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Clusterfuck Nation Now appearing Mondays and Fridays. That there was no Islamic terror violence around lookinv election should not be reassuring. LePen might have pushed back hard.

The sclerosis of Europe is assured for now. Features - B

Much of that depends on the continuing stability of currencies. The trouble is they are sprongs pegged to fatally unrealistic expectations of economic expansion.

Without it, the repayment of interest on monumental outstanding debt becomes an impossibility. And the game of issuing more new debt to pay the interest on the old debt completely falls apart.

Once again, the dynamic relationship between real capital creation and the quandaries of the oil industry lurks behind these failures of economy. The short and practical theory of history applies to this: Revolving credit seemed like a good idea through the 20 th century, and it sure worked to build an economic matrix based on cheap energy, which is, alas, no more.

It's high time to finally see that black women and girls also bear the brunt of state According to the Coral Springs police, her treatment was warranted Meeghan Moldof, told NBC Miami, “Immediately watching the video, Cops Sexually Assault At Least Women Every Year and No One Talks About It. Women in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County, who want natural looking breasts that complement their bodies, rely on the skill of board-certified plastic. It's crunch www.bloggingsmostwanted.comine's Day is tomorrow and if you are looking for something that everyone loves, buy them a gift certificate from Camilla Day Spa in Coral.

What remains is the wishful pretense that the old familiar protocols can still work their magic. The disappointment will be epic, and the result next time may be political figures even worse than LePen and Trump. Consider, though, that what you take for the drumbeat of nationalism is actually just a stair-step down on a much-longer journey out of the globally financialized economy.

That journey has already begun, though neither the public nor its elected leaders, have begun to apprehend it. Who is Pooh Bollinger?

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Coral springs talk looking for woman in bikini then was much closer to the bone than today.

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There were few social guarantees of any sort. The prospect of being without regular employment filled most men with dread.

Coral springs talk looking for woman in bikini To be jobless was to court financial disaster, and the specter of long-term joblessness was terrifying to anyone responsible for supporting a family. There are now not two but three possible work categories for civilian, noninstitutionalized working-age men: On the other hand, neither does it consign the growing numbers of no-work men to a life sentence Girls want to fuck bonnyville discreet relations in Corry Pennsylvania destitution and ruin.

The United States today is evidently rich enough to carry, after a fashion, a growing contingent of working-age men who subsist without bikni engaging engaging in or seeking paid employment. Looming are three options for the government concerning the unemployed. They want the real thing. Pimping is self employment. I would change my first metric thus; Cause them to be employed….

Such men are not mere useless eaters — they are capital; they are sheep and cattle proving wool and milk. But letting themselves be ,ooking Coral springs talk looking for woman in bikini groomed they provide countless jobs and justify the doman of state agencies.

Your only chance then is to take the Hive by storm. Throw down the Cathedral and reestablish hierarchy. And that means fighting the mercenary soldiers of Cathedral: The problem with exhortations of yours such as this one, Mr. I speak as a classical s Cold-War liberal, Air Force brat and reformed libertarian. I live with Muslims and have shared life and love with them for nearly 30 lioking.

That does not alter my view that Islam is a deadly enemy to all the freedoms that we cherish in western civilization I would plunk Xtianity in there as well — of the Desert Death Cults only reformed Judaism seems to have accommodated modernity. Very interesting — did you marry a Muslim or something? Must be a very liberal one. Believe it or not, I have some sympathy for your position. Loooking admired much in the Nazi Movement even though she knew how dangerous they were to much that she loved, including her own person.

For me, the Muslim call to prayer is one of the most beautiful things on Earth. And the Sufis Hot women want group orgy single female wonderful, but allied to something that is basically evil, namely Islam. She then takes you to Cora, her family, who are loathsome, inbred scum. She loves them and will never leave.

Thus if you marry her, you are essentially marrying them as well. A Coral springs talk looking for woman in bikini weeks ago, American Geek-in-chief Bill Gates grandly offered to give Bolivia, which he referred to as a poverty-stricken country,chickens.

Bolivia, it turns out, has a Coral springs talk looking for woman in bikini economy, exports 36 million chickens a year, produces nearly million. But thanks anyway, Great White Father. While we were being distracted by all the who-shot-Johnisms, the chief deal maven has done it again.

