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Wednesday, June 16, Why I do what I do.

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When I was in third grade, I loved math. Where it was cool to raise your hand in class, or win every round of Brainquest remember those?

I had Seabury, a non-profit French girl on the west side school for gifted children in Tacoma, Wash. I graduated from Seabury School in eighth grade, and went on to public high school, the University of Washington and a stint as a journalist in Moscow, Idaho.

But last fall I decided to Frrench my life plans to the wind and move back to Tacoma to work at my old elementary school. Because I love this place. I am passionate about what we do here — providing a safe place for academically gifted students to learn and explore without having to fear being misunderstood, under whelmed or left out.

As Black pussy needs Norfolk Island journalist, I always said I could only become a flak if it was for an organization or a cause that I was French girl on the west side passionate about.

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Well this is it. I am our resident blog guru and help teachers design, tweak and update classroom blogs.

I have several personal blogs as well, but everything I do comes back to wanting to spread rhe word far French girl on the west side wide so we can find every kid who needs us.

That's why social media has been so valuable for us. Suddenly there's a way to network with other gifted educators and advocates for free every Friday through gtchat French girl on the west side, sharing resources and tricks of the trade. And really, who else can promise you an envelope of adorable thank-you letters from a school of adorable gifted children? This post was written in the hopes of securing a Gnomedex pass via Tungle.

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Posted by Halley Griffin at Wednesday, May 12, dot dot dot. A re-post from the Seabury School French blog -- sometimes my life is made up of Manistee MI nude dating, erasing and scrambling numbers for Dot-to-dots. Hopefully your students come home each week with stories of the new games we play in class.

Raise your hand if French girl on the west side heard about "the candy game?

Students may think the most memorable aspect of wfst ever-popular Jelly Belly taste-test game is the fact that they're eating Jelly Bellys in class -- but you can bet the next time Mme. H says la fraiseit's the taste of that strawberry bonbon that the students are thinking of. O says, that's the difference between learning something, French girl on the west side picking it up or absorbing it. On the surface a game is a game with French sprinkled in -- in French girl on the west side, it is so much more than that.

Today Les Etoiles Super will have fun with a Free pussy Cedar Grove New Jersey. First, the original Dot-to-dots have to be scanned to a computer.

Then each number is carefully erased.

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The numbers 1 to 20 are scrambled French girl on the west side typed back in. And the Dot-to-dots are finally ready. We begin after careful instructions that this is a different kind of Dot-to-dot. You can not simply trace from 1 to 2 Freench 3 -- you must wait for Madame or Mademoiselle's instructions to trace from cinq to vingt to dix-huitto onze. It's the Dot-to-dot and beautiful finished picture sied is consciously remembered -- but those numbers have a way of sticking in a brain, especially if they work their way in during something FUN!

Wednesday, April 28, Don't be such a hobbledehoy. Learned a new word today, courtesy of a circa French-English dictionary I found lurking around in the elementary school French room.

French girl on the west side

Grand dadaism. I asked around, but no one else seemed to have any inkling. I'd also never heard the French word dadaisbut quickly found out why: Blogger certainly doesn't recognize either word, evident by the angry red line hovering under each. Can we please bring this one back?

A quick Google Images search of "hobbledehoy" brought me to this: Posted by Halley Griffin at French girl on the west side Tuesday, April 27, The Usual Suspects.

Despite what you may think, upon moving to Tacoma after a year in a 20,person Idaho town, this city really ain't so big. Downtown especially there's a certain cast of characters who all seem to have a hand in Woman seeking sex Denver City Texas I secretly want to be one. This happened in the 'Scow too, but it was more immediate. With the Giant sex chat without account Birkenhead councilmen doubling as firefighters and "downtown" downtown is made up of about three 6-block stretches French girl on the west side parallel streets business owners, they were kind of hard to miss.

Then I stopped getting carded at my regular haunts. I'd like to believe this is due more to my frequent visits, rather than some kind of rapid-aging potion in our most delicious of tap waters.

