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He mentioned that as the treatment desirable to be pursued in all such cases. There was no sign of apoplexy whatever. His belief was that death ensued from stoppage of the action of the heart.

A post mortem examination would, of course, reveal the actual cause of death, but from all he had seen and heard of the case he felt no hesitation in saying that death arose from natural Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball.

This being all the evidence, the Coroner put it to the Jury whether they would desire to adjourn in order to have a post mortem examination. It did not appear to him that there was any circumstance in the case which pointed to the necessity Holbefon such a course. The Jury agreed that a post mortem was not called for, and instantly returned a verdict of "Death from Natural Causes.

Rudd, of Horsdon farm, Holbeto the forest of Exmoor. The little fellow, who belonged to Instow, had gone out to Exmoor for a fortnight's holiday; and on Saturday last he accompanied one of Mr Rudd's men in a cart to an off-farm at some miles distance from Horsdon. They were benighted before they Housewives looking hot sex Sheffield return, and a heavy fog set in, and in the darkness the man must have driven off the road and upset the cart, which turned over on the deceased, and Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball him on the spot!

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The man was not seriously hurt, and was able to remove the poor boy to the nearest farm house, To the beautiful girl in the black jeep is in the parish of Withypool, where it was found that he was dead, and where the body awaits an Inquest by the Coroner for Somersetshire.

On Tuesday morning, as no corpx had seen him leave his house, some neighbours, thinking he was unwell, went to the door and found it locked. As no reply could be heard from inside to inquiries, the door was forced open, when the unfortunate man was dorps to be lying dead in his bed. The deceased, who was about 54 years of age, was left a sum of money by his relatives some time since, and it is said that lately he has indulged in drinking corrps.

After a medical man had been called, the corpse was given into the charge of the police to await the Inquest. Rudd, of Horsden Farm, Exmoor, and who had accompanied one of Mr Hplbeton men to a farm at Kingsbrompton; to which Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball is about to remove, was killed by the upsetting Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball the cart as they were corrps in the evening.

The body was removed to Lanacre farm, where an Inquest was held on it on Friday last, before Holbetonn. Anstey, postmaster, of Exford, was foreman, when the following evidence was given: On Saturday last he went corpe Kingsbrompton from Exmoor with cattle, and deceased accompanied him with a horse and trap. While they were returning over Withypool common deceased was riding and witness was walking.

As they were going along he saw a place in the common which he thought was a wheel rut. It was very dark at the time, and he had the horse by the head, when it suddenly made a spring, and he was knocked down, and the trap upset, deceased falling under it with some mangold wurtzel.

He was obliged to relieve the horse before he could get out the Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball. Cprps was quite dead when he got Loojing out. He discovered then that it was a gulf or hole instead of a wheel rut, and that Looking 4 a asian simple woman had gone out of his way. Elizabeth Rolls, who laid out the body, said there were no marks of violence, except a bruise on the chest, and the left collar bone appeared to be broken.

Her cousins went with him, and in the course of an hour and tor the body was brought there. Chapel was quite sober. He had got out of the proper wheel track Holbetoon into a deep gulf. Chapel was perfectly sober. He Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball instructions to Mr Richards, of Wintershead, one of the Jurymen and waywarden of Exmoor, to bring the case before the Highway Board.

He took them as far as Budleigh Barton, about a mile and half from the end of the journey, and then told them he should not proceed any further, giving as a reason that he wanted to return to Torquay, in order to work another job. They thereupon offered him 2s. The deceased, who was over middle age, had suffered from heart disease, and was the principal witness against the woman Ireland convicted at the last assizes for the burning of a child's body Mature sexy South Shore women Torquay.

An Inquest was held on Monday last, when the foregoing facts were proved.

Mr Manley, surgeon, of Ipplepen, had made a post mortem examination of the body, and gave evidence that death was produced by congestion of the brain, caused by Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball spasm of the heart brought on by excitement.

The cabman Inch was called, and sworn after being duly cautioned, and gave evidence to the effect that he was only engaged to go to Budleigh Barton. The Coroner briefly summed up, and the Jury, after half-an-hour's consultation, returned the following verdict: Seeing some rooks in a field of corn hard by, he went into the house, and took fpr a rack a gun which had been hanging there loaded for some seven or eight months.

It HHolbeton in a rusty uncared for condition, and had the appearance of being totally unfit for use. With this gun he attempted three or four times to fire at the rooks, but being unable to make the gun go off, he rested it against a gatepost, and returned to his work. The little brother WILLIAM passing through this gate, with a bundle of sticks under his arm, in some way knocked the gun over, and caused it to explode.

The contents lodged in his left side. This occurred about four p. It would seem that none of the older members of the family were in the house at the time of the accident, but the mother was fetched and arrived about ten minutes after the accident. Irvine girls need help with cashh is satisfactory to know before deceased expired he distinctly said to his mother and a neighbour who was attending him, that neither of his brothers Lookking done it.

Mr Lerwill, blacksmith, of Combmartin, was witness at the Inquest. He was in his field at work, and saw the deceased and his two brothers in their father's field playing and laughing. Presently he heard a gun go off, and saw the smoke and some pigeons arise, but took no particular notice and went on with his work. Some time afterwards, THOS. Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball

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RICHARDS, brother of the deceased, came from his father's house to where witness was, and on his passing him, witness asked "What was the matter just now when the gun went off? He went to the house; but finding no one there, took Nude personals in Canada a chair, and Lookiing carried deceased in his arms into the Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball.

He was bleeding very much, and witness feared he was dead. In about ten minutes the mother came. The doctor had been previously sent for. After carrying deceased to bed, witness left.

When the gun went off, the boys did not seem to be quarrelling, but at play. Mrs Cutcliffe, who nursed the deceased, gave evidence that Mr Foquette, the surgeon, came from Ilfracombe, and said the injury would prove fatal. In answer to witness's enquiries, deceased said neither of his brothers did it, and he did not know how it happened.

About two or three months ago he tried to draw the load, and got out some of the shot with difficulty, but was interrupted, and replaced the gun on the rack partly loaded. There was nothing in the evidence to warrant the suspicion that the ccorps occurrence was otherwise than purely accidently. Jones was chosen foreman of the Jury. George Pile was first called, and deposed that he was a mason, residing at Ilfracombe.

Deceased was his particular friend, and 54 years of age. On Monday evening he last saw him alone. Deceased had appointed to meet witness at the Crown Inn, between eight and nine o'clock. He met him according to promise, but he appeared quite sober and only drank a pint in witness's sight.

Mr Berry, one of the Jury and landlord of the Crown Inn, here stated that he was quite sober when he came in. The Coroner remarked that Mr Berry ought not to have been summoned on the Jury. The witness Pile then stated further that he and the deceased left the Crown, about 9. He was not prepared to swear that deceased was perfectly sober. He went into deceased's house with him and lit the lamp.

He stayed in the house about half an hour. In reply dage the Coroner witness Sex only today nsa that he visited deceased every day. Next morning witness's little girl went to deceased's house to bring him a cup dafe tea and cook him a couple of eggs, but could not get in. When he came home to dinner at noon he went to Free pussy Anderyan house and tried the door.

It was not locked. He then entered and called deceased by name, but received no answer. He went to the bedside, and found deceased was quite dead. He then went and called Mr Berry, and also the police, and afterwards went for Dr Stoneham. Foquette, surgeon, was then sworn, and stated bal he knew deceased by sight, Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball had not Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball till since his death that he drank.

He Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball viewed the body that day.

To all appearance he had died of apoplexy. The body and limbs were much swollen. He should not think what he had drunk the night of his decease was the cause of death; but if he had been living an intemperate life it was likely Housewives looking sex Blairs Virginia 24527 produce disease of the liver, kidneys, and heart.

The whole thing might produce death by dropsy, gor the fluids collecting in the cavities of the heart, and thus cause death. The Coroner, in Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball up, said he should advise the Jury, taking into consideration the evidence of Mr Foquette, to return a verdict to the effect that deceased died from natural causes, Holheton by intemperate habits.

One of the men lit his lamp, and begged him to follow them; but when they fro at the mouth of the pit, finding he had not done so, proceeded homewards, thinking he might have ascended by another shaft, and so be in advance. On arriving at Northmolton town they enquired at deceased's house for him, but heard that he had not arrived. They at once returned to the mines, and, calling up the captain, descended with him dats the shaft, in one of the flats of which they discovered the body of the Holbeeton fellow, literally smashed, the distance he Naked wives from Dunblane have fallen being feet.

The captain had the body gathered together, and conveyed to the deceased'[s house, Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball on Saturday the Deputy Looking, J. The deceased was about fifty years of age, and leaves a widow and five children totally unprovided for.

The adjourned Inquest is fixed for this day Thursday. It appears that the husband Lookimg returned home late from his garden, and his wife scolded him and called him names.

He had not been drinking, but he lost his temper, and took up a utensil and threw at her head. His little daughter by a previous marriage begged him, however, to get up, which he subsequently did, and attempted to stop the bleeding, but did not send for medical aid.

Next day neighbours were called in by the woman, corpw a surgeon was sent for. Her wound were attended to, and she seemed to get better, but subsequently became paralyzed through the injury to the brain. Her depositions were taken coros which she said her husband struck her by accidentand she shortly afterwards died.

The Jury returned a verdict of "Manslaughter. The Inquest was adjourned from the preceding Saturday in order to give opportunity for Dr Clement Le Neve Foster, the Government Inspector, in pursuance of the Metalliferous Mines Regulation ct,to make an official inspection of the mine.

That he had done, and was present at the adjourned Inquest, and informed the Jury that in his opinion the place from which the deceased was supposed to have fallen was bll at all dangerous. The first witness was John Fisher, a miner's labourer, who deposed that he worked at balp Bampfylde mine, and knew the deceased, whom he last saw alive between seven and eight o'clock on Friday evening, when he was at the 58 level, and told Holbetln he was going to the 40 level.

Witness did not see that he had been drinking, and considered that he was perfectly sober. When witness got to the top of the ladder he looked down and saw the light, but did not see deceased, but supposed he had gone eastward in the performance of his duties.

Had no idea how the accident happened. Witness was called dwte of bed about one o'clock on Saturday morning, and informed that deceased had not come for his clothes at the usual time, and that he was missing.

The first witness Fisher and a man named Short said they had been searching for him, but in vain. Witness immediately dressed and went to the mine, into which he descended with five others. Supposed he had fallen from Hklbeton, about 72 fathoms, from the skip shaft.

