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Screenshot via Campus Reform Activist students at the University of California at Santa Cruz reject the "right of assembly" and "right of free speech" when it comes to white supremacists and fascists. In their view, this includes the College Republicans. And Fuck tonight Greensboro North Carolina, the Ucsc hay college sex party crashed a CR meeting in the basement of a campus library earlier this praty.

The CRs attempted to have a dialogue with the protesters, but the protesters maintained that "dialogue is violence" and that the CRs' mere presence in the library was an explicit threat against marginalized students and act of violence.

The protesters even asked library staff to evict the CRs from the building, according to Campus Reform. After two hours, the police involved themselves, and three of the protesters were arrested.

The CRs have also asked UC-Santa Cruz's student government to sanction the protesters, since two of them were in fact members of the student government. Campus Reform obtained some video footage of the incident. In the clip below, CRs and protesters are heatedly arguing with one Ucsc hay college sex party.

There's nothing wrong with that, of course—they appear to be having the exact kind of dialogue the CRs claimed they wanted and the protesters claimed was violence. But my favorite part of the exchange happens toward the end, when one of the students—presumably a CR—accuses Ucsc hay college sex party protesters of selection bias.

Communism has killed and impoverished millions, but it's arguably true that communists committed these murders irrespective of the Ucsc hay college sex party or ethnic origins of their victims. That's what really matters, parhy seems. We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. Comments do not represent the views of Reason.

We reserve Ucsc hay college sex party right to delete any comment for any reason at any time. Commies are groovy 'cause they beat, murdered, jailed, enslaved, and starved everyone equally, supposedly, except for the commie party bosses Robespierre Josef Stalin Pot Yeah, and in the country I was born in and Ufsc the Looking for a dance partner in San Luis Obispo majority of experience with communists got beaten up by racists in Alabama, marched against the Vietnam War and the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

What have College Republicans done besides bitch about how they don't get invited to the cool parties on campus?

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I thought it was a random idiocy. Last of the Pafty If communism has a genetic component then we can finally devise a gene based bio weapon and exterminate them for all time.

Of course, they only wanted the Afghanis to surrender on that one. But protest they did, nonetheless!

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So parry you think communism can work if it is done right? Do you think that it ultimately leads to corruption, graft, and bankruptcy? Do you believe that communists governments have killed well over million people whereas capitalism has brought s of millions of people out of poverty Ucsc hay college sex party world over.

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Do you think capitalism, patry all of its flaws, is by far the best economic system the world has ever seen? You don't need to answer that one. Hey, Ucsc hay college sex party slime bag found two of three 'good' communists!

As far as he's concerned, if the trains run on time, what's a little mass-murder? Then why do you comment on this thread? Since you don't believe this, provide your well founded education to the contrary.

California student aged 12 will attend UC Davis or UC Santa Cruz next fall | Daily Mail Online

ssex Tell me why Che' Ucsc hay college sex party such a good guy and not a horrible murderer. Then go to little Havana and say that. Ladies seeking hot sex Fort Dick will get pummeled by the people who were his victims and who had everything stolen from them.

Progressives ie regressives do not debate. They scream and throw tantrums and get your speaking event forcefully paty down and then call themselves oppressed victims. Ok, you got me on that Ucsc hay college sex party. Maybe we could put shock collars on them and then play with the remote? AmSoc would be most entertain8ng under those circumstances, I would wager.

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RJSP is not even a progressive. He is actually a self-described communist.

He may be the last one in the country. I believe him to be an aging Boomer who colleege evolved his thinking even slightly since He just answered in the negative for "communism can work if done right" and in the positive for "communism leads to corruption, etc.

Yep, we certainly need some slimy piece of shit who can't honor his commitments to keep us honest. Libertarians are against all of those things. Wars are bad for free market capitalism. The thing that makes you sound silly is your claims of good aspects of communism.

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I am simply saying that you cAnt have a little bit of Marxism. It leads to a lot of it and suppression of freedom and liberty.

It also eventually violates the greatest aspects of a free society and functional economy. Private property, contract law, and profit motive. Marxism is socialism Ucsc hay college sex party communism is fascism hy the lens of horribly oppressive and murderous failing systems. Because this is not RJSPs first rodeo. Whether or not he's a communist depends on immediate local dollege.

Ucsc hay college sex party

He's considerably less consistent than Tony, and perhaps even more Ucsc hay college sex party. His posts don't merit serious consideration. Yep, Tony at least seems like he is trying collfge argue in good faith to some extent. RJSP is just noise. Communism by nature demands conformity.

There's very little room for diversity of any nature: That list usually excludes most of these freaks in the West who keep cheering for glorious communism that they learn only from marxist history professors who learned it from marxist history professors.

Fact is, these societal freaks would be the first shipped off to the gulags in a communist country. You can argue communist regimes are less "sexist" but that's only because they repress sexuality so women are de facto protected from becoming sex objects in sexual materials Ucsc hay college sex party can only be freely published in the West and mostly in the US and communism also strips the need for the nuclear family, so even the idealized mother is erases.

Everyone becomes one big gray blob. Only in free societies, especially the US, can even the most outlandish freaks prosper. Note that these college kids are likely Descrete sex in hobbs nm. achieve economic stability and peace throughout their existences inside the belly of the capitalist Ucsc hay college sex party itself.

America can handle the blows of its hostile Ucsc hay college sex party like marxist college kids, it has for ages.

But communism, like a house of cards or any cult, collapses upon the slights Ucsc hay college sex party conflict. Hey, kid, news flash: Its cool to be Conservative. We are the new counterculture, whereas you leftists are the establishment in sez death throes.

Why else would there be such an automaton-like rage issuing from these young, impressionable, indoctrinated minds, that they are "marginalized". Maybe that is because uay views are toxic and not in accord with the very values and principles that animate ANY free and open society?

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This is how Fascist tyranny manifests itself in these United States. I despise all things "cool" and "counterculture. Red Rocks White Privilege Nuclear weapons were the only bulwark the West Ucsc hay college sex party against the numerical superiority of Ucsc hay college sex party USSR, so again, communist protests are simple self-interest.

As for "got beaten up by racists", stoking racial disconent and divisiveness, and preventing African Americans from making economic progress was a political and covert operations objective of the USSR.

So you are right: You may not quite understand, though, what that experience means because you are seeing it through the lens of communist propaganda. All of humanity is equally repugnant, except when they pull out their SJW Grievance Hierarchy Curvy woman Pe ell Washington, though all that decides Ucdc who would die last.

Petr Beckmann told of this Russian named Rosenburg applying for an exit visa.

I believe Che' referred to blacks as "cockroaches" or somesuch. And it is well know that Asians are actually quite racist against - wait for it - other Asians. Everyone is most chauvinistic towards those closest to them. You ever seen people from different Latin American countries talk about coloege other?

Hell, have you seen how people in the Ucsc hay college sex party react to people from other states? Truly, we learn to hate the ones we know. I actually like it, because that's where you get the sweetest stereotypes from. What's more awesome is when you get weirdly Ucsc hay college sex party forms of mockery, like Hwy making fun of Spaniards lisps.

Spaniards don't lisp, they just pronounce C and Z differently from other Spanish speakers. S is pronounced as usual. Does anyone remember the outrage, within the black community, when Oprah had Ucsc hay college sex party show highlighting the different treatment lighter skinned blacks directed towards darker-skinned ones?

They were aghast that one of their own would expose this type of discrimination within a group crying about how they were discriminated against.