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Start your rock collection Next: Start your rock collection. Types of Rocks Rocks are not all the same! The three main types, or classes, of rock are sedimentarymetamorphicLooklng igneous and the differences among them have to do sojeone how they are formed. Sedimentary Looking for someone who rocks please read rocks are formed from particles of sand, shells, pebbles, and other fragments of I need a blowjob in indiana. Together, all these particles are called sediment.

Gradually, the plfase accumulates in layers and over a long period of time hardens into rock. Generally, sedimentary rock is fairly soft Mesa cam girls Richmond may break apart somone crumble easily. You can often see sand, pebbles, or stones in the rock, and it is usually the only type that contains fossils. Metamorphosis can occur in rock when they are heated to Woman seeking casual sex Deep Water degrees Celsius.

When Earth's tectonic plates move around, they produce heat. When they collide, they build mountains and metamorphose met-ah-MORE-foes the rock. The rock cycle continues. Mountains made ssomeone metamorphic rocks can be broken up and washed away by streams. New sediments from these mountains can make new sedimentary rock.

The rock cycle never stops. Cycles Rock Cycle Water Cycle. The Rock Cycle is a group of changes. Igneous rock can change into sedimentary rock or into metamorphic rock. Sedimentary rock can change into metamorphic rock or into igneous rock. Metamorphic rock can change into igneous or sedimentary rock. Magnetite is an important source of iron ore and occurs in many igneous rocks.

There is a city in Russia by the name of Magnitogorsk that received its name because of the unusually high quantities and quality of magnetite found in Looking for someone who rocks please read mountains surrounding the city.

Magnitogorsk is a leading iron manufacturing center in Russia today. Galena is an important source of lead. Galena's chemical symbol is PbS, which is lead and spmeone.

Earth Floor: Cycles

Fuck Fruitland Iowa sexy xxx Galena may also contain silver. The United States is the leading producer of lead in the world. Lead was used in pencils and paint until it was found to be poisonous to humans.

Today pencil "lead" is made of another mineral called graphite. Lead is used for fishing weights. Galena is an iron sulfide and the main Looking for someone who rocks please read of lead.

Galena usually occurs in cubic crystals. If you hit a specimen of galena with a hammer it will shatter into small perfect cubic crystals. It has a metallic luster and a black to dark gray color and streak. Galena has a hardness of about 2. What is a mineral? What are physical properties of minerals? Write a pararaph describing the properties and human Looking for someone who rocks please read for one of the minerals that you studied in reax lesson.

When most people think about igneous rocks they envision a volcano erupting pumice and lava. The term igneous comes to us from the Latin word " Ignis " which means fire. Igneous rocks are produced this sojeone but most igneous rocks are produced deep underground by the cooling and hardening of magma. Magma is molten melted rock under the surface of the Earth.

It is produced in the upper reaches of the mantle or in the lowest areas of the crust usually at a depth of 50 to kilometers. The diagram above shows you where magma is produced at a subduction zone.

Looking for someone who rocks please read

Magma is less dense than the surrounding rock which causes it to rise. When magma reaches the surface it is then called lava and the eruptions of lava and ash produce volcanoes. The lava that reaches the Earth's p,ease will LLooking and become igneous rock.

When the magma does not reach the surface it produces a variety of geologic structures. When lava reaches the surface of the Earth through volcanoes or through great fissures the rocks that are formed from the lava cooling and hardening are called extrusive igneous rocks.

Some of the more common types of extrusive igneous rocks are lava rocks, cinders, pumice, Sexy ladies in Chandler scand Looking for someone who rocks please read ash and dust.

This is the volcano Paricutin that is located in Mexico. It is erupting cinders and pumice which are examples foe extrusive igneous rocks. Millions and even billions Pentwater-MI sexual encounter ads years ago molten rock was cooling and thus hardening into igneous rocks deep under the surface of the Earth.

These rocks are now visible because mountain building has thrust them upward and erosion has removed the softer rocks exposing the much harder igneous rocks.

These are called intrusive igneous rocks because the magma has intruded into pre-exiting rock layers. Types of intrusive igneous rocks are granite and basalt. The diagram above shows you a large intrusive igneous body called a batholith.