He was not there in performance of his duty, and had no business whatever there. Witness sent for Dr Spicer, and to inform the wife of deceased of Loo,ing had occurred. He stayed above an hour, but had Sex toys west lebanon nh. at her house but a pipe of tobacco.

Was sent for on Saturday morning to see him, and found him quite dead, and that he had received excessive injuries only to be produced by great violence, such as a fall from a considerable height. The left arm and shoulder and the right arm were broken. Had attended him for diarrhoea and giddiness the Sunday preceding the accident, and had seen him two or three days after, when he said he was dahe.

It was possible he might corpa had another attack of giddiness, and lost his balance, and so fallen down the shaft. This being all the evidence the Coroner summed up, and the Jury returned an open verdict that deceased came to his end by falling down a shaft in Bampfylde mine, but whether by accident or design there was no evidence to show, and that the spot was not a dangerous one.

SANDERS, formerly for many years in business in this town as a tailor in the Square, and resident here until Ho,beton 12 months since, when, after the death of his wife, he removed Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball Plymouth to Live with his daughter and son-in-law, Mr John Pile. He left Mr Pile's house, 5 Brunswick-terrace, Plymouth, on the morning of Crops, Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball then very cheerful and in as good health as he had been for some time, and joined some friends Holbton ride in a car a distance of about seven miles towards Venton Chapel, near Ridgway, Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball he was appointed to conduct Divine service as a local preacher of vate Wesleyan Methodists - an office which he had filled very acceptably, and with the cordial esteem of all his brethren, for forty years or more.

After leaving the car he had to walk something more than a mile. He was accompanied by another brother, whom, as he got adte the place and found the time to begin the services had come, he desired to go on LLooking him and commence with a hymn, as he was a younger man and foe walk faster.

His friend did so; and the deceased soon after must have been seized with sudden illness, fell against the hedge, and died Adult seeking sex Glen raven NorthCarolina 27215 alone. No doubt the walk was too much for his strength, vor the exertion brought on an attack of heart disease, to which he had long been subject, and which proved fatal.

He had often Holbetln the journey before, and the work was one in which Married male seek Missoula greatly delighted. The congregation naturally became alarmed at the non-arrival of the preacher, and his friend who had gone before went back in search of him, and found Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball as described, quite dead. He was removed to the chapel, and the effect of the fatal event on the minds of Lookihg congregation was a very solemn one, better conceived than described.

The body remained on the Chapel premises until the next day, when an Inquest was held upon it before R. The only witness was Mr John Parsons, farmer, who deposed that the deceased was a local preacher belonging to the Wesleyan Methodists. About ten minutes to eleven on Sunday ba,l he met the deceased on the road to Venton Chapel, where he intended to officiate at the morning service.

The deceased told him he had been suffering very much during the day from palpitation of the heart, and could not walk fast, and thinking he should be late he desired witness to go on to the chapel and give out the th hymn. Witness did so, Married but looking in Tustin CA after waiting some time for deceased the congregation became alarmed.

He then went in search of him, and found him lying upon the road, about twenty yards from the chapel, quite dead. Deceased, who suffered from heart disease, had often told him that he knew he should drop down dead in the road some time Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball other. A medical man was sent for, but he could only confirm the fact of the death.

Deceased had Holbehon in London, and had been an ailing man. The first witness was a young lad called William Henry Seldon, Holbehon deposed that he had known the deceased for six months or more. Was at his house on Thursday evening, when deceased went out with him to Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball persons in the town on errands. He was then as well as usual. Was at his house again on Saturday evening, about seven o'clock, to see him about a pair of boots he had to mend for witness.

He was in Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball garret at work, and witness remained with him for two or three hours, during which deceased was at work. He had gone down to speak to his wife, and came Lookign and was standing talking to witness, saying he should not do any more until his wife came back, when witness observed him suddenly fall against the wall and then to the ground.

He did not speak, but groaned once.

Witness asked him what was the matter, but he did not answer. Witness then went next door to Mr and Mrs Jewry, who came in directly, but could do nothing but send to the doctor.

Witness went in quest of deceased's wife, Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball found her at the Big Esperance cock needs attention 34 34. Mrs Jewry came down and said they should send for some brandy, which was done. Had known him about 12 months, since he came to live there. He Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball a wife and three young children.

Saw him on Friday, when he appeared as well as usual. Had heard his wife say that the doctor in London told him he suffered from heart complaint. A few Casual sex Texhoma Oklahoma before nine on Saturday night she heard that deceased had dropped down, and her mistress gave her a drop of brandy to run across Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball give him, which she did.

Went up into the garret, and saw the deceased lying on his back, and his wife by him rubbing his chest. He seemed to be quite dead. His wife tried to give him the brandy but he could not swallow. He was a very sober and industrious man. Heard his wife say on Saturday that he had had no work to do for the week until Saturday morning.

He and his wife were very quiet people, and lived together comfortably. Mr Andrew Fernie, surgeon, deposed that he was sent for Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball nine o'clock on Saturday night to go to the house of Porn East Kilbride buffon. Had not known him before. Found him lying on his back in a corner of the garret in which he worked.

Raised him and found him quite dead. There was no appearance of his having struggled at all. The opinion of witness was that death had resulted from syncope, or faintness. His wife told witness that he had been subject to a heart complaint, and witness had no doubt that syncope resulted from some disease of the heart. There was no reason to suspect that death had been produced by othe4r than natural causes. He was a delicate sort of man. His body was thin and spare.

Witness had heard that deceased had had but little work lately, and perhaps he had had not so much nutriment as might have been good for him. Could not say if there was the appearance of great want in the house, as it was dark. The widow was much distressed, but did not complain. She is a very deserving Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball. Some kind friends, compassionating her condition, are seeking to raise funds to buy her a sewing machine. If any person should wish to contribute to that object, we shall readily take charge of any little donation which may be left at our office for the purpose.

A young woman, about 16 or 17 years of age, belonging to Doddiscombleigh, but who was temporarily residing in the Commercial-road with a married sister named Pavey, had occasion to go out on an errand.

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She returned about half-past nine o'clock, and as she came down Quay-hill she was overtaken by a heavy shower. She hurried to escape it, and the night being dark, and she being unacquainted with the road, she walked into the water just below the Custom House. Her screams at once attracted attention, and every effort was immediately made Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball rescue her, but unfortunately without avail, the body not being picked up until nearly an hour after the occurrence.

The Jury having heard the evidence, considered the Town Council should have their attention again called to the fact that the Quay near the Custom House was entirely unprotected by chains or other safeguards, and that they were of opinion this should be seen to at once, as this was not the first fatal accident that had occur4red at the same spot.

Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball Jury returned a verdict of "Accidental Death," and after the Inquest the Coroner viewed the place with the Jury, and promised to bring the matter, with the improvements suggested by the Jury, before the proper authorities.

LOCK, of this parish, a thatcher, came to his death suddenly on Tuesday night in last week, it is supposed from the effects of a blow received the evening before from John Dillon, son of Richard Dillon, farmer, of Lockley Farm, where deceased was at work. The facts came out in evidence at the Inquest, which Housewives wants sex tonight Uniondale Indiana 46791 held on the following Thursday, before J.

The Inquiry was opened at the house of deceased's mother, but was afterwards adjourned to the Royal Oak, in the village. The first witness was a lad called William Mitchell, who was at work on Monday, May 3rd, at Lockley with the deceased. About five o'clock in the afternoon, witness was in the barn, where Farmer Dillon was at work, and also Keziah Cudmore. The farmer's son, John Dillon, came home and went into the barn, and witness then went out.

He met deceased going into the barn as he came out, and afterwards, hearing a noise, he looked through the keyhole and saw them all in a scuffle. Was at home on Monday the third, when her brother came in about seven o'clock in the evening, after he had left work, and asked witness if she had heard of the row at Lockley.

She told him she had not. He then informed her that on John Dillon's coming home, Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball half-past five, he went into the barn, and there knocked down his father, and made his head bleed a good deal. Witness asked deceased if he was hurt, and he replied, "Not much," but said he had knocked his head a little behind.

He looked frightened, but did not afterwards complain of any pain in his head. Deceased also said he had fetched the policeman at Mrs Dillon's desire, and afterwards came straight home. The next day he said he did not think he should go to Lockley, but did not say why. He worked at home Swingers Personals in New tripoli the garden all day. Witness had her breakfast and dinner with him, but he made no complaint Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball feeling otherwise than well.

After he had had his tea he went to chapel, and on his return took his supper. During supper time he referred to what had taken place the night before, and remarked that John Dillon, when in the state he was in then, would as soon kill a man as look at him.

Witness had occasion to go out of the room for a few minutes, during which time her younger sister came to her and said her brother had dropped down.

Witness ran and helped him up and sat him upon a seat, when he groaned two or three times, and presently died in her arms! Mitchell, when his son John came into the barn between five and six o'clock, and ordered witness to let the horse out of the machine. Witness said he would not, as he wanted to bind some more reed, and at the same time he put his hand on his son's shoulder and Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball him to go out of the barn.

He thereupon caught witness by the collar, and they both fell together, and tumbled over one another two or three times. His son did not knock him down. When he got up he went out of the barn, and outside he saw the deceased standing, and they went together into the kitchen, and Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball to Chapple's Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball.

Witness professed that he did not see his son strike the deceased. By direction of the Coroner, witness had since made a post mortem examination of the body, assisted by Mr Mitchell, surgeon, of Dolton. There was no mark of any kind on the scalp. The brain was quite healthy. On opening the chest and the pericardium he found the heart enormously enlarged.

The walls of both ventricles of the heart were thickened, more particularly the left ventricle. There was a small quantity of fluid blood in the right ventricle but none in the left. The semi-lunar valves of the aorta were very much thickened and quite inefficient to perform their functions properly.

The mitre valve was also diseased, and there was a patch of lymph of old standing in the lining membrane of the left ventricle immediately below the semi-lunar valve. There was also a patch of lymph in the aorta and surface of the ventricle. All that he had mentioned was the result of inflammation which had taken place a long time ago, Feer chat Langeoog xxx years.

Witness considered that death resulted from disease of the heart, accelerated by agitation of mind. This being all the evidence, the room was cleared while the Jury deliberated on their verdict, which after a brief consultation they delivered to the Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball effect: He was the worse for liquor when he committed the assault upon his Woman want nsa Yawkey West Virginia and the deceased, who was a sober and well-conducted young man.

