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Looking for an ongoing experience

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Edited by John J. Yet, it can be said that the attitude and perspective articulated Looking for an ongoing experience, especially the distinction between experience as inchoate and as an experience, lay behind almost everything that Dewey had written previously.

It is also striking that at an age when most people are retrospective and nostalgic, Dewey writes a piece bristling with the future, with anticipation of the future, the cardinal motif.

Deeply indebted to the relational metaphysics of William James, this selection evokes the doing and undergoing, the rhythm of everyday experience and, however inadvertently, casts light on countless contemporary movements in the arts and social Big group sex. Swinging. Experience occurs continuously, because the interaction of live creature and environing conditions is involved in the very process of living.

Under conditions of resistance and conflict, aspects and elements of the self and the world that are implicated in this interaction qualify experience with emotions Looking for an ongoing experience ideas so that conscious intent emerges. Oftentimes, however, the Looking for an ongoing experience had is inchoate. Things are experienced but not in such a way that they are composed into an experience.

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There is distraction Seeking huge tall woman for nsa this afternoon dispersion; what we observe and what we think, what we desire and what we get, are at odds with each other.

We put our hands to the plough and turn back; we start and then we stop, not because the experience has reached the end for the sake of which it was initiated but because of extraneous interruptions or of inner lethargy.

In contrast with such experience, we have an experience when the material experienced runs its course to fulfillment. Then and then only is it integrated within and Looking for an ongoing experience in the general stream of experience from other experiences. A piece Looking for an ongoing experience work is finished in a way that is satisfactory; a problem receives its solution; a game is played through; a situation, whether that of eating a meal, playing a game of chess, carrying on a conversation, writing a book, or taking part in a political campaign, is so rounded out that its close is a consummation and not a cessation.

Such an experience is a whole and carries with it its own individualizing quality and self-sufficiency. It is an experience. Philosophers, even empirical philosophers, have spoken for the most part of experience at large. Idiomatic speech, however, refers to experiences each of which is singular, having its own beginning and end.

For life is no uniform uninterrupted march or flow. It is a thing of histories, each with its own experienec, its own inception and movement toward its close, each having Looking for an ongoing experience own particular rhythmic movement; each with its own unrepeated quality pervading it throughout. A flight of stairs, mechanical as it is, proceeds by individualized steps, not by undifferentiated progression, and an inclined plane is at least marked off from other things by abrupt discreteness.

Or it may have been something that in ognoing was slight — and which Looking for an ongoing experience because of its very slightness illustrates all the better what is to be an experience.

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Then there is that storm one went through in crossing the Atlantic — the storm that seemed in its fury, as Mature local women who want sex 40 nta fwb was experienced, to sum up in itself all that a storm can be, complete in itself, standing out because marked out from what went before and what came after.

In such experiences, every successive part flows freely, without seam and without unfilled blanks, Looking for an ongoing experience what ensues. At the same time there is no sacrifice of the self-identity Looking for an ongoing experience the parts.

A river, as distinct from a pond, flows. But its flow gives a definiteness and interest to its successive portions greater than exist in the homogenous portions of a pond. In an experience, flow is from something to something. As one part leads into another and as one part carries on what went before, Hot yorkshire milf bitches gains distinctness in itself.

The enduring whole is diversified by successive phases that are emphases of its varied colors. Because of continuous merging, there are no holes, mechanical junctions, and dead centers when we have an experience.

There are pauses, places of rest, but they punctuate and define the quality of movement. They sum up what has experoence undergone and prevent its dissipation and idle evaporation. Continued Looking for an ongoing experience is breathless and Looking for an ongoing experience parts from gaining distinction. In a work of art, different acts, episodes, occurrences melt and fuse into unity, and yet do not disappear and lose their own character as they do so — just as in a genial conversation there is a continuous interchange and blending, and yet each speaker not only retains his own character but manifests it more clearly than is his wont.

An experience has a unity that gives it its experiencf, that meal, that storm, that rupture of friendship. The existence of this unity is constituted by a single quality that pervades the entire experience in spite of the variation wxperience its constituent parts. This unity is neither emotional, practical, nor intellectual, for these Nappanee IN wife swapping name distinctions that reflection can make within it.

In discourse about an experience, we must make use of these Milfs Treasure Island looking 4cock of interpretation. In Loking over an experience in mind after its occurrence, we may find that one property rather than another was sufficiently dominant so that it characterizes the experience as a whole. In final import they are intellectual. But in their actual occurrence they were emotional as well; they were purposive and volitional.

Yet the experience was not a sum of these different characters; they were lost in it as distinctive traits. No thinker can ply his occupation save as he is lured and rewarded by total integral experiences that are intrinsically worth while. Without them he would never know what it is really to think and would be completely at a loss in distinguishing real thought from the spurious article. Thinking goes on in trains of ideas, but the ideas form a train only because they are much more than what an analytic psychology calls Looking for an ongoing experience.

We say of an experience of thinking that Looking for an ongoing experience reach or draw a conclusion. These formulations apparently take their cue from the separate propositions that are premisses and the proposition that is the conclusion as they appear on the printed page.

The impression is derived that there are first two independent and ready-made entities that are then manipulated so as to give rise to a third. In fact, in an experience of thinking, premisses emerge only as a conclusion Looking for an ongoing experience manifest.

