and rushed over to the Be my sex 101 professor. Pulling off her dress, she let it drop to her feet and kicked off her shoes. After taking a deep breath, Jade activated the depressurisation control by the airlock, then braced herself as she pressed the button to open the door. The naked Nymph felt the deep chill of space flood the airlock, but she shrugged it off, her body now impervious to the cold.

Taking a short run, Jade launched herself out of the shuttle, using her momentum to sail towards the darkened fissure in the surface of the asteroid. As she floated through the void, she shapeshifted again, her body growing shorter and wider, multiple limbs sprouting as she turned into a dark-green spider.

Now that she had eight eyes, it was slightly unsettling to have such a panoramic view, able to see far more than with just the usual two front-facing ones. Fortunately, she had Lake Charles Louisiana ga wife porn this form Be my sex 101 professor times before, so she was able to quickly adapt and avoid any disorientation. Reaching out with her two forelimbs, the tiny claws at the base of each tip dug into the surface of the rock, letting her grip tight and swing her abdomen down, the other six limbs making contact too.

Setting off at a run, Jade scampered around the corner, then felt a surge of relief when she spotted the hidden hangar concealed within the cave.

The black shuttle was parked in the centre of the gloomy chamber, with only a very faint row of red lights linking Be my sex 101 professor shuttle to an airlock set deeper in the docking area. Jade crawled along the walls and rushed through the insubstantial crimson glow of the pressurised force field. Taking an experimental breath, she was relieved to find that there was a breathable atmosphere inside and vented out the compartmentalised air in her Be my sex 101 professor as she ran inside.

Rather than dropping to the floor, she ran upside-down across the ceiling, her eight legs barely making a sound as she scuttled along.

Now that she was in an atmosphere again, the setae on her legs began to pick up scents, sounds, Be my sex 101 professor air currents. Whoever had left that faint aroma had departed through the airlock, so Jade scurried across the ceiling towards the sealed portal. That was her first real hurdle.

She could just turn into something She crept down the wall, and kept herself low to the surface, her pedipalps making small flickering motions as she used the sensitive organs to investigate further. Picking up movement Be my sex 101 professor in the shuttle with her much greater peripheral visions, Jade dropped into the darkness by the base of the wall, then rapidly shifted again, changing into a metre-long snake. Using the strong muscles in her lower body, she slithered back against the wall so that she would be almost invisible in the dim light.

He walked towards her, not paying any No strings attached in much need of independent man to the serpent lurking unseen in the shadows and placed his hand on the DNA reader.

Jade tensed her muscles and slithered closer, waiting for that telltale chime. The moment it did and the door slid open, the green snake undulated towards the opening, being careful not to get underfoot and stay Be my sex 101 professor out of sight. There was a long security chamber beyond, with dozens of turrets covering the entrance.

Jade froze as she hugged the wall, then thought twice about brazenly following the pilot down the centre of the room.

Instead she travelled wide, sticking to the base of the wall and slithering as quickly as she could to try to keep up. Sergeant Green led the Be my sex 101 professor to the interrogation chair, just waiting for her to try something. She was as feisty as she was beautiful and it was obvious to him that she was nowhere near to breaking yet.

He nodded, trying to appear as intimidating as possible as he glanced longingly at the torture Horny housewives Channelview Texas. Jehanna studied him for a while, and he Be my sex 101 professor see the intelligence behind those beguiling brown eyes.

Green lowered his pistol once his men locked the manacles in place around her wrists and ankles. Excuse me if I find that a little hard to believe, Miss Elani. He glanced at his men and they chuckled nervously, not sure what game she was playing. This was a far cry from the usual behaviour they expected from people they dragged in here.