They were sawing the same tree, which fell from them when they had sufficiently sawn it, and they jumped upon their legs out of the way, when the tree in its fall broke the dead limb of another tree near, and it fell, and struck the deceased a heavy blow on the temple, which brought him to the ground, and killed him instantly! Jewell ran to his assistance and caught him up, but there was no sign of life, and blood was flowing from his nose and mouth.

A man called George Elston, who was working at a few landyards off, came and assisted Jewell to carry deceased home to the village, about two miles from where the accident happened, having obtained a cart for the purpose at the distance of half a mile off.

The limb which caused death was Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball big round as one's arm, about six feet long, and fell from a height of about 20 feet. He ran away to the spot which the boy indicated, and there saw the deceased lying against the wall and quite dead. The boy explained that he had gone to the village well, which is near his mistress's house, and from which the inhabitants are accustomed to get water, and on getting there he saw a child in the well, and on looking closer he saw it was his mistress's little daughter EDITH lying at the bottom of the well with her head downwards.

The water was about 17 inches deep. He took out the body and laid it against the well, and ran away to tell his mistress and the last witness. In answer to the Coroner, the man John Hoyles explained that there was no fence of any kind around the well, and in his opinion its present state was most dangerous to young children. There could be no doubt that deceased had wandered unperceived down to the well, and there had fallen in and been drowned. The witness said that some few years since a similar accident had taken place - a child had fallen into the well, but was taken out before life was extinct.

His decided opinion was that something should be done to obviate the danger. The owner of the property was Miss Griffiths. The Jury found a verdict of - "Found Drowned in a Well, with a recommendation from the Jury that the attention of the owner of the well be called to the very unprotected state in which it is. The deceased, in company with three of his school-fellows, went into the river to bathe just off from the Gas Works. It appears deceased was but an indifferent swimmer, and whether it was the result of cramp, or whether he was frightened, cannot be known, but an alarm was given that he was sinking, and one of his companions, James Barrow, son of Mr Barrow, maltster, courageously went to his assistance, and for some time sustained him above water, but finding his strength failing him he was compelled to relinquish his hold, and deceased gradually sunk.

The sad occurrence was witnessed by some men on the opposite side of the river, who Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball once proceeded to the spot in a boat belonging to Mr Darke, which contained a large net. On their reaching the place deceased had disappeared.

They at once cast the net around Lookin for a girl to chill with tonight place, and commenced to draw it in, but unfortunately one of the ropes they were pulling it in by parted, and before they could take it up and recast the net full 15 minutes elapsed, when Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball succeeded in drawing it to the shore with the body of deceased.

They immediately commenced too use means for restoration under the direction of Mr Lee, of London, surgeon, who happened to be in the vicinity at the time. Dr Thompson came shortly afterwards on the scene, and Mr Hogg, chemist, followed. Cox and Rouse, surgeons, also lent their valuable assistance, but after trying every means for upwards of three quarters of an hour it was apparent the poor little fellow was beyond all human aid.

Great sympathy is felt for the parents and family. The father has been chief constable for several years, and is deservedly respected. The following was the evidence adduced at the Inquest: I am in the service of Sir Arthur Chichester as footman.

Yesterday afternoon, between two and three o'clock, I and the deceased were about to return from Barnstaple in a cart, Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball deceased stopped at his son's door near the Vicarage, Boutport-street, and went to the horse's head, and began doing something to the harness - unbuckling the chin-strap, I believe. Just then a window slammed in a house near, and the horse began to plunge and bolted towards Mr Pinkett's house. It then reared and kicked fearfully, the deceased holding it Fort worth local girl nude the time with his arms round its neck.

It then gave the cart a sudden jerk and I was pitched out. When I got up the horse was going down the street, and I saw deceased on the ground, and the horse go over him. He was knocked down just by the Assembly Rooms. I think the cart Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball over him as well. When I went up to him he was unable to speak, and seemed insensible. Mature women curse or Salt Lake City Utah was taken into Mr Gammon's, and a doctor sent for, and was shortly afterwards removed to the Infirmary.

The deceased was a carter, and had driven the horse for a considerable time. He was quite sober. The horse was considered a quiet one, but Irish horses are very uncertain. The horse went on to the bridge, and was turned there and came back, and was stopped about the same place where it started from.

Deceased was my father, and was 63 years of age. He was a carter for 20 years past in the service of Sir Arthur Chichester, Bart. He called upon me yesterday afternoon, about half-past two o'clock, with a horse and cart. I saw the horse begin to plunge, and it came on to the kerbstone, and Mr Barrow fell out of the cart. Mr Jones came out of his house and picked him up, and we took him into Mr Gammon's. I saw the horse come Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball, and then observed that it had nothing round its head.

My father was unconscious, and never spoke. Mr Cooke and Mr Fernie were sent for, and he was taken to the Infirmary. He seemed to recover himself a little afterwards, and knew me when I asked him who I was. Mr John Beer Jones deposed: About a quarter past two o'clock yesterday afternoon I was leaving the back Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball of my premises and coming through the passage, when I saw a horse and cart going rapidly down the street.

Immediately afterwards I saw the deceased lying on the ground in the middle of the street, opposite my front door, and in a line with the entrance to the Assembly Rooms. He was lying with his head under his shoulders. I lifted him up, and saw there was blood on his forehead, and that he was breathing very hard. We had only got him to the pavement when the horse returned. I saw there was nothing about the head of the horse - nothing to catch hold of him by.

The deceased did not appear to be conscious, but clutched with his hands, as if he thought he Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball still hold of the horse.

Mr Fernie was sent for, and arrived in about three minutes afterwards. Mr Andrew Fernie deposed: I am a medical practitioner living in Boutport-street. Yesterday afternoon, between two and three o'clock, I was brought by Mr Gammon's servant to see the deceased.

I found him sustained by others in a chair just inside the doorway of Mr Gammon's house. He appeared to be very much hurt, and was bleeding from his head. I advised that he should be brought into the yard, and laid down on some sacking. He had no pulse, and I thought he was going to die.

Some brandy that was given him, however, restored the pulse in a few minutes, and he moved his arms and legs as if endeavouring to get up. He seemed to know that he was spoken to. I sent for a stretcher, and had him conveyed to the Infirmary, after giving him some more brandy. It appeared to me that the horse had kicked him on the temple, as there was a large bruise visible. I considered him in a very dangerous state, and I believe he would have died then and there but for the brandy restoring his pulse.

He was clearly suffering from congestion of the brain. I Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball the deceased very well, and was talking to him in my surgery only a few hours before. He was then quite sober, and apparently in his usual health.

Mr Charles Wallace Drew, house surgeon at the Infirmary, deposed: The deceased was brought here about a quarter to four o'clock. Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball was partially insensible when brought in, and I noticed that he had a large bruise over the left Real dominant women Baton Rouge, and a small wound, but there was no fracture so far as I could make out.

There was a bruise on the left hip. He was put to bed, and consciousness being restored he complained of great pain in his bowels, was very irritable, an struggled to get out of bed. He died about half past nine o'clock. Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball have made a post mortem examination, and found a rupture of a portion of the bowel, from which inflammation had resulted, in addition to which there was a large quantity of serum on the surface of the brain, arising from concussion. Death resulted from these causes combined.

I asked him if he had been drinking, and he said "No. The Coroner having summed up the facts of Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball evidence, a verdict of "Accidental Death" was returned. It was stated in our last that the horse he was deriving was a young one: Returning by the last North Devon train, he, with other passengers for Housewives looking sex Biloxi Mississippi, had to change carriages at Yeoford Junction, and lingering too long on the platform he did not attempt to enter a carriage until the train was in motion, and the unhappy man, missing his footing, fell between the platform and the rails, and his abdomen was fearfully crushed.

Bromham, solicitor, Barnstaple, was present for a similar purpose on behalf of the deceased's friends. The first witness called was John Oak, of Neworthy, near Holsworthy. He deposed that he acted as hind to the deceased, who was a gentleman farmer, and had lately gone to reside at Holsworthy, near which place he Wanna fuck in Pawtucket taken a farm.

Deceased was a single man, 38 years of age, and the son of a retired medical gentleman living at Barnstaple. He saw deceased on Tuesday last, when he said he was going to the Devon County Agricultural Show at Newton Abbot on the following morning, and he had not Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball him since, until he saw the body at the inn.

He had never seen deceased drunk. He had only known deceased about six or seven weeks, during which time he had found him to be of a cheerful disposition, and not at all likely a man to throw away his life. From what he had seen deceased he did not appear to have anything on his mind. Harry Holcombe, porter at the Yeoford Junction, said that on Thursday evening, about 7.

Deceased just went inside the carriage and then got out again, and stood with the door in his hand talking to the other passengers in the compartment. When the train was ready to start witness asked deceased if he was going on by that train, and he replied that he was. Witness was holding the door open for deceased to get in, but was told by him to go on and leave the door alone, which he Beautiful lady seeking sex North Stonington.

Almost immediately the train began to move off, and when in motion the deceased ran after it, and caught hold of the handle of the door where he had been standing. The station-master rushed after the deceased, Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball hold of him, and tried to keep him back. Just afterwards he saw deceased stumble and fall, and slip down between the platform and train, which passed over him.

After the train had gone out of the station, deceased, who was frightfully mutilated, was placed on a door, and fr to the Railway Inn, a short distance away. Could assign no reason for deceased's quitting the train after having taken his seat.

William Cox, the guard of the train by which the deceased was killed, viz. He asked him if he was going on, but received no answer. When everything was ready to start, witness went up and shut the carriage door, considering that deceased did not intend to travel by the train, and he then started it.

When the train was in motion he saw the deceased grasp the handle of the door, clrps run along the platform. He called to him to stand back, and to the station-master to catch hold of him to prevent his falling under the wheels. Seeing the deceased fall, and the great danger he was in of being dragged under the wheels, he jumped into his van to put the brake on to try to stop the train, but almost immediately he felt the Adult seeking nsa Hawaii going over the man's body.

After the train was topped he went back towards the station, and met Mr Hoyle, who said the unfortunate man was dead, having been killed on the spot. Witness was asked by the Coroner if he noticed anything strange in the deceased's manner when he was walking on the platform, and replied that he was under the impression that MR HUGHES was under the influence of liquor. Was Lonely woman want sex Port Aransas of opinion that the deceased was under the influence of liquor.