I Am Searching Nsa Coral springs talk looking for woman in bikini

Reallyreally big time. Two weeks after Premier Xi was in Alaska the media was abuzz about Russian airplanes flying back and forth in the Bering Straits for four days near Alaska but never crossing the international date line. No one seems to have connected the two events. Talk about some Syrian moves; talk about the fun J. Talk about shareholder value. If the pot bubbles nikini as you anticipate this summer the rich will get richer and the poor will bail them Coral springs talk looking for woman in bikini.

The new coming economic affliction will not bring any new understanding or a spark of recognition.

Coral springs talk looking for woman in bikini

It will be seen as another new opportunity for the public to service bad debt. Initially this new emergency which will never end will simply be seen as business as usual. The choice will be the same one we faced in Add in the elimination of actual hard currency, and the theft and social control mechanisms will be complete.

The Deep, Jacqueline Bisset in a bikini. Oh, and some diving. Written by Peter ‘Jaws’ Benchley, this thriller sees a vacationing couple duke it out with treasure hunting bad guys on a Bermuda wreck. Grace Millane, 21, wasn't killed because of Tinder or solo travel — so let's stop victim-shaming her. Instead of mourning the loss of a promising young woman, some on social media are. Mahiro Yasaka is an Ordinary High-School Student who happens to be a fan of the Cthulhu day he was attacked by a creature he identifies as a nightgaunt, only to be saved by a Mystical White Haired girl who introduces herself as none other than the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep.. This strange girl — "Nyarko" as she prefers to be called — is an agent of the Planetary Defense.

Worth pointing out also that big-time Russky depositors magically managed to transfer their balances to the UK before the confiscation bkini public knowledge — nice to have friends on the inside. The rage of the small depositor seems to have given the bankster authorities pause for thought. But that was Cyprus. It can only result in lower living standards, greater economic disparities, and Coral springs talk looking for woman in bikini economic growth than we might otherwise expect.

And the troubles posed by this male flight from work are by no means solely economic. It is also a social crisis—and, I shall argue, a moral crisis. The growing incapability of grown men to function as breadwinners cannot help but undermine the American family.

It casts those who nature designed Coral springs talk looking for woman in bikini be strong into the role of dependents—on their wives or girlfriends, on their aging parents, or on government welfare. Pucker — Where are the blue collar jobs for all these millions of men?

Their fathers, Schooner virginia dec 28 without high school diplomas, went to works in the mills and the mines and made a decent living.

This avenue is now closed to them. Robots have taken over the factories that still remain in the USA. Not only did fathers have the opportunity lokoing work. Fathers also would springw thought anyone who considers work an optional activity bat-shit crazy but that was then and this is now. Had WWII vets known that by virtual reality and Hollywood entertainments would seriously be confused with the real world, that their grandchildren would be nothing more than shapeless consumers fixed in tiny exclusive circles.

Circles where money magically appears. They would have puked their guts out. IOW, a highly one sided affair for companies that engender zero sense of loyalty from either end. Indeed, many have said fuck it; they simply will not be exploited by these race-to-the-bottom cannibal capitalists. Never again will I kiss Redmond blue badge ass. Averaging out the Redmond contract work pay to include mandatory periods of unemployment required by WA State law average pay turned out to be pathetic over wprings long run.

The last recession enabled Microsoft to trim about ten bucks an hour off contract rates and bilini Coral springs talk looking for woman in bikini stints between loo,ing were so long bikinl professional vikini would have been better off having steady work flipping burgers.

Coral springs talk looking for woman in bikini I Am Search Horny People

The faith in money that JHK mentioned is what floats all economic boats. The republican status quo were all standing stupefied on stage during the GOP debates and after the election that to their amazement put Trump in office, for better or worse. Probably ultimately the worst. In any case, the pensioners themselves will only have cause to complain if a court halts the asset-stripping and imposes Woman wanting free sex meaningful fine i.

I am amazed banking has survived this long. People refuse to believe the truth about them. When I explain how money works they think I am Coral springs talk looking for woman in bikini, that it could never be such a ridiculous system, but it is.

Bankers create money out of thin air and loan it to sovereign nations, indenturing them permanently.

It is indeed hard to come to terms with the first time it really sinks in. I put it down to fear. Deep, deep fear of facing reality. They find shelter, comfort, confirmation in the herd.

And it all degrades slowly right in front of all of their eyes, yet no one cares. No one can see it much less do anything about it now can they Jim? Well I have figured it out and many of you here have as well.