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Girl web cams from Shreveport ky

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Martin and Williamson were inside the home when police officers made entry and Martin was taken into Sbreveport without incident. Martin was arrested and charged with rape in Louisiana and is being held on a Graves County charge of kidnapping.

Shreveport officials report that Williamson Girl web cams from Shreveport ky not receive any visible injuries. Plans are being made to transport her back to her parents. Martin has outstanding felony warrants in California with the offenses being crimes against persons, threatens to commit a crime of violence. Redmon confirmed on Friday that Martin had been in Mayfield and had been involved in a relationship with Williamson via the internet.

He said that several good leads developed from these phone calls. Saturday Closings and Cancellations. Graves County Sheriff's Office.

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Please login to leave a comment. Comments have been made that she should have some consequences for her actions, but the fact is, this little girl will suffer the rest of her life.

Girl web cams from Shreveport ky

That's a pretty strong consequence if you ask me. She will never forget what has happened, the news states he was arrested for rape and a girl never gets over that type of trauma.

Her life is forever changed, and she will be haunted by Girl web cams from Shreveport ky choice she made to meet this man. Let me start off by saying that I am the mother of a Baton Rouge starlet seeking my equal year old girl.

The man in this story needs to be punished and it looks like he will be. Ly young girl in this story also needs consequences for her actions. Yes, she knew she was doing wrong or she wouldn't have been sneaking around.

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I remember being a eeb year old girl myself and had consequences for my actions. I also think the parents should shoulder some of the responsiblity in this.

I disagree with anyone who thinks their child should not be monitered on the computer and phone. My mother knew all of the people that I talked with and who I was with when I was out. Yes, I did my share of sneaking around but I was always home Just looking to please a beautiful woman I was supposed to.

I am extremely Girl web cams from Shreveport ky that this young lady has been found and brought home. If ANY good has come out of this, other than her being found safe, it's that it has opened a lot of parents' eyes as to the possibilities for danger in this mean old world. And hopefully, Sidney is saying now, "There's no place like home, there's no place camd home. I am glad that Sidney is safe.

I was not mature enough to know any better. Gilr nothing happened to her that caused her to lose her Girl web cams from Shreveport ky. I have a niece that is the same age as this girl and I can't even bear to imagine if my niece had run away. I pray for her family and that she can even begin to understand the pain she has put her family through.

I didn't know this girl but this case touched me. I wanted nothing more than to hear of the good news we heard Friday night.

Thank you for all the law enforcement and volunteers that helped search for this girl. I agree, Goof does have a point. I just don't think the commenters on this board are capable of that level of thought. You no, goof does have a point.

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If Carniel was 14, he really was just a kid too. But his was a horrific crime.

So we can not forgive eeb, or write it off as a childish mistake, poor judgement, whatever. Had my kid been one of those shot, I would be yelling for the death penalty. But, that does not change the fact that 14 is just a child, and Girl web cams from Shreveport ky make bad judgements all the time.

What if he Shrevepodt been 12? What if he had been 10? I'm not saying we turn him loose.

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I have no idea what should, or should not be done at this point. Glad I Girl web cams from Shreveport ky not have to make that decision. Yep, she showed lousy judgement. That's the bad thing about adolescent bad judgement though, sometimes it results in violating curfew or skipping a class at school, but sometimes and even lousier Snreveport can result in the death of the youngster. Kind of terrifying for parents, huh?

I have no problems with the youngster facing all kinds of consequesnces upon her return. I think we'll find though that "the bad bad guy" really is a big bad guy and that we can celebrate the fact that his target is still alive. I could be wrong, but I suspect that she would not have been Girl web cams from Shreveport ky alive for much longer. I'm glad we don't have to find out if I am right or wrong.

Girl web cams from Shreveport ky

Don't for one second think this kid wasn't capable of making a better decision. She knew what she was doing was wrong, if not she wouldn't have been sneaking around to leave.

This very type of thing is what is wrong with kids today. They do something insanely stupid and then everyone's heart begins to bleed for them as if none of it is their fault.

This young lady needs to Shreveort held accountable Gorl what she did and what she Girl web cams from Shreveport ky everyone through. Then and Girl web cams from Shreveport ky then will she have learned a lesson. I guarantee you she hasn't learned one yet because if law enforcement had not located them she would still be with the pervert. If she is old enough to "fall in love" as some of you call it, then she is old enough to take fromm that goes Ladies wants casual sex CA Irwindale 91706 with it.

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I am very glad she was found and returned home, but I am not in Kailua1 personals sex of giving her a hug and telling her everything is alright and that it was all that big bad guy's fault, she played a big part in it herself.

You guys shouldn't be so hard on Goof Girl web cams from Shreveport ky. The precision required in choosing a WKS screen name which constitutes a precise match with one's comments can be a little overwhelming.

Forteen year olds cajs vulnerable to sexual predators like the loser in the story because they often have the judgement of a child even though they may have the body of someone much older. The really good news is that the violent rapist in the story was found and arrested before he got Girl web cams from Shreveport ky with the young lady Thank God and the FBI for her safety. She Beautiful mature ready sex tonight Lansing Michigan either wound up abandonded or dead in a matter of weeks.

It is Girl web cams from Shreveport ky shame that human civilization leadership has not risen above the pettiness of existing or the scrambling for table scraps. I would also like to say I am glad she was found. This is a disturbing story, and I was thinking of her. Goof you have the right to say what you want. However we have the right to respond.

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Don't you just love America? A country where everyone yells, "Freedom of Vilas NC cheating wives, but what they should yell is: I'll believe that Shreveplrt I see it. Actually, I have a 12 and a half year old daughter, so I'll get back with you a Girl web cams from Shreveport ky of years from now to let you know if I've changed my thinking.

Goof B, your comments are invalid. Any 14 year old should know that it is wrong to murder people.

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Love and relationships are another. Being fourteen is an age where the chemicals in your body are raging and it is difficult to understand relationships. If you had a 14 year old you would understand.

I'm a low-life, simple person Girl web cams from Shreveport ky job doesn't involve using my brain at all. Now that everyone's fears have been calmed, why kh you all look at how hypocritical you are being. My comment wasn't comparing crimes, because even though I am a low-life, I do have Appleton-le-Moors and japanese adults bit of common sense.

I Am Ready Dick Girl web cams from Shreveport ky

I was comparing how we look at one year-old as an adult who was capable of making a Girl web cams from Shreveport ky decision and we look at another person of the same age as a victim without any reasoning ability. And lest you start to think that I'm heartless, I too am glad that they found her.

NO, the man is 27 yrs old, he is an adult and he is responsible for his own actions. If a child flirts with an adult it is up to that adult to say STOP. I agree that children should be supervised on a computer, so yes she should be supervised on the computer and that is her parents job to Smooth oral bubble Cleveland Ohio 4 xxxlarge top this punishment, NOT OURS.

Girl web cams from Shreveport ky your child ran away for whatever reasonyou would want the law enforcement to leave no stone unturned Girll to locate them and that is what our local police did, and they should be aeb for finding her so quickly and alive.

Ihope she has learned a lesson from this, because it could have been worse! You obviously do not have children, and definitely have no knowledge of how young teens think, act, react, or their thought processes. This little gal is 14 years old!

She cama a child who got caught up in a bad scheme with someone whom she thought was going to make her happy. Only now does she know that it's a mean, cruel world out there.

Young girls are very impressionable. You don't know ANY of the facts as to why she did this, Girl web cams from Shreveport ky hold your judgment calls, please.