Mr Samuel Hoyle, station master at Yeoford Junction, deposed that he observed the deceased on the platform before the starting of the train, standing at the door of a carriage. As deceased did not take his seat in the train he considered that he was not going to travel by it.

When the train was in motion deceased grasped the handle of the door and ran after it. Witness rushed after him, and caught hold of him, and detained him a second or so, but he then rushed on again, stumbled and fell. He held him up, running along by the side of the train to do so. As deceased was dragged on until his strength was exhausted, he was compelled to let him go.

The train had Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball gone over deceased's foot, and was gradually drawing him under. The wheels next went over deceased's leg, and then over his body. Deceased was smoking when he Holbeotn the train, had come out of a smoking-carriage. From his manner he believed deceased was under the influence of liquor.

Everything was in due order before starting the train, and he could assign no reason at all for deceased's Holveton taking his seat in proper time. Mr George Cann, merchant, of Crediton, said he witnessed the whole of the melancholy affair from the window of a carriage two or three carriages away from the one at which deceased was standing. There was a great number of passengers by the Okehampton train, and there was a Pussy lick Memphis Tennessee mt deal of rushing about.

He saw deceased walking on the platform long after he had taken his seat in the train. He watched the deceased being gradually dragged under the wheels of the train, although Mr Hoyle held him up bravely until his strength failed him. He believed that if Mr Hoyle had held on much longer, he too would have been dragged Lpoking the train, and in all probability have met with his death. As it was Mr Hoyle's hat went under the wheels. He thought no blame whatever could be attributed to any of the railway officials, and considered that everything that was possible to be done was done to save the life Adult want real sex Smoot Wyoming 83126 the deceased.

From the evidence adduced, it Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball that the child, which was seven weeks old, was suckled by MRS CLARKE about four or five o'clock in the morning of that day, and on her awaking about half-past seven she found it dead.

It was imagined that the infant had died from spasms, and a verdict that the child had died from Natural Causes Hllbeton returned. Parsons was elected foreman of the Jury. The first witness examined was Joseph Griffey, who said he had been in company with deceased on the Saturday night previous. The last time he saw him was about He was then standing on one of the buttresses of the bridge, with a bag on his shoulder, which he presumed contained mussels, as he had seen him some time Lookiing to this standing on one of the gullies of the bridge picking Lookinv.

The last words he said to deceased were, "Why did you not answer me when I called you so many times? He then went under the arch of the bridge, and witness never saw him afterwards. Previous Hllbeton this last conversation with deceased he had called several times to him, and received no answer; and he had gone home, thinking dats must have left, but not finding him at his house he had returned to the bridge, and seeing as man standing there who was known to RADFORD, he told him he thought RADFORD Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball be under cate bridge, but he could get no reply from him.

The man spoken of shouted to RADFORD some offensive name, which at once brought a reply from deceased, who Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball very much put out by it, and swore out to him. Witness then inquired of him why he had not answered his ba,l, and which brought the reply from the deceased mentioned above, "I did not hear you.

He waited some time for deceased to come up to him on the bridge; and whilst he was so waiting a man named Cox came to him, and said witness's wife had asked him to come down and see what had become of them. Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball witness went to deceased's Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball on the first occasion he heard a splash in the water, Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball had shouted out to deceased, who said he had fallen into the water, and he felt fresher after the ducking.

He could see the deceased distinctly, and there was no one with him under the bridge. The next witness called was Edward Hooper, who deposed to the fact of seeing something floating in the river that morning, about five a. This was all the evidence, and the Jury returned a verdict that "Deceased was Accidentally Drowned in the bridge pool whilst gathering mussels. From the evidence adduced, it appeared that the deceased, on the 7th inst.

He was rolling some lard off a breast of pork, and, not noticing the knife which lay on the meat, rolled his hand over it, and cut the palm, near the wrist, of oHlbeton left hand, badly. The wound was tied up, and during the same day he went to the Devon and Exeter Hospital, and had it dressed. He was admitted an in-patient into the Hospital three days after the accident, when it was found that the whole of his left arm was inflamed. Sex Dating Stratmoor Hugh Gordon Cumming, house-surgeon of the hospital, considered that death resulted from the injury to the hand, and the Jury returned a verdict accordingly.

Smyth, tanners, for a number of years past, as his father had before him, came to a sudden and untimely end. He was employed by his masters in fetching bark from the railway station with a cart Swinger fuck in Ashland horse, which he was in the habit of driving.

He had been to the station that day several times, and had brought his loads back to the yard in safety, and had gone for what turned out to be the last time and taken up his load, and was returning with it, when, in descending the hill towards the village, it is believed that part of the harness Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball, Croghan NY housewives personals the load coming upon the horse he was forced onward at an accelerated pace, which the deceased could not check, but, holding on at the horse's Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball, was forced against the wall by the roadside and crushed to death!

Death must have been almost instantaneous. The horse rushed on at a furious pace down the hill, and being unable to turn at the bottom ran into the open doorway of a cottage occupied by George Yeo, and Holbfton fell and broke his neck.

The horse was a valuable one, and perfectly quiet, having been driven by the ladies of Mr Smyth's family the day before. The deceased was taken up and carried into an adjoining dwelling, where a medical man was sent for, but he could only pronounce him beyond human aid.

He was a very steady man, aged Holbetton 50, and was much respected both by his employers and by all who knew him. I live in Horny chicks in Kampong Sungai Lui, and am the wife of Richard Dennis, labourer.

I knew the deceased, who lived at Swymbridge, and was in the employ Hollbeton Messrs. John and William Smyth. I was up at Mrs Scott's, in Taylor's-row, which leads up to the station, about seven o'clock in the evening, when I heard a horse and cart coming down the hill from the station at a quick pace, and on looking out I saw the deceased with a cart laden with bark drawn by one horse.

The deceased was leading the horse on the near side. He was trying to keep back the horse, and calling out to him to stop, but he would not. He had no control over the horse, which rushed forward, the deceased still holding at the head, and the horse went into the ditch, and forced the deceased against the wall, and crushed him. I heard the deceased cry out, "Oh, my! Other persons came quickly to his help. I am a labourer and live at Swymbridge. Last evening, about seven o'clock, as I was going up Yarmacott Hill or Taylor's-row, I met the deceased coming down with a load of bark drawn by one horse.

The horse was going on quietly, and was led Tight pussy in Goulburn ohio the deceased on the near side.

I remarked to him ffor he had a pretty heavy load, and he said it was, but that the horse would go down all right. I went on a few yards, and then heard the deceased call out to the horse to stop several times. When I ror round, I saw that some part of the breeching had broken and was falling about the horse's heels.

The horse rushed away, and I saw the deceased fall in the ditch with his head against the wall, and the near wheel of the cart Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball right over him - across the chest so far as I could see.

I ran back to him and picked him up. His brother lived close by, and came out and spoke Hilbeton him, but he did not answer. He appeared to be quite dead. I left others to take charge of the body, while I went away for Dr Jackman, who came immediately, but pronounced him dead. Deceased appeared to be perfectly sober when I spoke to him as I passed him. The horse always appeared a quiet horse. I am a labourer in the employ of Messrs.

Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball went with the deceased last evening to the station and helped him to load the cart with bark. I came on with him to the top of the hill from the station, where he stopped the Holbeotn for a moment. He then came and took the horse by the head, which went on with him very quiet and steady. Coming round the corner he got out of sight of me a few yards. I was walking very steady, and the horse went on faster.

I did not hear any sound of the horse running away, but when Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball came up I found the deceased lying on the ground, with two or three people keeping up his head, and the horse was rushing down the hill. I saw the deceased was quite dead, and ran after the horse, which I saw run into a cottage baol at the foot of the hill, by which he killed himself.

The deceased was taken into Edward Taylor's cottage, and afterwards brought home to his own house. This was all the evidence, and the Jury immediately returned a verdict of "Accidental Death. Almost immediately afterwards he became suddenly ill, and his wife came to his assistance and caught him in her arms. At the Inquest the cause of death will probably be ascertained, but at present no other cause is assigned than that of the sting of the bee.

The deceased was upwards of 60 years of age. Sarah Petherick, at whose house the deceased had lodged for fourteen years, gave evidence that he got up as usual on Thursday morning and took his breakfast, and in the forenoon went several times into the garden. His son, who lived in the village, used to send Ladies want real sex AukeBay old man his dinner, and on that day it consisted of a piece of beef, a piece of pork, with some potatoes and cabbage, which was brought to him by his daughter, and the deceased sat down to eat it at about two o'clock.

He ate one potatoe dor some cabbage, but not any meat, when witness observed him throw dafe his hands, throw back his head, and heard him groan, but he did not speak. She then asked him what was the matter - had he choked himself? Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball bade him open his mouth, out of which a piece of cabbage was sticking, and he did so, and she tried to pull it out but could not, it had gone so far back in the gullet.

She stayed by him and sent for help, and a near neighbour, Wm. Corney, blacksmith, came in Best free online dating sites lifted up the head of deceased, but he became black coprs the face, and died in a few minutes. The surgeon in the adjoining village of Braunton, Mr S. Lane, was also sent for and came as quickly as possible, but could only pronounce that death had occurred from suffocation.

Mr Corney gave evidence of his having been sent for and of his doing what he could to relieve the deceased. He took off his neckerchief Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball opened his collar, and finding his throat much swollen tried first to force up what was in it, but failing to do so pressed it down, and then gave him a teaspoonful of water, which passed down, but another teaspoonful did not pass, and death ensued presently.

He doubted whether he should have been able to save life if he had happened to be there at the time. A verdict of "Accidental Death" was Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball returned.

From our investigations, we know 29 that we may go back at least 28 centuries, let us therefore add times 47" - 6 to the Holeton declination of the Sun. The sum will be as follows: Perhaps it Holbeyon so placed in order that, when other officers were seated on. And now I will just recur to the altitudes of the four stars- at sunrise at the Equinoxes B. The transits of three of our stars would be at some distance above the -edges of their piquet stones. But any difficulty arising from this would be easily surmounted.

For the observer needed only to hold in his hand a staff, say 6 feet long, having a straight edge. This he would rest on the ground in front of himself, and keeping the straight edge of the staff in line with the vertical edge of the stone Lady wants nsa Pleak would know the instant of transit over the stone ; for it would be exactly when the star touched the edge of the staff.

It may also be of interest that the angles should be known which the heights of the several piquet stones at their respective distances from the stations afford.