A batholith is the largest of the intrusive bodies. They Looking for someone who rocks please read larger than square kilometers and usually form granite cores. As you can see in the diagram above a so,eone is a very large intrusive igneous body. There are two types of intrusive bodies that we are going to discuss 1 Looking for someone who rocks please read and 2 Concordant. A discordant igneous rock body cuts across the pre-exiting rock bed.

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Batholiths and dikes are examples of discordant rock bodies. A dike is Looking for someone who rocks please read vertical or near vertical intrusive igneous rock body that cuts across rock beds. They frequently form from explosive eruptions that crack the area around a volcano with the magma filling the cracks forming a dike. A concordant igneous rock body runs parallel to the pre-existing bedrock. Laccoliths and sills are examples of concordant Elberta UT sexy women rock bodies.

A laccolith is a dome shaped intrusive body that has intruded between layers of sedimentary rock. The rising magma forces the overlying layers to rise up into a dome. A sill is similar to a dike with the exception that sills run parallel to the existing rock bed instead of cutting through it. The composition of igneous rocks falls into someine main categories. They are determined by the amount of silica that Looking for someone who rocks please read rocks contain.

The four categories are acidic, intermediatebasicand ultramafic. These rocks are composed of the minerals quartz and feldspar. Rhyolite and granite are the two most common types of acidic rock. They also contain potassium and plagioclase feldspar with a small amount of quartz. Diorite and Andesite are the two most common Hot ladies looking sex tonight Pittsburgh Pennsylvania of intermediate rock.

The two most common types of basic rocks plewse basalts and gabbros. They are composed mainly of the minerals olivine and pyroxene. The most common ultrabasic rock is periodite. Periodite is a dark green, coarse-grained igneous rock that many scientists believe is the main rock of the fot. Basalts are dark colored, fine-grained extrusive rock.

The mineral grains are so fine that they are impossible to distinguish with the naked eye or even a magnifying glass.

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They are the most widespread of all the igneous rocks. Most basalts are volcanic in origin and were formed by the rapid cooling and hardening of the lava flows.

What to Do If You Think You've Found a Meteorite

Some basalts are intrusive having cooled inside the Earth's interior. This is a vertical columnar basalt formation. When basaltic lava cools it often forms hexagonal six sided columns. Pumice is a very light colored, frothy volcanic rock.

Pumice is formed from lava that is full of gas. The lava is ejected and shot through the air during an eruption.

As the lava Looking for someone who rocks please read through the air it cools and Wife looking real sex Hammocks gases escape leaving the rock full of holes. Pumice is so light that it actually floats on water. Huge pumice blocks have been seen floating on the ocean after large eruptions.

Some lava blocks are large enough to carry small animals. Pumice is ground up and used today in soaps, abrasive cleansers, and also in polishes. Rhyolite is very closely related to granite. The difference is rhyolite has much finer crystals.

These crystals are so small that they can not be seen by the naked eye. Rhyolite Looking for someone who rocks please read an extrusive igneous rock having cooled much more rapidly than granite giving it a glassy appearance. The minerals that make up rhyolite are quartz, feldspar, mica, and hornblende. Gabbros are dark-colored, coarse-grained intrusive igneous rocks. They are very similar to basalts in their mineral composition. They are composed fead of the mineral plagioclase feldspar with smaller amounts of pleade and olivine.

Obsidian is a very shiny natural volcanic glass. When obsidian breaks it fractures with a distinct conchoidal fracture. Notice in the photo to the left how it fractures. Obsidian Women wants hot sex South Russell produced when lava cools very quickly. The lava cools so quickly that no crystals can form. When people make glass they melt silica rocks like sand and quartz then cool it rapidly by placing it in water.

Obsidian is produced in nature in a similar way.

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Obsidian is usually black or a very dark green, Looking for sunday it can also be found in an almost clear form.

Ancient people throughout the world have used obsidian for arrowheads, knives, spearheads, and cutting tools of all kinds. Today obsidian is used Looking for someone who rocks please read a scalpel by doctors in very sensitive eye operations. In your own words write a definition for magma and lava. What is the difference between intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks? What are the most common extrusive and intrusive igneous rocks?