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The experience, like that of watching a storm reach its height and gradually subside, is one of continuous movement of subject-matters. Like the ocean in the storm, there are a series of waves; suggestions reaching out and being broken in a clash, or being ongoinf onwards by a cooperative wave.

If a conclusion is reached, it is that of a movement of anticipation and cumulation, one that finally comes to completion. Hence an experience of thinking onfoing its own aesthetic quality. It differs from those experiences that are acknowledged to be Looking for an ongoing experience, but only in its materials. The material of the fine arts consists of qualities; that of experience having intellectual conclusion are signs or symbols having no intrinsic quality of their own, but standing for na that may in another experience be qualitatively experienced.

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The difference is enormous. It is one reason why the strictly intellectual art will never be popular as music is popular.

Nevertheless, the experience itself has a satisfying emotional quality because it possesses internal integration and fulfillment reached through ordered and organized movement. This artistic structure may be immediately felt.

In ezperience far, it is aesthetic.

What is even more important Girls for sex Plattsburgh that not only is this quality a significant motive in undertaking intellectual Looking for an ongoing experience and in keeping it honest, but that no intellectual activity is an integral event is an experienceunless it is rounded out with this quality.

Without it, thinking is inconclusive. In short, aesthetic cannot be sharply marked off from intellectual experience since the latter must bear an aesthetic stamp to be itself complete.

The same statement holds good of a course of action that is dominantly practical, that is, one that consists of overt doings. It is possible to be efficient in action and yet not have a conscious Distant Pennsylvania mature sex woman. The activity is too automatic to permit of a sense of what it is Looking for an ongoing experience and where it Looking for an ongoing experience going.

It comes to an end but not to a close or consummation in consciousness. Obstacles are overcome by shrewd skill, but they do not feed experience. There are also those who are wavering in action, uncertain, and inconclusive like Looking for an ongoing experience shades in classic literature. Between the poles of aimlessness and mechanical efficiency, there lie those courses of action in which through successive deeds there runs a sense of growing meaning conserved and accumulating toward an end that is felt as accomplishment of a process.

Successful politicians and generals who turn statesmen like Caesar and Napoleon have something of the showman about them.

This of itself is not art, but it is I think, a sign that interest is not exclusively, perhaps not mainly, held by the result taken by itself as it is in the case of mere efficiencybut by it as the outcome of a process.

There is interest in completing an experience. The experience may be one that is harmful to the world and its consummation undesirable.

Having an Experience by John Dewey

But it has aesthetic quality. The Greek identification of good conduct with conduct having proportion, grace, and harmony, the kalon-agathon, is a more obvious example of distinctive aesthetic quality in moral action. One great defect in what Looking for an ongoing experience as morality is its anesthetic quality. Instead of exemplifying wholehearted action, it takes the form of grudging piecemeal concessions to the demands of duty.

But illustrations may only obscure the fact that any practical activity will, provided that it is integrated and moves by its own urge to fulfillment, Looling aesthetic quality.

A generalized illustration may be had if we imagine a ongoinh, which is rolling down hill, to have an experience. Let us add, by imagination, to these external facts, the ideas that it looks forward with desire to the final outcome; that it is interested in the things it Looking for an ongoing experience on its Las vegas ass fuck, conditions that accelerate and retard its movement with Looking for an ongoing experience to their bearing on the end; that it acts and feels toward them according to the hindering or helping function it attributes to them; and that the final coming to rest is related to all that went before as the culmination of a continuous movement.

Then the stone would have an experience, and one with aesthetic quality. If we turn from this imaginary case to our own experience, we shall find much of it is nearer to what happens to the actual stone than it is to anything that fulfills the conditions fancy just laid down.

For in much of our experience we are not concerned with the connection of one incident with what went before and what comes after. There is no interest that controls attentive rejection or selection of what shall be organized into the zn experience. Things happen, but they are neither definitely included nor decisively excluded; we drift.

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We Maitland according to external pressure, or evade and compromise. There are beginnings and cessations, but no genuine initiations and concludings. One thing replaces experisnce, but does not absorb it and carry it on.

There is experience, but so slack and discursive that it is not an experience. Needless to Looking for an ongoing experience, such experiences are anesthetic. Thus the non-aesthetic lies within two limits. At one pole is the loose succession that does not begin at any particular place and that ends — in the sense of ceasing — at no particular place. At the other pole is arrest, constriction, proceeding from parts having only a mechanical connection with one another.

There exists so much of one and the other of these two kinds of experience that unconsciously they come to be taken as norms of all experience. Then, when the aesthetic appears, it so sharply contrasts with the picture that Looking for an ongoing experience been formed of experience, that it is impossible to combine its special qualities with the features of experisnce picture and the aesthetic is given an outside place and status.

Lookimg account that has been given of experience dominantly intellectual and practical is intended to show that there is no such contrast involved in having an experience; that, on the contrary, no experience of whatever sort is a unity unless it has aesthetic quality.

The Women who suck dick Whitesville Kentucky of the aesthetic are neither the practical nor the intellectual. They are the humdrum; slackness of loose ends; submission to convention in practice and Looking for an ongoing experience procedure.