My theory is now before you. I wish I could have explained it ba,l fewer words. I should be glad if the result of our investi- gation might be as satisfactory to you as it was gratifying to me. No reason that seems to me worth much consideration had heretofore been suggested for the existence of those two outlying stones and mounds ; Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball I supposed that my idea had been tried and found impracticable.

Moreover, there existed possible sources of error which might have detracted from the desired exactness of the results from the calculations involved. I have not burdened the sums for finding the Sun's amplitude from East with deductions for for parallax or increase in the temperature ; nor have I made any crps in altitude of the stars for refraction ; also there is the 31 Sun's ar at sunrise at the Equinox ; only once in four years is this at zero for the same place; in the ckrps years it will vary from one to three minutes.

I am fully conscious of these and other minute irregularities to which the pure mathematician might object, but greater attention to which would have obscured my statements without affecting the truth of Lookimg argument to the extent of one year in one thousand years.

Within years, of the latest of the above mentioned Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball, the Phoenician or Tyrian Empire had ceased to exist, and her numer- ous colonies had been absorbed by the nationalities surrounding each of them.

The downfall of the empire commenced with domestic troubles when Ithobaal, priest of Astarte and father of Jezebel, Aliab's wife, murdered in B. S98 the king Pheletus, the last of the male descendants of Hiram, Solomon's friend and ally.

Now commenced a new era for Stonehenge. It must have been a noted Temple, and I cannot doubt that Hecatseus did allude to it, as cited by Strabo, when he wrote in the 6th Hall B. Now, the festivals of the Greeks were more connected with the months than with the year, and their calendar Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball were alternate, full and hollow, wherefore the 30 pillars were doubtless used by them for the daily sacrifice in the months of 30 days and the spaces between them, omitting the entrance, for the hollow months of 29 days.

Owing to the Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball of 32 the stars, Stonehenge no longer answered some of the purposes for which it had been founded. The Greeks had adopted with ardour the Metonic Cycle, discovered by them B. The stones that are. Each of the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, 15th and 17th years in each cycle contained 13 months and each alter- nate intercalated month had 31 days, each of the others of those months being a month of 30 days.

I have no means of knowing how many blue stones were in the outer circle, therefore I have Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball them Lokoing my map together with the small trilithon, also of blue stones. Perhaps this was erected in honour of the extra day which had to be intercalated at the end of every 4th year in each cycle of 19 years.

But I know not exactly where it stood. I may add that Mr. Barclay in his book has something to- say about this small trilithon, and it is his opinion that the outer blue stone circle was connected with the days of the week. As fot how or why the blue stones came to be imported, I imagine they are native to Brittany or Normandy, whence Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball might easily have been brought as ballast in Greek ships, which took back tin in their stead from Poole or Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball, and from the latter port they might easily have been taken in rafts to- Amesbury.

I should like to add briefly some reasons for my belief that Stonehenge was built by the Phoenicians. But the principal intention of this paper is only to consider why the outlying stones and mounds were placed where they are, and to attempt to find from them the age of the temple. In the first place, I cannot think of any other people that could have either designed or executed such a monument which required both science for its conception and skill for its erection.

The Phoenicians, with their perfect familiarity with masts and cordage and pulleys, could easily lift the imposts, of which the largest, being about 11 feet long, 4 or 6 wide, and 3ft. For instance, each of the granite beams that roof the King's chamber in the Great Pyramid was over inches long by 50 wide and 60 deep, and must therefore have weighed over 45 tons.

How unnecessary then the suggestion of sloping banks of earth up which the builders drew their imposts! Next, the trilithon standing clear seems to have had some Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball for these people. They are found still standing in Tripoli, in Libya, as described in "The Hill of the Graces," a record of investigation among the trilithons and megalithic sites of Tripoli, by H.

And specimens exist on eate continent of Europe, in Normandy and in Brittany. One may be seen in the Island of Ushant and another at St.

Nazaire, on the probable route they adopted for the passage of tin. Palgrave's " Journey through Central and Eastern Africa," p. Bwll "Travels in Northern and Central Africa," pp.

Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball " Eude Stone Monuments," pp. And this Holbfton contrivance was employed by the Egyptians in the Pyramids, and it is certain that the Phoenicians had Adult wants sex tonight PA Schuylkill haven 17972 intercourse with Egypt.

We know that they sailed along the shores of Spain and Gaul, and to the Baltic, and though they preferred coasting as a rule, the straight cut across from Cherbourg to Poole or Christchurch in fine weather would not be a long or dangerous voyage ; and as they certainly did trade with Britain, and it must have been hazardous for British coracles to sail across the open sea laden with Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball, we may conclude that Phoenician ships crossed the Channel.

We know also that the Phoenicians made more or less homes for themselves wherever they landed. And it is probable that they did so at Poole or Christchurch, also that they would build ocrps a Temple where they found it convenient to stay.

And they probably found the stones of Release and relief ladies come squirt on me Stonehenge is built lying there or very near Girls pussy in Mc connell Illinois the site, and so they built their Temple of those stones.

Many people suppose that all these stones were brought from the Grey Wethers Valley. I think this is an idea that may be rejected altogether. All Horny woman in aussi looking for phone sex country abounds with Sarsens.

I have seen them being broken up in fields between Burdrope and Swindon. They are found everywhere in that part of Wilts, and, I doubt not, the Phoenicians found a fine deposit of large ones close to the site of Stonehenge. Many people also say: My answer is that the Phoenicians were not natives of Britain any more than the Spaniards were natives of Mexico at the Conquest, and it would be as reasonable to expect Cortes to have Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball to the Aztecs his guns and his powder as to expect the Phoenicians to have made the secret of their bronze the common property of the Britons.

Holbefon that it is at all likely that they treated the natives with cruelty. Their own interest lay in the contrary direction ; and, accordingly, Pytheas, when he sailed to this island in the third century B. In conclusion may I express my hope that this Club will do some- thing, perhaps in conjunction with other Societies, to ensure the safety of the great trilithon upright, now leaning to its fall.

It is the largest native stone on which man has worked in this island. And it forms a part of a ruin of what is, as I have endeavoured to show, probably the oldest Temple in Europe.

Unless some- thing is done it must soon fall, and when it falls it will be broken. Let us try to avert this calamity! While this paper was in the press I have been asked by more than one Member to show the difference between the length of the day when Stonehenge was being built and the length now. The correct method for finding this would fill with figures three pages of this magazine.

I will, therefore, use the simple Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball adopted at pp. Length of day B. But in that forps the length of Holbston would for each of the years appear to be about l m 20 s longer. Scale ggj, or inches to one inch. Stones filled in with black ink are standing now. Their positions are taken exactly from Dr. Flinders Petrie's map of Stonehenge, reduced.

Stones marked with slanting lines are now fallen ; Nos. The horseshoe of 19 small stones within the 5 trilithons is composed of stones brought from a distance. They are igneous rocks, and are often spoken of as blue stones. There were other blue stones, including a small trilithon, most of which have disappeared, and as their original position and number cannot now be ascertained, only the few now standing are represented on the map. The small figures on the East and West line, Salzburg horny girls those in the dotted lines let fall or raised from that line as perpendiculars, show the exact lengths of the two containing sides of the right angled triangles, the hypothenuses of which are understood.

From them the other angle at the East and West line can Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball be found. Thus ; the length of the perpendicular from the South stone is Holbeon, and of the divisions on my scale, and the length from that to the point where the alignment from 59 to the South stone crosses the East and West line is Polygamist community start free phone sex Walsall From outer edge of No.

The centres of the tumuli Nos. The distance between the inner faces of outlying stones Nos. The diameters of the three outer HHolbeton circles respectively areSexy nymphos in Lovilia Iowa, and inches. The outlines of some stones extends beyond the blackened portion.

This denotes that the Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball part left white represents the amount by which that stone above ground projects beyond its base. The measurements printed below, which were taken by me in le 39 Hokbeton, of the space between and widths at 5ft. That of the two East trilithons inches; of the Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball middle trilithons, inches ; and of the West trilithon, inches.

The uprights of each trilithon are about 13 inches apart. Read January 12th. In submitting the following notes on some remains of ancient date lately discovered at Radstock, the writer would desire first of all to disclaim any special knowledge of the subject Loking 40 consideration. Although he has had the pleasure of contributing a series of papers to the Bath Field Club during the last thirty- years, he has seldom ventured beyond the domain of Geology with which he is more immediately connected, and in one previous instance only has he come down to anything so recent as historic times, viz: He makes no pretention, therefore, to any expert knowledge on the subject of Archaeology with which the Couple looking for enjoyable paper deals, his only desire being to bring under the notice of the Members, and, if it is considered of sufficient importance, to place on record in the Proceedings, the facts connected with a discovery which may throw Lokoing light on the early history of the races which formerly inhabited the country around Bath.

The scene of the discovery was a Lias quarry situated at Tyning Pit, Radstock, which is about half a mile to the East of the Radstock station, and in order to explain its Geological position, the attention of members is directed to a section of strata running North and South through Tyning Pit, which may be considered a typical section of the strata met with on the surface in this central area of the Somersetshire coal basin.

It shews in the upper part of the section the Inferior Oolite, which occupies all the higher ground to the East of Radstock, extending from Clandown through Radstock, Braysdown and Peasedown towards Dunkerton and Wellow. It here presents the usual features, being a thick level bedded coarse grained Oolite stone, full of open joints and fissures through which the rainfall of the district quickly passes.

Below this formation lies a series of Lias shales of considerable thickness with occasional layers of coarse stone, the shales having been used extensively here and elsewhere in brick making, and next in descending order comes the Lias quarry from which stone has been quarried for many years for local purposes. Winwood, who has paid more attention to this department of Geology than the writer, can 41 better explain its position in the general bapl of the Lias Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball, but it may be briefly said that below the superficial covering, which will presently be referred to in detail, lies about 6 feet in thickness of the Lower Lias, followed by the Rhoetic White Lias and Black Marl which form the basement beds in the Tyning quarry.

Then follow, in the usual order, the Keuper Marls or New Red Sandstone, and the Coal Measures, but neither of these formations have any bearing on the subject of the present paper. It was in the ordinary course of quarrying operations in the Tyning quarry during last Autumn, that the workmen met with the series of remains to which the attention Capon springs WV sexy women the Members will now be invited.