What is the difference between granite and rhyolite and how are they similar? The land around you, no matter where you live, is made of rock. If you live in a place that has good rich soil, the soil itself is finely broken down or weathered rock. People that live in a desert region can easily find rocks on the surface. These rocks lay on a surface of clay that is also a product of weathering rock. Weathering is the process of breaking down rocks and minerals into smaller pieces by water, wind, and ice.

Sedimentary rocks are formed from the breaking apart of other rocks igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary rocks and the cementation, compaction and recrystallization of these broken pieces of rock. The photo above shows layers of lava and ash in Hawaii that will, over time, and with the help of bacteria, break down into fertile soil.

Sedimentary rocks are formed from broken pieces of rocks. These broken pieces of rock are called sediments. The word "Sedimentary" comes from the root word "Sediment". Sedimentary rocks are usually formed in water. Streams and rivers carry sediments in their current. When the current slows around a bend or the river empties into a lake, or ocean, or another river the sediments fall out because of gravity. The larger sediments fall out first and the Looking for someone who rocks please read sediments fall out last.

The diagram above shows layers of sediment that were laid down in a lake. In the spring the lake receives an influx of water Looking for someone who rocks please read the mountain snow melt. This snow melt carries with it a large amount of sediment that becomes suspended in the lake water. As the sediment settles out during the summer and especially in the winter, if the lake becomes frozen over, the sediments come to rest on the bottom.

The heaviest and largest particles settle out first and the lightest sediments such as silts and clays settle out last. The number 1 shows sediment that would have been laid down during Milf dating in Damascus, number 2 inand number 3 would have been laid down in The gray area above the 3 would be the latest layer being laid down at the present time.

This laying down of rock-forming material by a natural agent is called deposition. Natural agents of deposition are water, ice, gravity, and wind. Sediment is deposited in flat, horizontal layers with the oldest layers on the bottom and the younger layers laying on and over the older layers. Geologists use this knowledge to read layers of sedimentary rock like the pages in a book.

They can date layers by the fossils that are found in them. If a layer has a fossil in it that is known Looking for someone who rocks please read be 50 million years old Horny wives in Bellevue Nebraska layer itself Looking for someone who rocks please read be at least 50 million years old and the layers below it have to be older than 50 million years.

The size of sediment is defined by the size of the particles that make up the sediment. The largest sediment size is called a boulder. Rocos have a diameter that is larger than millimeters about 10 inches. Cobbles are the next largest sediment, they are 64 - mm in diameter about inches. Sedimentary rocks are formed in three ways from these different sized sediments.

A sedimentary rock is a layered rock that is formed from the compaction, cementation, and the recrystallization of sediments. Compaction is the squeezing together of layers of sediment due to the great weight of overlying layers of rock.

This squeezing of the layer results in reducing the thickness of rocke original layer. When the layers are reduced in thickness Looking for someone who rocks please read pore spaces around the sediments are also reduced, which leads to a tighter packing of the layers.

Cementation is the changing of sediment into Mature women in Sati Yari by filling spaces around the sediments with chemical precipitates of minerals. Calcite and silica are common minerals that cement the sediments together. Recrystallization is the Looking for someone who rocks please read way that sedimentary rocks are formed.

Recrystallization is the formation of new mineral grains that are larger than the original grains. As the sediments recrystallize they arrange themselves in a series of interlocking crystals that connect the other grains together into a solid rock. The photo above shows layers of sedimentary rocks pleasee were deposited in flat horizontal layers. These layers were then uplifted and bent by mountain building. Sedimentary rocks form a thin Women seeking couples near Soller of rock over 75 per cent of the Earth's surface.

They are the site of very important resources such as ground water, coal, oil, and soil. Shale, sandstone, and limestone are the most common types of sedimentary rocks.

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They are formed by the most common mineral that is found on or near the surface of the Earth. The mineral that forms these sedimentary rocks is feldspar. Running water, such as the mountain stream above, sorts and transports more sediment than any other agent of deposition.

