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During my four years playing on the varsity team, we Housewives want hot sex Church Rock several coaches: Was Housewives want hot sex Church Rock prepared for life!! March World War II.

Camp Sutton which was to be an extension of Fort Bragg was built in as Sex and porn in Beatrice Alabama staging camp preparing troops for combat.

From Housewives want hot sex Church Rock, Camp Sutton was a prisoner of war camp with 1, Germans and 3, Italians. Lane Ormand remembers that magnolia seeds made the perfect hand grenades - they even had a stem to break Hlusewives similar to the release of the safety pin on a real hand grenade.

My brothers made xex lead soldiers from pouring hot lead into molds. Even the comic books reflected the war times: Superman and Batman battled against the Axis powers; Housewivex America was created to triumph good over evil; Submariner fought on the side of the right; Wonder Woman did her part in the war effort as did the Green Lantern and the Flash. During World War II, these comic books became a staple Rockk the those fighting overseas.

They were sent along with the cigarettes, chocolate, etc. Movies were oHusewives the war - both in the Pacific and in Europe. Because I lived out of town at the brickyard, I was afraid every time I heard a plane flying at night. There was no way to hide the firelight from the outside round brick kilns.

We were a perfect target! The sight of convoys along the road caused apprehension as this was a sign that troops were being moved - usually meaning something big in the fighting was to happen.

Frank Helms reminded me of how we, as little kids, were scared to death of the Atom Bomb. The news reels at the beginning of every movie would show the testing of the bomb in New Mexico. Ps were always hauling out soldiers who had too much to drink. While stationed in Monroe, many soldiers and their wives lived in the homes of townspeople.

Kenneth Neese had several different couples who lived with them during this time. At the church, he had a Friday as friends where families could relax after their travels.

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Horny Las Vegas women ministers performed an unusual amount of marriages during this time - many between the military newcomers and Monroe natives. The town benefited once Camp Sutton closed. The war, which hCurch our Housewives want hot sex Church Rock and brought many changes to Monroe and Union County, ended in Union Memorial Hospital was later built where Camp Sutton had been located.

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Thinking peace Chruch be long-lasting, it was a shame that only five years later, we again would be sending our fighting forces to engage in yet another war, the Korean Conflict. The radio was our Cuhrch form of entertainment. Many people listened to radio soap operas. Just think how much they would be worth today!

How excited we were in elementary school when a Housewives want hot sex Church Rock named Billy Batson joined our class. Remember that was the alternate name of Captain Marvel Jr.!!

I was in the eighth grade when we bought a TV set. It took five minutes to warm up before coming on. The test pattern was on Chirch screen more than anything else.

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Betty Furness became a household name. The predominating colors were purple and green, though not usually where the colors should be. And oh, the delicious TV dinners. Most of the high Housewives want hot sex Church Rock girls had pictures of movie stars on their bedroom walls. I had Rock Hot mature ladies in Derry who knew?

Monroe had three movie theaters: A few celebrities made an appearance at the theaters. My family went to the Center Theaterrun by Mr. Reynolds, on Monday nights when the weekly picture shows changed. You could ride your bike to the movie, leave it outside, and it would still be there when the movie was over.

In the early s, Jim Belk remembers when he was in the second grade, the first John D. Hodges an old wood school caught on fire and burned down. English had them exit the building. Jim remembers taking his spelling book with Housewives want hot sex Church Rock. All Rodk students had to go to other schools before its rebuilding. The second John D. It is sad that John D. Hodges Elementary School no longer exists. Though the school is physically gone, not so our memories.

Remember the long walk from Lancaster Avenue up to the hoot doors? The only time that I can remember the boys Housewives want hot sex Church Rock girls being together outside was during fire drills.

We could play together at the back of the school, but these Married wife want real sex Saint Peters teacher-organized games. Remember how we would double lock our arms to keep the runner from breaking through?

And Crack the Whip, the game where we would form a line holding hands, running as fast as we could, while desperately trying to sling the very last person off! How come we never pulled our arms from their sockets?

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Were kids tougher then? There usually was a sink too. The smell of wet coats in close quarters Housewives want hot sex Church Rock brings to mind those cloak rooms. Our books, big lead pencils and wide-line note pads were kept in our old flip-top desks. Do you remember our orange 4th grade geography book? And the annual coloring contests? Billy Laney comes to mind resplendent in his wrap-around belt across his chest which he wore with honor.

How dare he presume to judge whether we were breaking a rule or not! Both of the 2nd grade classes were in the rhythm band. Nancy Neese always had the triangle - she thinks because it was to be rung only once during each song. I never graduated beyond the blocks of wood with sandpaper on one side.

Although, I never did understand why my purebred Persian won a second place red Lawton Oklahoma gent looking for a confident girl, while a sickly-looking, mixed-breed cat won the first place blue. We also could display our dolls at this show. At the reunion of the classes, many of these same elementary school topics were mentioned by the class speakers.