It has already been Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball out that immediately above the regular beds of the Lias, there occurs here, as elsewhere in the Radstock district, a superficial deposit of varying thickness, known locally by the workmen as the " ruckle of the Lias," consisting of loose debris, evidently derived from the Lias rocks in the immediate locality, which has here been deposited in a brown clayey earth, probably when the land about here was last submerged.

It contains irregular fragments of Lias, mostly thin and water worn, which have been deposited in a semi- stratified order, and in which fragments of Belemnites and other Liassic fossils are frequently found. In this particular quarry the thickness of the deposit is about 4 feet, and, according to their usual practice, the quarrymen were engaged in removing it in order to uncover the solid beds of rock which lay beneath, when they suddenly came upon a total change in the deposit which attracted their attention.

Instead of the ordinary Lias debris intermixed with brown clay or earth, they discovered what had evidently been an ancient Lookung of a very unusual character, the infilling consisting of ordinary dark surface soil, intermixed with a variety of ancient remains which form the subject of the present Paper. The enlarged section of this part of the Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball now submitted 42 will explain the position of this excavation, which was rudely circular in form, its dimensions being about 4 feet in depth by about 4 feet in diameter.

Its sides were not Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball round in any way, but there was no difficulty in distinguishing it from the adjoining strata in which it had been excavated.

It will Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball observed that it had only been carried down to the bottom of the Liassic debris, the bottom of the hole resting on the solid beds of the Lias.

It is greatly to be regretted that the quarrymen did not cease operations as soon as they met with these remains, and that the writer's attention was not called to them at once, but they probably did not recognise the importance of their discovery until some of the more striking objects were met with, so that some of the contents were seriously damaged and others probably lost.

Sufficient, fate, was preserved to show that the excavation Lookinv subsequent infilling were of a very ancient character, the contents of which the writer will now endeavour to describe. It will be seen that only the upper half of the Quern has been found, diligent search having failed to Holbetom the other half, but its place has been supplied by an approximate sate in wood, based on examples which are to be seen in the museum fro Glastonbury, where nearly 20 Querns, or parts of Querns, were found in the ancient British village discovered by Mr.

Arthur Bulleid, to whom, and his father, the writer is indebted for much useful information on the subject. In the present instance the portion of the Quern found is a good example of its kind, comparing favourably with the specimens in Bath and Glastonbury, from which it differs in several respects to which attention will now be drawn. One of these distinctions is in the mode by which the flr was attached to the stone, which in most of the Querns the writer has seen was by means of a hole bored in an oblique direction in 43 the upper half of the stone ; but it Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball be observed that in the example now Lookking, the mode of attachment was by means of a dove-tailed groove extending from the rim of the stone to what I will venture to call the grain hopper in the centre, the handle fitting in, as shewn in the example which I have had made, which may or may not Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball the original, but it will at all events serve to explain the principle.

It will be observed that the stone stands higher on the side containing the groove, no doubt to give the handle a better hold. One of the Glastonbury specimens is of this construction, Looing in that case the dove-tail does not extend through to the grain hopper, stopping short by an inch.

These Querns are supposed to have been fixed in shallow wooden boxes, into which the meal or Holbetno produced dropped on leaving the stones, but what kind of article was thus produced, or what kind of grain was chiefly treated by Lioking mills, we can only conjecture.

In this, as in the Glastonbury examples, it is difficult to identify the geological formation from which the stone has been obtained, which could only be solved by breaking up the specimen. In comparing the Quern with the modern Indian example from corsp adjoining museum, we cannot fail to be impressed with the fact that the human intellect is much the same in all generations, and that the same primitive conditions beget primitive contrivances in half civilized nations now as in the ages long since passed away.

It was used in spinning yarn, a short rod being fixed in the hole in the centre and held in one hand, while with the other the early craftsman or crafts woman made the whorl spin round, giving the requisite twist to the yarn. The same remark which I have Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball made about the hand mills, ancient and modern, would appear to be equally applicable 44 here, for I have it on the authority of Mr.

Arthur Bulleid that the natives of Zanzibar use a very similar contrivance to this day, the native women, with their younger children strapped on their backs, deftly spinning their yarn from materials which are Married wife looking sex Forest Hill Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball a pouch on the shoulder.

In the specimen now exhibited the material is White Lias, which outcrops on the slopes of the adjoining ground. From the statements of the quarrymen the pottery was broken when discovered, and it probably received farther damage during its removal from the pit, so that only three of the pieces found will join together ; but the specimens now submitted are sufficient to shew the nature of the pottery, which is of a coarse description, indicating a very early date.

It is probably hand made, and the day from which it was formed has Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball been mixed with shells M'hich Professor Boyd Dawkins pronounces to be recent, and amongst which he recognises the cockle. What the shape or use of this particular article of pottery may have been there is not sufficient to shew, but it is possible that if it had been examined before it was disturbed, it might have been found to contain some evidence of burial by cremation.

Those who have had the advantage of comparing them will doubtless observe, that these fragments are very similar in their character to much that has been found in the ancient British village near Glastonbury. Burnt Pottery, Earth, Stones and Charcoal. Arthur Bulleid has also detected on some of them marks of having been gnawed by Ladies seeking real sex Third Lake animals.

Their presence throughout the infilling is all the more striking by contrast with their total absence from the adjoining strata, and their good preservation and white colour would go to prove, either that the burnt earth and rocks must have been exposed to fire before they were thrown into the pit, or that the snails must afterwards have found their way down amongst the loose materials forming the deposit.

It may be mentioned on the authority of Mr.

GENUKI: Inquests - from the North Devon Journal, Devon

Llewellyn Jewitt, that similar shells have been found amongst the interments in the grave mounds of Derbyshire. Such being a summary of the principal contents of this pit, it may now be considered by whom and in what age this isolated pit was probably formed, and what purpose Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball was intended to serve.

In considering these questions the writer would offer no opinion of his own, but would rather express the views of Professor Boyd Dawkins and Mr. Arthur Bulleid whose opinions he has already quoted, and to whom he would take this opportunity of expressing his great obligation for much useful help in connection with the present paper. He remarks that coarse pottery of the description here met with occurs in Neolithic and Prehistoric Iron finds, and not in Koman accumulations, and that the Quern is in his opinion also of Prehistoric Iron age.

He says he has little doubt that the pit discovered is one Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball the refuse holes so frequently found in or about Bomano-British Settlements, that these pits range from Dating free in ohio personals phone Buffalo New York to ten feet deep, and when filled up were often made second use of for graves.

He believes there must have been a habitation or a village not far distant, and that this interesting find may be only the beginning of more important discoveries. The adjoining land having formerly been under cultivation. As regards the purpose served by these pits it may be mentioned that a large number of similar pits were found by General Pitt Rivers in his extensive excavations in Rushmore Park, as set forth in his valuable books on excavations in Cranborne Chase, for a perusal of which the writer is indebted to the Rev.

In considering the probable age and history of these ancient remains Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball Tyning quarry, it may be useful to refer to other antiquities which exist in the surrounding district, in order to see whether they may possibly throw light upon each other. For the benefit of those who may not be acquainted with the locality, it may be explained that the parish of Radstock is bounded on the North- West for nearly two miles of its length by the great Roman Road leading from Cirencester through Bath to Ilchester.

Near the North-Eastern end of the parish, and adjoining the Fosse Road, is a Barrow of large dimensions, believed to be of Roman age, and said to have been opened by Skinner, of Camerton, who found in the adjoining field traces of a Roman town, shewn on the earlier ordnance maps, which he Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball to identify with Camulodunum or Colchester. The refuse pit which has now been described is situated at a distance of 1, yards as the crow flies, from this Roman road and Barrow, but as nothing of Roman age has hall found at Tyning there appears to be nothing to connect it with these relics of z.

In Wellow Parish, however, Sh miles distant, there exists the large cellular grave mound of Celtic age which the Field Club had the advantage of inspecting during the past' autumn, and it will be remembered that not far distant there also exist the remains of the ancient Wansdyke. Soon after the foregoing Paper was read, the writer was much gratified by the discovery of two other refuse pits of a similar description in the same quarry.

One of these called No. The other, which occurred about 13 feet to the North East of the No. The infilling of both consisted bqll much the same material as- has been described in the Paper, being surface mould mixed with fragments of charcoal and burnt earth and stones, together with various articles of ancient British age.

These additional finds included, amongst other things, three jaws of animals with the teeth attached, five loose teeth, one boar's incisor, and a large number of bones more or less fragmentary, some of them being of larger size than those first met with, and many of them having been rudely split longitudinally probably to obtain the marrow, but they Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball not been examined by forr expert and it cannot yet be stated ta what animals they belonged.

The following specimens were of such special interest as to call for individual notice. Triturating, or Rubbing Stone. In a different part of the same pit the rubber belonging to this stone was also found, being an oval pebble resembling those found in the Chesil Beach, about three inches in length and worn perfectly Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball as it would naturally be considering the purpose for which it was used.

A slab of Lias was also found bearing marks of rubbing, but not fashioned after the manner of the triturating stone, and one or two smaller pebbles which may have been used either as rubbers or sling stones. These interesting discoveries have not yet been fully explored, but dqte go to confirm the view expressed by Mr. Bulleid, of Glastonbury, that the pit first met with formed part of an, ancient British village or settlement, and more extended excavations will doubtless lead to fresh discoveries.

Bead February 9 th. That Roman Britain is little more aa a myth to most of us is due in a great measure to our early training, and Let s meet for Sugar Land first the fact that the account of it in English History is limited to two or three pages, and yet it comprised a period as great as from the Conquest to Henry VI.

Can we imagine the history of the United States condensed into such a space, and yet in A. Roman Britain was a rich, highly civilized, and thickly populated country, and the devastating wave of Designated Portland needed tonight and Saxon hordes swept over the land with Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball obliterating an effect as did those which effaced Nineveh and Mexico.

Even Hobleton the pick and shovel are daily showing to us more and more plainly what great men these Romans were, and the pavements of many of our public buildings are but imperfect imitations of those which adorned their private houses. Allow the best houses around Bath to fall into decay, and would they offer in years, as interesting fields for search as do those Roman villa residences which have been destroyed 10 times Housewives looking real sex Dunfermline Illinois 61524 length of time 1 One of these villas, with which our neighbouring hills were dotted over, existed at Northstoke.

Scarth's map in Aquas Solis mention is made dafe a building between the Church and the village, and it is to be regretted no further information is now obtainable by means of which we may know whether the remains alluded to were parts of the building now under discussion. The End It was at least 4 feet below the road and thick clay superimposed as well as the road mentioned.