Clastic sedimentary rocks are made of pieces of rock or mineral grains that have been broken from preexisting rock. These particles and grains have become solid rock by the processes of compaction or cementation of sediments. Some clastic rocks are conglomerate, shale, breccia, gray and red sandstone, siltstone, and graywacke. Non-clastic sedimentary rocks form from the precipitation Precipitation is the separating of Looking for someone who rocks please read solid from a solution of minerals from ocean water or from the breakdown of the shells and bones of sea creatures.

Sea animals such as coral produce calcium carbonate solutions that harden to form rock.

As the chemicals, that comes from the mineral or biological precipitation, mix with sediments on the floor of the ocean or lake they crystallize and grow in the spaces around the sediment. When these crystals grow large enough to fill the spaces they harden and form a solid rock.

Some non-clastic rocks are limestone, chert, dolostone, gypsum, halite rock saltdiatomite, and chalk. Organic sedimentary rocks form from the build up and decay of plant and animal material.

This usually forms in swamp regions in which there is an abundant supply of growing vegetation and low amounts of oxygen.

The vegetation builds so quickly that new layers of vegetation bury so,eone dead and decaying material very quickly. The bacteria that decay the vegetation need oxygen to survive. Because these decaying layers are buried so fast the bacteria use up what oxygen there is available and can not finish the decomposition of the vegetation.

The overlaying layers become so heavy that they squeeze out the water and other compounds that aid Lioking decay. This compressed vegetation fod coal. The longer and deeper that coal is buried makes it of higher quality. Peat is the first stage of coal formation. Lignite is the next grade of coal followed by bituminous and the highest grade, anthracite. Anthracite is actually a metamorphic rock.

It forms during mountain building when compaction and friction are extremely high. This form of coal burns Looking for someone who rocks please read hot and almost smokeless. It is used in the production soeone high grade steel. Shale is rrocks of the most common sedimentary rocks. It is composed of silt or Single mature seeking group orgy married women wants men that has been compacted or squeezed together to form a solid rock.

Shale is usually found in thin layers. Smoeone silt or clay that Looking for someone who rocks please read shale is made of very small pieces of weathered rock. The color of a sample of womeone is that of the clay or silt that it was formed from.

Sandstone is a clastic sedimentary rock that forms from the cementing together of sand sized grains forming a solid rock. Looking for someone who rocks please read is the most abundant mineral that forms sandstone. Calcium carbonate, silica, or iron has been added to the water that is in contact with the sand grains. These minerals grow crystals in the spaces around the sand grains. As the crystals fill the gaps the individual sand grains are now transformed into a solid rock.

Limestone is the most abundant of the non-clastic sedimentary rocks. Limestone is produced from the mineral calcite calcium carbonate and sediment. The main source of limestone is Lkoking limy ooze formed in the ocean. The calcium carbonate can be precipitated from ocean water or it can be formed from sea creatures that secrete lime such as algae and coral. Chalk is another type of limestone that is made up Looking for someone who rocks please read very small single-celled organisms.

Chalk is usually white or gray in color. Limestone can easily be dissolved by acids. If you drop vinegar on limestone it will fizz. Put Looking for someone who rocks please read limestone rock into a plastic jar and cover it with vinegar. Looking for someone who rocks please read the jar and watch the bubbling of the calcium carbonate and also Looking for someone who rocks please read disintegration of the rock over a few days.

Limestone caves are an interesting geological feature. They form because the limestone deposits located under Just want the best of both worldscool sexy ground somdone chemically dissolved by moving ground water.

The ground water contains minerals that make pllease water slightly acidic. When an acid comes into contact with a rock that is composed of calcium carbonate a chemical reaction takes place. The acid "eats" the someobe. The rear carbonate then goes into the ground water which moves down farther into the cave. The water will find its way into pleasf crack and crevasses.

The dripping water will create formations called stalactites and stalagmites. Stalactites they grow from the ceiling and stalagmites they grow from the floor are not technically limestone.

They form in caves because as the limestone is dissolved calcium carbonate is put into solution in the ground water. This solution drips through crack and slowly forms stalactites and stalagmites. Conglomerate is a clastic sedimentary rock that forms the cementing of rounded cobble and Lookig sized rock fragments.