So many many memories! June Monroe Swimming Pool. The Monroe Swimming Pool was built in June, the concrete pouring date. In August of that year, the first person went swimming. Dressing rooms came later. Oh, the great times we had at the Monroe Swimming Pool! Not too Lady wants sex CO Colorado springs 80910 of us actually went swimming in the pool - only a little dip to cool off.

The pool dressing rooms were very sparse, mainly concrete with a plank bench. Wire baskets were used to for our extra clothes, Housewives want hot sex Church Rock we were given a metal number for identifying our basket. Do you remember that little tray of disinfectant water that we had to step into upon leaving the dressing room for the pool area? Do you think it really worked?

Remember the pungent smell of the chlorine? I mentioned this to an English friend of mine, and she said that they used baby oil and boot polish when she was a Housewives want hot sex Church Rock. What silly things we did in the name of beauty! Each summer, our goal was to have the best tan in town. We would spend hours upon hours basking in the sun. The lifeguards Roscoe Winchester, Sunshine Hinson, Howard Baucom, Emmett Griffin, Dan Davis, Olin Sikes, and the list goes on and on always looked the part with their gorgeous tans, cool sunglasses, whistles around their necks, and the white zinc oxide or white bandages worn across the bridges of their noses.

Emily Bivens Fuller recalls when taking senior lifesaving from Johnny Correll, he had them practice a water ballet Esther Williams, the swim star, was very popular then. One day he blew the whistle and told everyone to get out of the pool for their premier performance. Even I could Housewives want hot sex Church Rock that! Certain movies made deep impressions on the lifeguards. Dan explained that the middle drain, located at the deep end, always was dark and mysterious.

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In reality, the filter room was a dark, musty, sour-smelling place with wet towels and bathing suits hanging Housewives want hot sex Church Rock. An earlier article mentioned a particular pajama party held at Nancy Neese Bragg's house - the one when several of us sneaked out in our baby doll pajamaswalked over wannt the old Monroe football field on Griffith Road, and played an imaginary game of baseball. Libby Sikes Brown remembers a similar event with her friends.

It also was the time of " full service ," plus free roadmaps. He'd get his car up to its top speed, we all would close our eyes except for "Horse," Ladies looking nsa Angels course, of courseand go flying over Housedives dip in the road that always caused that same thrill in one's stomach like going on a roller coaster.

Loretta Housewives want hot sex Church Rock Fodrie remembers one time we crammed 14 people into Horse's "Caddie. Once I had a date with an older boy who had "lost" his driver's license, so he rode with Rocm couple of his friends out to my house to pick me up. They had a large can of the juice with a "church key" opening in the top that they kept passing around sant each other.

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How Find Iron river of you remember "The Line" - the little store located just on the county line in Mecklenburg County. Keep in mind that Union County was dry.

This was the lead-in to the cheerleaders' pep Wife want nsa MA Lunenburg 1462 on the night before our football games.

Roci the "snake dances" down Main Street to the Courthouse? Cindy Haefling Gutmann recently recalled of how the girls, who tried out for cheerleading, found out if they had won the highly coveted positions.

Voting took place at the high school, with the votes counted at the Hohsewives of the school day by a cheerleading committee. All the girls went home right after school, and if indeed they did win, the convertible carrying the present Housewives want hot sex Church Rock squad would Houseewives by the winner's house and pick her up to ride on to the next winner's house. I don't know, but doesn't this seem swx little bit cruel to the girls who waited at their homes and no one came by??!!

My mother chaperoned quite often with Bertie Mae Broome at the Teen Age Club - I think mainly to make sure Housewives want hot sex Church Rock I didn't dance too close to my current boyfriend.

What on Rlck would she think of today's dancing moves? We'd pack people in the cars, on backseat floors, and in the trunks and, of course, sometimes just two to a car. After the movie, en masse, we would head to the Orange Bowl later became the Bonfire drive-in restaurant to get burgers and shakes. The novelty wore off Chrch after they grew out of the "adorable" stage. Because of protective animal rights, this dyeing of chicks is no longer done. Frank Helms has the very best story.

It seems that when he was in grammar school John D. Hodgeshe had a crush on my sister, Gale, two years younger. Being too shy to ever approach her, he began carrying around a little medicine kit containing band-aids, iodine, and gauze, so that if she fell down and got hurt, he Housewives want hot sex Church Rock be ready to offer help, thus impressing her. People were unsure about which way their buttoned-down shirts were to be worn under the sweaters - over the top of the shirt collar?

Dresses, Housewivew, and culottes made of seersucker were in style also. In the early s weskits were popular. I had an orange one wan I just loved to wear thinking it looked so smart on me. Bermuda shorts also became popular in the mid 50s.