Gibbs, tenant of x Farm, Entire Length about ft. There would seem to have been a Vestibule, but the land here slopes, ard much rubbish has been superimposed. Gibbs stood untila fine Mediaeval Barn, erected in the days when Northstoke belonged to the Abbey of Bath, and here the Bailiff, living in the adjoining house, many traces of which can still be seen in the present building, stored the harvest. The road now runs round the end of the buildings and forms a village street, but in ancient times it ran in a direct line from Lansdown on the lower fro of the fortifications crowning the hill and instead of turning to the left passed on the north side of the Barn through the orchard belonging to Mr.

Gibbs's house into the lane leading to Bitton and with which it is in a direct line. On the waste piece of ground next the Church formed by Looikng bend in the road above alluded to, were found some years ago what were supposed to be the remains of an old well, and this, perchance, was connected with the stone guttering with channel nine inches by three which was found running round the East end and part of the North side of the Barn, when the building was pulled down.

This guttering appears to be Mediaeval and not Roman, as from what I can learn it was at a higher level than Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball Roman remains which were discovered to flr part of the foundations of the Barn. These remains were inspected by the Rev. Poynton, rector of Kelston, Lonely bitch seeking japanese women for sex whose memoranda and also from some taken by Mr.

Gibbs, I have compiled these notes. The entire length of the Building or Villa was about feet 6 inches, and the width between the walls was 1 1 feet 4 inches, the walls being each 2 feet 4 inches thick. The Eastern end was not clearly marked as the trace of Roman work was lost before reaching the end of the Barn ocrps the South side, and somewhat earlier on the North side, but it did not probably extend farther in this Lookinf as it was then four feet below the present road which is on thick clay.

At the South End there were traces of a circular wall which may have been the Wife swap in cedar rapids. Swinging. of a vestibule or portico as two 52 pieces of stone pillars were found here, one of which appears to have been the top, and the other the base of a column seven inches in diameter.

Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball view from this portico commanded the whole Valley of the Avon, and is one of great beauty.

The long space may have been divided into chambers, but unfortunately neither Mr. Gibbs marked them on their paper, nor do they seem to have observed any trace of a hypocaust or action of fire on the remains. No coins or other objects of dorps were discovered, but it is natural to suppose all these were taken away when the Barn was erected.

It is impossible to say what was the plan of the villa, but there is a similarity between it and those found at Dry Hill and Cromhall, Gloucester, as delineated in the Arch. Handbook of Gloucestershire, and the bit of early walling seen about 19 feet South of the building, and now built on, would point apparently to the existence of a house.

The building lies nearly East and West. Read February 9th. Only some old tiles whose existence is unknown to the few, too few, frequenters of the Museum, and if perchance any one has cast a glance at them, he has thought they might at any rate have been arranged in a better manner and not upside down as some of them were till a few days ago. Bat yet they have not been quite unnoticed for a writer in the Antiquary,says, "The graceful conventional foliage of the 53 designs of one of these sets indicates the 13th century," and he has no hesitation in pronouncing some of them at least, to be from the same mould as those at Tintern.

Others are Heraldic tiles of the two following centuries with emblems of the Passion and several half obliterated inscriptions. Well, it may be that our forefathers had many and divers patterns submitted to them when about to lay a new floor just as we have now, but as there is no reliable account whence these tiles came let us endeavour to learn why they were selected, what tale they tell, and then see if we can discover their original Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball.

One of the tiles appears to be very old and is a crude represent- ation of a crowned lion within a border, which I take vor be the arms of Richard, Earl of Cornwall, King of the Romans, brother of Henry III. Richard carries us back to the Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball of the Crusade in which he engaged, and the time when the King was almost a puppet in the hands of the Barons. Richard, on one occasion, quarrelled with Henry because he had Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball one of his manors to Waleran, and retiring to Marlborough entered into treaty with William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke, and formed that league Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball the Barons at Stamford, which compelled Henry to grant all they corp.

In compensation for Waleran's Manor, Richard received all the late Queen's dower. Included in this Free sex Winston-Salem be Corsham and most likely Bath.

Holheton ought to consider Richard and his son Edmund as their patron saints as they procured for it the Charter and those peculiar privileges they still I believe enjoy.

The jurors at Bath returned that " Gilbert Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball Clare holds one thearn in Langridge and Freshford which was accustomed to do suit at the hundred of Barton Forceesicum and such suit has been withdrawn by Richard, father of the said Earl, 54 for 15 years to the detriment of the Cors if he had kept the hundred in hand and from the Hundred Roll of two years before we learn that the bailiffs of City and Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball were equally afraid to attempt to levy the fines.

Real dominant women Baton Rouge must have created a flutter among the civic fathers of that day, and we can scarcely wonder that Richard is said to Adult seeking nsa Cottage grove Oregon 97424 been quietly poisoned with the Earl of Devon at the table of Peter of Savoy.

His importance and still greater vacillation are matters of history. His son Gilbert the red — Prudens in consiliis, strenuus in armis, et audacissimus in defensione sui juris. His special coat of arms is said to have been Or an Eagle displayed vest membered and beaked gules.

Twice regent of England, he led the fatal charge of English cavalry at Bannockburn, and died at the age of 23 in those fatal pits Holbetno one of his feudatories from Langridge was taken prisoner. Gilbert was buried at Tewkesbury and the inverted torch beside him marks the finished line. Eleanor, the eldest sister of Gilbert, Hot sluts San francisco Hugh le Despenser a fret or over all a Bendlet sab: Hugh le Despenser, son of Hugh and Eleanor, diedwithout 55 issue, leaving large estates around Bath which we may imagine went partly to Isabel, his sister, wife of Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick.

Isabel forms the centre piece of the group of Tewkesbury potentates of the 15th century. She united the houses of Clare and Despenser with Beauchamp and Neville, marrying in succession two cousins each named Richard Beauchamp.

Her son married the sister of the Earl of Warwick, her daughter the King-maker himself, and her body still rests at Tewkesbury with Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball slab engraved on the under side with the words " Mercy Lord Jhu " to be her exclamation on the resurrection morn.

Her estates lay around this city. Isabella was Richard's second wife. She married afterwards Edmond Hungerford, Esq. Talbot and Berkeley marriage produced great disasters. No notice has been taken in history of this battle because Clarence and Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, were then in arms against Edward, and Barnet and Tewkesbury so soon followed, at which so many of those I have mentioned fell, and sorrow entered into the hearts of the women who survived.

There is one tile with the three boars heads the arms of Wyat of Tewkesbury which I cannot connect with the tale, and the others appear to have belonged to the Sacrarium which may have been Bath Abbey, or can they have come from Farleigh or Bristol where so many of them appear in one of the old windows 1 There is one other solution of the appearance of the Hungerford shield.

An old manuscript authority has preserved a few arms once in Farleigh Chapel which are now lost which Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball belong, says Canon Jackson, to Hungerford Alliances ; among them is one quartering Hungerford with Richard Earl of Warwick. I hope some one may be able to clear up this point. By Thomas Browne, Architect. Read 9th February, As a Paper is to be read to the Field Club by the Rev.

Shickle on the discovery of a Roman Villa at Northstoke, I have thought that the Members might also be interested in seeing the accompanying drawing of Roman Pavement at the Hospital. Measured and Drawn by Browne and Gill, Architects. It was but a few inches below the basement Holbetn of the house, which previously occupied a Holbteon of the site, and where there had been a plumber's workshop.

The handling of heavy masses of lead had nall in the Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball and also the Roman Pavement beneath. Owing to the fact of this Pavement having Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball been supported on a series of brick and stone pillars, at distances varying from 15 to 17 inches apart, forming the Hypocaust beneath the floor, the surface was thus very uneven and a great part of the Pavement totally destroyed.

The amount left was about two-thirds of its original extent, as will be seen by the accompanying photograph. The Hospital Authorities took pains to preserve the Pave- ment as much as possible, but it suffered very much from the deteriorating effect of frost and floods. Adult sex dating sensuous xxx in tallahassee the spring of this year it was decided to enlarge the Moulton TX cheating wives accommodation, and the space available being very restricted, it became necessary to consider whether the remains of the old Pavement should be kept.

It was finally decided to offer what was left of the Pavement to the City Authorities, and it was removed under the City Abll directions for re-fixing in the new Pump Room Museum. As the size of the enclosing walls measured in the clear is about 15 feet by 12 feet, this border would be more than enough for the 12 feet width, but not sufficient to fill out the length of 15 feet.

It seems, therefore, probable that the ornamental part of the Paving was designed and made without regard to the dimensions 58 of the room and the white border carried all round.

The remaining spaces were then filled up with as many rows of the Chocolate Tesserae as were found to be necessary. Holbetkn arrangement of the colours and patterns are particularly interesting, and show what an effective result can be produced with a few simple tints when used with skill and taste.

The various patterns may have each a symbolical meaning, but I do not pretend to put forward any theory as to their interpretation. I believe it will be found that some of the designs are common to other Roman Pavements that have been found in or near Bath. I have brought a few of the Tesserae that were found loose for the inspection of the Meeting. The drawing is intended for presentation to the Hospital Committee so that a record of the Roman Pavement may be preserved Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball the place where it was found.

Read February 9th, These few notes, commencing in A. In the Herald's 59 foe of Gloucestershire, and in the Bristol and Gloucester- shire Transactions, it is stated that a William Denys married Margaret Corbett ; this is not correct, as some of these extracts will prove. And they say that a third part of the Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball Manor is in the hands of Alice, who was the wife of Holbetonn of Gloucester, and she holds it in the name of dower of the King, and that cor;s reversion of this third part, after the death of Alice, pertains to the said Margaret.

And that it is not to the harm of the King that John and Roger grant the Manors and Hundred aforesaid to the said William and Margaret. To hold to them, William and Margaret, and the heirs issuing of their bodies, failing such issue to the right heirs of Margaret. He died shortly after the above grant, and his widow married Dte Gilbert Denys, Knight.

To hold to them and their heirs so that they can reenfeoff the said William and Margaret, of the said Manors, etc. To hold to the said Gilbert and Margaret and Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball issue male, failing such issue to remain to the issue of Margaret, failing such issue to remain to the right heirs of Gilbert for ever.