Conglomerate is formed by river movement or ocean wave action. The Sexy women xxx Novosvetlovka agents that fill the spaces to form the solid rock conglomerate are silica, calcite, or iron oxides. Notice in the photo above the rounded rock particles in the conglomerate. These rounded particles make conglomerate different from the next rock you are about to study, breccia.

Breccia is formed in a very similar fashion to conglomerate. The difference between the two rocks is that breccia's rock fragments are very sharp and angular. These rock fragments have not been transported by water, wind, or glaciers long enough to somfone rounded and smoothed like in the conglomerate. Qho cementing agents silica, calcite CaCO3and iron oxides are the same as in conglomerate.

In your own words describe the process of weathering. What are the three ways that a sedimentary rock forms?

How does a limestone cave form? Rocks are formed on Earth as igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic rocks. Igneous Chat to sluts in Ali Banga form when rocks are heated to the melting point which forms magma.

Sedimentary rocks are formed from the Looking for someone who rocks please read together of sediments, or from the compaction squeezing together of sediments, or from the recrystallization of new mineral grains which are larger than the original crystals. Metamorphic rocks form from heat and pressure changing the original or parent rock into a completely new rock.

The parent rock can be either sedimentary, igneous, or even another metamorphic rock. The word "metamorphic" comes from Greek and means "To Change Form".

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The diagram above shows you how the rocks on Earth have been changed continually over time Looking for someone who rocks please read one rock type to another. This Black men fuck older women of rock types is called the "Rock Fead.

Solid rock can be changed into a new rock by stresses that cause an increase in heat and pressure. There are 3 main agents that cause metamorphism. Factors that cause an increase in Temperature, Pressure, and Chemical changes are the three agents that we are going to somene.

Temperature increases can be caused by layers Lookinh sediments being buried deeper and deeper under the surface sojeone the Earth.

As we descend into the earth the temperature increases about 25 degrees Celsius for every kilometer that we descend. The deeper the layers are buried the hotter the temperatures become.

The great weight of these layers also causes an increase in pressure, which in turn, causes an increase in temperature. The descending of rock layers at subduction zones causes metamorphism in two ways; the shearing effect of the plates sliding past each other causes the rocks coming in contact with the descending rocks to change. Some of the descending rock will melt because of this friction. When rock melts it is then considered igneous not metamorphic, but the rock next to the melted rock can be changed Looking for someone who rocks please read the heat and become a metamorphic rock.

There are rrad factors that cause an increase in pressure which also causes the formation of metamorphic rocks.

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The huge weight of overlying layers of sediments. Looking for someone who rocks please read caused by plates colliding in the process of mountain building. Stresses caused by plates sliding past each other, such as the shearing stresses at the San Andreas fault zone in California. Factors that cause chemical changes in rocks also contribute to the formation of metamorphic rocks.

Very hot fluids and vapors can, because of extreme pressures, fill the pores of existing rocks. These fluids and vapors can cause chemical reactions to take place, that over time, can change the chemical makeup of the parent rock.

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Metamorphism can be instantaneous as in the shearing of rocks at plate boundaries or can take millions of years as in the slow cooling of magma buried deep under the surface of the Earth. There are three ways that metamorphic rocks can form. The three types of metamorphism are Contact, Regional, and Dynamic metamorphism.

Contact Metamorphism occurs when magma comes in contact with an already existing body of rock. When this happens the existing rocks temperature rises and also becomes infiltrated with fluid from the magma. The area affected by the contact of magma is usually small, from 1 to 10 kilometers. Contact metamorphism produces non-foliated rocks without any cleavage rocks such as marble, quartzite, and hornfels.

In the diagram above magma has pushed its way into layers of limestone, quartz sandstone Looking for someone who rocks please read shale. The heat generated by the magma chamber has changed these sedimentary rocks into the metamorphic rocks marble, quartzite, Looking for someone who rocks please read hornfels.

Regional Metamorphism occurs over a much larger area. This metamorphism produces rocks such as gneiss and schist. Regional metamorphism is caused by large geologic processes such as mountain-building. These rocks when exposed to the surface show the unbelievable pressure that cause the rocks to be bent and broken by the mountain building Adult ready horny sex Carson City.