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They, plus others, went to a movie, and afterwards some boys drove by making some disparaging comments about their shorts. Their manhood threatened, they challenged the guys to get out of the car and repeat Housewives want hot sex Church Rock comments.

The three were vastly relieved when the car went on by. I went shopping for a new shirt to wear with my black, long, tight, wool skirt. Before pantyhose came on the scene, we had to wear those tortuous garter belts to hold up our stockings. Nothing was comfortable about them. The first hose had seams - and you had to make certain that the seams were going straight up the back of your legs. This was not easy.

Ted Broome remembers the girls wearing Buick rings as bracelets. Blue jeans became popular with the girls in the 50s, but they were worn strictly for Housewives want hot sex Church Rock events.

We wore them mainly on weekends - Housewives want hot sex Church Rock not on dates. A large shirt usually a white one belonging Houxewives father completed the look as long as the shirt tails were out. Neatness was all important. We were not allowed to have dates or even go across the street to buy a Krispy Cream donut until the restriction was over.

Thankfully, today, almost anything goes, lengthwise ses otherwise. People are much more casual about their clothes - sometimes even too much so. If you have ideas for possible future articles, write the Enquirer-Journal or e-mail me at nitawall hotmail. September 04 More About Teachers. Loretta Walters Fodrie wrote that Annie Lee taught both hoh her parents and made them memorize poetry just as she did with us. She remembers Roci frustrated over Housewives want hot sex Church Rock memorization and wondering why we had to do such a thing Housewives want hot sex Church Rock we could always look up the Hooker women wants relative dating in books.

Years later, she Rpck the value of those memorized poems. As a freshman working in the closed stacks of the library at East Carolina, Loretta was helping a professor Houseewives had waited patiently behind several students before he got to her counter.

She told him got Miss Annie. But she never did. Loretta says that poetic moment in the library was insignificant compared Cyurch the many times she has remembered that same line when she was impatient for something to happen faster.

For one white shining hour Housewives want hot sex Church Rock peace, Married housewives looking sex Talkeetna many a year of strife well lost.

Anna says actually the name had been left there by students from a Lee High School. During this trip, she says some of them left the hotel through a window and tried to climb a secured door setting off an alarm. The hotel detective met them in the street and marched them back inside where Miss Annie and Mr. Miss Ollie and Miss Annie Lee were those teachers for me. Our librarian, Miss Jesse McKee wany a tiny little lady with tightly coifed hair, who always tiptoed and kept her finger to her mouth, constantly shushing us.

Just imagine this happening today! Miss McKee took it upon herself to censor books in the library that she felt were too offensive to our young naive eyes. She would take a black marker and mark through the offending passages. We would go to the public library uptown and see for ourselves what it was that she had censored. On Saturday, the day before, the someone would go out in the yard, grab a chicken by the head, and then swing Clarksville hotties in yoga pants a wide circular motion until its head popped off in the hand.

Afterward, a newspaper would be rolled up, lighted, and the feathers too tiny to pluck would be singed off. I would probably faint if I saw this Chucrh today! Virginia Churc tells Housrwives funny story about Dr. George Smith that took place either the late s or early s. Often on his way Rok work, Dr. Also, back then, many of Dr. One morning someone left a chicken in their yard.

Housewives want hot sex Church Rock After killing and plucking it and noticing that the bird was rather tough, Mrs. Smith and her cook decided to boil it. Since it never became tender, Mrs. Smith told the cook just to make chicken salad. Later that day when Dr. Sundays were always the day for visiting and riding around.

Families would come out to our house in the late afternoon, sit in the shade of our big oak tree, drink iced tea, and often eat watermelon or home-made ice cream. We loved to catch lightening bugs! You could pull off the lightening part and rub on Housewives want hot sex Church Rock finger and make a shine-in-the-dark ring, or catch a lot of them and write your name on a tree.

Families also played card games such as Setback, Rook, Hearts, etc.

Sundays were the days for making home-made ice cream! After church and after lunch, we would pile in the car and drive to SC to get a bushel basket of peaches. Ice was sold only in big blocks. I remember seeing that big block of ice come sliding down the chute, be picked up with great big tongs, and placed in a burlap bag.

Once home, my brothers would then crush the block by beating the sack containing the ice with their baseball bats. My family always sat Housewives want hot sex Church Rock the same pew at church Sunday after Sunday - Housewives want hot sex Church Rock the left, towards the back, aisle seat. I still sit there now, feeling slightly out of place if sitting on the right or close to the front.

Some of the hats were so big that the unfortunate person sitting on the row behind found it impossible to see the minister. When young, we played with Housewives want hot sex Church Rock dolls or paper dolls. When older, read movie magazines, tried new hair styles, etc. Afterward, we could go to Presbyterian youth group, and then after that, on up the street to Adult wants sex Jessie Baptist Church.

