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Still seeking a little phreakiness

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Went to the eye hospital to get my prescription for glasses or contacts checked out.

Already at the optician shop they noticed heavy accommodation effects. Accommodation means that eyes can correct themselves to a certain extend.

Children often have extreme accommodation capabilities. In my case, this also turned out to be quite extreme. The weird thing is, I did not need any correction up to quite recently, thanks to the extreme accommodation capabilities of my eyes.

I did notice a gradual decline in the last 4 to 3 years or so. Was harder to read small print and under dark circumstances. The optometrist at the hospital used two different kind of drops.

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One to shut off the accommodation muscles, so they would not fool the measuring computer. The other one to relax the pupil muscles, to get an easier reading.

Hence the dilated pupil effect. The computer actually checks the image on the retina, so it could even measure the eye strength of phreaklness dead person.

Quite amazing when you think of it. Here I am with my mother her cheek on the left just after leaving the hospital.

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Still heavy under the influence. This puppy eye effect stayed much longer than I had hoped, more than 24 hours. My contacts are coming in next week. For the time being, I am using a pair of cheap reading glasses when behind the computer.

Is easier on the eyes, more relaxed as I found out. I can now e. Jerome's point of view By: Jerome's point of view.

Phreaky POV Me, last week. You are looking at one freaky eye.

The world around me looked very blurry when I snapped this in macro mode. Actually all very cool to have this renewed vision. Taken on November 7,

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