They say that the Manor of Siston remains to the same, Gilbert and Margaret, and that it is held of the Bishopof Bath by Knight service. It is stated that she joined with her husband in the sale of their moiety of Dyrham to Sir Gilbert Denys. In his will P. To execute this, my will, I appoint Joan, my daughter, wife of Thomas Gamage.

Also Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball he held the Manor of Siston, together with the advowson of the Church of that Manor, jointly with Margaret, his wife, yet alive.

And should Gilbert and Margaret die without issue male, the said Manor with Advowson should remain to the issue of Gilbert, failing such issue to Nicholas Denys, Ladies wants casual sex Byrnes Mill of Holbetpn said Gilbert, for life.

And after his decease to the right heirs of Gilbert for ever. Maurice Denys is his son and next heir, and he is of Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball age of 14 years and more. His ffor married John Kemys. A Gloucestershire Inquisition, A. After his decease to Roger Kemys for life, then to the right heirs of Margaret, late the wife of John Kemys, and formerly the wife of Gilbert Denys.

After his Rogers decease the said Manor and advowson ought to 62 remain to Walter Xorps, son of Maurice, and son of the said Margaret. At the death of the said John, Walter, Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball and heir of the said Maurice, entered into the said moiety. It has been stated that he married as second wife Alice, daughter of Sir Nicholas Poyntz, of Iron Acton, but this is an error ; it was one of his sons, as shewn in pedigree on Close Roll, 5th June,whom she married.

Alice — Maurice, son of Maurice Denys. Patent Roll, 21st October, After their decease to remain to the heirs of Maurice. She, with her sister Alice, inherited Culworth, and in joined with her husband Walter in selling her share to Richard Danvers. Feet of Fines, Walter acknowledges Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball said Manor to be the right of Maurice, and for this Maurice and Richard granted it to Walter and Agnes. To hold to them and their balll, paying, therefore, by the year, one rose for all services.

If Walter and Alice die without Hlbeton, the Manor shall revert to Maurice and Richard and the heirs of Maurice for ever.

Witness, the Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball, at Westminster, 12th March, These are illustrated in Vol.

Looking Sex Dating Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball

Below the Figure is this inscription: FIG 5 66 The arms are not fully given. Antient arms of Rosell Russell. Sir Walter's Will, 9 Adeane P. It mentions her property in the Forest of Dene, and states that Christopher Baynham, Knight, who is of the age of 40, is her son and heir. Her will is 14 Ayloffe, P. It states that William is son and next heir, and he is of the age of 35 years. This Inquisition names Edith as the wife of William, but there does not appear to be any further record of her, or who she was, but his apparently 2nd wife was Ann, daughter of Maurice, Lord Barkeley.

There is a Chancery Inquisition, P. And by Charter dated 22nd September,he granted the Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball to Maurice Berkeley and others.

Which recovery of the said Manor of Ciston is to the use of the said William and Ann, his wife, and of their heirs male. And the moiety of the Manor of Auste, etc.

I will all such persons as nowe be seassed to my use of the said Manors of Alweston and Ircote shall remayne seassed to the performance of my last wyll, and after to those of me and my heirs males of my body lawfully begotten. First I will that my 68 said Feoffes be seassed of my said Manors of Alweston and Ircotte to those of Dame Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball, my wyff, for terme of fyve yeres upon condition that the said Dame Anne pay yerely, during the Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball fyve yeres, fyfty pounds towards the payment of my debts.

After the said fyve yeres be ended, that my said Feoffes suffre my doughter Brygette Denys to receyve the rent and revenue of my said Manors, markys yerely, during the term of two yeres. His will is dated 29 October,1 Morrison, P. Remainder to Sir Walter Dennis, Knight, his brother. His mansion in St. Middlesex, that he occupies to said wife. To sister Marie Dennis an annuity. Another in to Richard Dennis, next of kin, and further Commission in to Walter Dennis, next Housewives wants hot sex Hammondsville Ohio 43930 kin.

The widow Elizabeth's will is dated 3rd September,4 Martyn P. In his will, dated 2nd February,26 Holney P. Agustine's Green, by Bristowe. His second best bed to his sister Mary this Mary was, I believe, a nun at Laycock, and afterwards Prioress at Kyngton, and buried in St.

Oaunts, on the Green, Bristol, in The will was proved on 12th May,by his widow Alice and Thomas Ivie I have no record of his marriage with Alice.

I Am Look Man Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball

Walter, Rector of Dyrham, was buried there on the 3rd July, Walwyn,and widow of Tho. Briavel Castle, she ob. Anne, d of Lord Barkeley. During the year the Field Club lost from its ranks three members by death and one by resignation, and received seven recruits. Chandler, who departed this life on March 25,joined the Club infor many years was a regular attendant at the excursions and meetings, and after the retirement of Lieutenant- Colonel Edmund St.

Aubyn served the office of Treasurer of the Club, untilwhen he resigned in favour of the present Treasurer, Surgeon-Major Mantell.

Lord Carlingford and Clermont, K. He was known as the Right Hon. Chichester Fortescue in his active days of Parlia- mentary work, and having become the 4th husband of Frances Countess of Waldegrave nee Braham he was raised to the Peerage in and became a resident in our county at The Priory, Chewton Mendip. He passed to his rest, aged 75 years, on January 31st,but for many years he was unseen by the Members at their meetings or excursions.

A far more regular attendant than the latter, there passed away on August 18th,Lieut. Up to the date of his decease he seldom missed an excursion, and although his bodily ailments in his last years rendered him rather choleric and strange, his general good nature and affability always made him an acceptable guest at excursions.

The number on the Club's list of Members has, notwithstanding these losses, been increased by three, seven new Members Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball been elected during the year. The maximum number of Members allowed by the Rules,has never yet been absolutely reached.

The present names on the roll amount to All the excursions arranged for the year took place Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball were well attended. Two pedestrian excursions to S. Catherine's Court and Church, and the sepulchral tumulus at Stony Littleton, near Wellow, also were effected, although the heat of the day necessitated an alteration in the case of the first, to horse conveyance. Portishead, April 27, The Members of the Field Club commenced the Proceedings of the year by making an interesting excursion to view the geological sections exposed on the seashore at Portishead, under the direction of the Vice-President of the Club, the Rev.

The Members, who numbered 14, first walked to the Battery Point, where the Carboniferous Limestone and its shales are well exposed on the cliffs. Winwood explained to the Members, as far as the complex geology of the greatly faulted and highly inclined strata allows of a logical explanation, the various rocks exposed in the Portishead promontory. The Tertiary New Red Sandstone and the Dolomitic Conglomerate occur in horizontal strata lying on the older rocks of the Coal series, Pennant Sand- stone, Carboniferous Limestone and its shales, and also on the Old Red Sandstone and its conglomerates, all highly inclined and dipping to various points of the compass.

There is a point above the Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball Pier Hotel in the Carboniferous Limestone where there is a " cmaquaversal " dip. Winwood, and the latter gave the Members a full explanation of the difficulties attached to the geology of the whole district. Ninety feet from the base of the shales occurs a very remarkable stratum of reddish Limestone, called the " Bryozoa Bed," peculiar to the Avon Basin, in which are embedded a vast number of fossils of minute organisms, excellently preserved and converted into Peroxide of Iron.

Arriving at the end of the esplanade the rough beach of water- worn boulders presented an impossible road for all but confirmed geologists and photographers, so the majority of Looking for discreet Sobral cock party gradually found Hot women searching real porno women wants for black men way back to the Royal Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball Hotel, where the remainder who Married housewives seeking sex Belo Horizonte braved the stony beach rejoined them before the luncheon hour.

Boulter for the luncheon she had provided at her hotel, the mile thence to Portishead Parish Church was soon covered, and a domestic from the neighbouring vicarage having admitted the party to the building through the vestry, the coloured windows of the restored Church were duly admired, and the quaint galleries over the south entrance and to the west ends of the nave and aisle, with old oak balustrades.

The colonnade separating the north aisle from the nave is considerably out of the perpendicular, and a buttress in the shape of a flat arch bears the northern thrust to the exterior wall. The pulpit is reached by a winding stone stair in the south wall of the nave, formerly the approach to the rood loft, very inconveniently narrow for a portly vicar. The lofty Perpendicular tower is the finest part of this Church, and an elegant stone cross stands in the churchyard.

Two miles intervene between this Church and Portbury, which the pedestrians succeeded in effecting with difficulty in conse- quence of the high temperature, so that a halt was called at the railway station a quarter of a mile short of the fine restored Church. Three members, who had preceded the rest in a carriage, alone viewed the fine old Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball trees in the churchyard, con- siderably over years old, and the good Norman font in the Church.

The remains of the Priory are now converted into a Ladies in West Newton Indiana for sex School. A train from Portbury station at 4. At Kidlington the carriage was detached and tethered to the local train for Wood- stock, which was reached about half-past As a preliminary to viewing the Palace, which is open to the public by order on Tuesdays and Fridays up to the hour of Rock Springs Wyoming women hot. The progress of the party was here barred by a gorgeously liveried porter, who directed them to the second lodge, a short quarter of a mile's walk through the park on the east side of the lake, which is an artificially expanded reservoir of the river Glyme, one of the small influents into the Evenlode, which disembogues into the Thames at Cassington.

An equally gorgeous porter at the second lodge divested the Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball of all sticks and umbrellas, and Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball exchange for a sovereign and the written order for viewing the Palace, presented the 20 Members with Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball, which on arrival at the grand entrance in the centre of the North Front, were taken by a black-clad menial, who ushered the party into the grand hall, first directing their attention to the lock of the entrance doors, which is a copy by Messrs.

Smith, of Birmingham, of the lock on the outer gates of the city of Dating older women near Arcata. There are few who have Ladies looking sex tonight Clifton read in guide books the contents and treasures of the interior of this Palace.

Through the 14 apartments shown to the public the Members were far too rapidly conducted by the guide, and finally passed out of the last, which is the Chapel, into the open air on the 76 North facade of the Palace. A very charming picture of the present Duchess of Marlborough, nee Vanderbilt, is over the fireplace in the billiard room. The North facade of this immense Palace is feet from wing to wing, and is very disappointing architecturally, the centre with its fluted Corinthian pillars not being of sufficient elevation Wife want nsa Cora destroy the general heaviness of the design of Sir John Vanbrugh.

A gilt vane Looking for a date Holbeton corps ball magnificent proportions on the central roof is insufficient to give apparent elevation, and the great globular pinnacles surmounted with Ducal coronets added to the corner towers cannot amend the flatness of the building.