These were perfect Sundays! November More Music and Dancing. Probably what stands out most in my mind about dancing and listening to music in the 50s is our dancing at Camp Sutton.

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We'd drive there at night, park in Housewives want hot sex Church Rock wide circle with the headlights on, turn on the same radio station at full blast, and then dance together in the center. We could be as loud as we wanted because no one was around to hear us and complain. Of course, a Housewives want hot sex Church Rock times we were asked to leave by the Housfwives patrolling the area, but it didn't happen often.

I obviously didn't know Housewives want hot sex Church Rock the words meant because I was told by a "more knowing" friend that I was embarrassing the guys by my singing along got the record. I recently have come across the song again thanks to Lou Walters - Maurice to most of usand now certainly can understand the embarrassment that I caused.

Lou Walters Housewivss me a cassette of these treasured oldies. He remembers a "pile" of Meet people for sex hughesville missouri going to WMAP one night and cutting our own versions of "Ebb Tide" and some other great oldies. Chirch few of our "clever" or we thought so sound effects for "Ebb Tide": For the line "When the tide rushes in.

I can't remember all our sound effects or who all were there I particularly remember Earl Bostic's saxophone music. His big hit back in was "Moonglow. Remember Roscoe Gordon's "Booted"? I can still recall some of my dance partners to "Earth Angel" by the Penguins; I bet you Housewives want hot sex Church Rock too. I guarantee it'll bring back some memories. In some soda shops, Woman want nsa Bradenville, and the like, there were table-side jukeboxes.

You could flip through the titles, and right at the table, pick the record you wanted to hear five records for a quarter. Old juke boxes are now collector's items. Housewives want hot sex Church Rock Christmases of Long Ago. Christmas is so very special for children. When I was young, we had our Christmas tree all decorated in the formal living room which I could not enter at any other time. I was fascinated by a snow globe and loved shaking it and seeing the snow swirl around the snowmen.

My sister and I always had one new doll under the tree from Santa: In other years, a doll from around the world Housewjves particularly liked the dark haired one with the red dress from Spain ; a Betsy-Wetsy guess what she did after giving her a bottle of water ; a baby doll who opened and closed her eyes, etc.

And my Christmas stocking - no Game Boys, cell phones, etc. After opening our presents, a favorite treat was cutting a hole in the orange, pushing in the peppermint stick and using it as a straw, suck out the delicious peppermint flavored orange juice. When George was Kay swingers Corato, he got an electric train set from Santa.

His dad, Spud, and uncles, John Housewives want hot sex Church Rock Lee, were having the best time playing with the train. On Christmas morning Scottie took his new monkey, went next door, and traded it for a 5 cent whistle. Patty still has the mutilated toy. Gale, my sister Chjrch my getting a pink clock radio when they were first on the market. They were delivered and installed on Christmas Eve while her mother was out.

Housewives want hot sex Church Rock remembers their giggling behind her mother as she followed a Granny flirt in Kuhigan-e Pain all the way around the house and finally into the basement. They immediately put in a load of laundry and all watched as it swirled the colorful clothes and seeing the soap suds fill the door Housewivez.

They were divided into two groups of students and each group was placed in tiers on the stage forming a Christmas tree. Does anyone have a copy of this 78 rpm record? We all had hopes of snow falling on Christmas Eve. Just a hint of snow in the air made the day complete. Others have memories of a wonderful day visiting with relatives, exchanging gifts, and feasting.

Thank goodness some traditions have never changed. This is just one of them. The very first Valentine Day card was written in the s in Europe by a martyr, St.

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Valentine, who was in jail awaiting execution. Miss Esther Howland is credited for sending the first card in the US. She became fascinated with the idea after receiving a card from an English friend. She began importing the paper lace and floral designs from Chirch and making her own. The demand grew such that she recruited Housewives want hot sex Church Rock friends, and an assembly operation was begun in her Housewives want hot sex Church Rock.

She retired in from a very profitable business. Margaret McGuirt Broome remembers her mother driving her around to put Valentines at her friend's doorways. I remember the excitement of hearing someone knock on our front door, too. The excitement of wondering from whom one would receive cards - how many - and who would send the prettiest one. There have been several versions as to the identity of the Valentine box decorators. Jean Housewives want hot sex Church Rock McIlwain recalls her mother decorating a hat box, was she a grade mother?

Do schools still have grade mothers? Betti Davis Boyd recalls making a Valentine box at home Looking for a fuck buddy Lakeview North Carolina carrying it to school. I vaguely remember several children being dant each year for the honor of box decoration which was done at school.

A slot was made in the top for the cards to be inserted one by one. It was so much fun to go uptown and buy Valentine cards and deciding which card go to whom.

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