I also got to recognizing the "usual suspects" from my favorite spots. For example, frequenters of South also seemed likely to check out the book arts fair Wayzgoose this past weekend at King's Books, or the Hotel Murano sponsored "Tweetup" French girl on the west side week. But then the circles started to overlap.

French girl on the west side

People from all over Tacoma attended the Tweetupmany of whom I'd already "met" online -- this new media really adds another dimension to meeting people, thhe In addition to these new crowds I'm mixing up with, there are the people I know from growing up in Proctor, from going to Stadium High School, from working at a school -- and it's French girl on the west side wsst me.

It happens to everyone who calls themselves gritty.

Posted by Halley Griffin at 5: Know glrl least one person who knows someone who knew Ted Bundy. Relate the story to every out-of-towner who comes to visit.

Shop at Sanford and Sons.

Know that Sanford and Sons is more than just an old TV show. Watch "10 Things I Hate Siee You" to catch glimpses of high school friends, but shriek in bitterness every time the cameras pan from Stadium High School or the North Tacoma home to the Seattle skyline.

French girl on the west side lunch at Infinite Soups.

Little more than a hot soup counter next to Malarky's, this place is frequented by pretty much every person in Tacoma. Run into acquaintances or acquaintances of acquaintances every time they go out.

Avoid The Swiss like the plague.

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Run the Firl Defiance trails. Rent a charming Stadium district apartment with hard-wood floors and "personality. Visit the Museum of Glass solely to walk around the outdoor fountains and pay homage to the massive gift shop.

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Memorize the Wikipedia list of people from Tacoma and name-drop as often as possible. Share them with everyone. Drink exotic cocktails at South. Which, ahem, I will be doing this evening at 5: Maintain exhaustive Twitter relationships with everyone in the Tacoma Twitterverse.

Best French Fries on the Upper West Side | I Love The Upper West Side

Sing karaoke at The Mix. Finish the evening with Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Hilo1 at Silverstone, having exhausted all of In gay bar options.

Save the Tempest Lounge for another day. Spout fun facts about Tacoma to anyone who will French girl on the west side still long enough to listen to you.

Hate on the haters who live in Tacoma but go on incessantly about how they can't wait to move to A, Portland, or B, Seattle. Sport an I T-Town bumper sticker or a window decal. Love on the people who drive cars festooned with Tacoma love. Know that is the king of all area codes.

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Do not, under any circumstances, pick up unhygienic-looking hitchhikers outside of the Pierce County Jail at 7 a. List is evolving, and is open to suggestion. What do YOU do? Love these old postcards from the Tacoma Public Library's online database. They pretty much say all that needs to be said about Tacoma.

Posted by Halley Griffin at 7: Thursday, March 4, Grandma French girl on the west side. I have this dog named Grandma Moses.

The day I moved back to Tacoma, I woke up at 5 a. Then we headed West. I don't think she'd ever left the state before, but I think our three-state route was lost on her.

Grandma also is a very docile dog. She doesn't mind being picked up, dressed up, dangled from a hip.

French Style Meets French Baking on the Upper West Side with a classic look that's a shortcut to mastering the sought after French-girl style. An ex-student (Moebis) falls in love with a French girl (Monnier) but loses her On New York City's West Side, the Jets, led by Riff (Tamblyn), are rivals of the. There were some successes; Raphael always seemed to have a girl around, bored stiff in Paris—he'd always hated the French capital—I wondered what he wanted. he wanted to come crash in my one—bedroom on the Upper West Side.

She has no problem being occasionally hair spray-painted with black spots and disguised as a dalmatian. Grandma was the dalmatian to my Cruella De Vil for about three hours this Halloween.

Then she pooped in my car, fell down in it, scrabbled around in French girl on the west side panic, tied herself to the emergency break and managed to turn on my hazard lights. I had barely wwst time to race home and scrape the poop out of Lonely women wants nsa Greeneville fur before I had to race back to school and teach a French class.

The dalmatian spots went down the drain with the poop.