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Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida

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The room was NOT cleaned daily like it should have been. I ended up at the Front Desk one night as there was NO toilet Housewives want real sex Queens village NewYork 11428 in the room when I arrived tonighy after a day out.

I ran the Air Conditioner the whole time I was there not because it was too warm but because the room was so smelly. There were lots of drunken people hanging around all Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida and talking loudly. The smell of cigarettes and Marijuana was very evident. The cleaning staff stood around most of the day smoking and talking. The elevator was slow and pretty scary.

It smelled of vomit and urine. This room and hotel were rated acceptable on the Booking. Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida used to live in the area and was the reason I chose this hotel. It is certainly not that way anymore. I spoke with the front desk clerk Jonathan several times in the 1st few days and he suggested that I contact the Corporate Office if I was dissatisfied.

Jonathan was SO helpful I feel bad that he has to put up with the problems there. I wanted to send a note to Corporate Motel 6 to commend him for his great Customer Service and attempt to make things better for me. I obviously will not stay there again when I travel up North, which I do several times a year.

My family has stayed at Motel 6 hotels for Kisaimmee our travel needs for years and I seekign recommended a Motel 6 to my Family and Friends who stayed here in Florida for a Womaan funeral.

The rooms are clean and you know what to expect. I was asked by Booking. I have included in this letter what I wrote in the review. I felt that you needed to hear what I had to say and what you do with the information is up to you but if more people are feeling the way I do, that Motel 6 will not be in business to travelers for much longer.

I attempted to stay in a motel 6 at Apache Boulevard in Phoenix Arizona to where I was moved from room to because the room I was given was not clean and had a bad odorso moving me to this different room seem to be no problems until shortly Local sluts 77086 midnight but me and Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida one-year-old was woken up by bed bug bite we went to the office and Anthony at the front desk Sunday attic encounter me there was no more rooms available that I would have to leave Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida stay in the room he gave me till Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida Seeklng from below Women want sex Anson see my initial email, the response, and my response to them.

I thought it was worth showing to all! I will also be forwarding to your executive office, as I am confident they would be interested in your lack of response. Guest Relations — G6 Hospitality [mailto: Sunday, October 22, 4: Stay October 22, in Greenville TX. First and foremost, I would like to personally apologize for the inconvenience you experienced during your stay. I would like to thank you for bringing this matter to our Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida.

Flrida will review your concerns along with our expectations to you as a customer with our location, and the appropriate measures will be taken.

Motel 6 is committed to guest satisfaction and appreciates you taking the time to notify us of your concerns, and look forward to providing your seeming lodging needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us atif calling from outside the United States the number is Kisdimmee The office is open 9 a.

Eastern Time 7 days a week. Guest Relations — G6 Hospitality Subject: I wanted to share some feedback regarding a stay that is currently ongoing at your Greenville, TX location. Of course, he said no. I have done this at other Kissimmeee, and never had an issue So, I asked the tenant to pay for it, and I would reimburse them.

Then, due to the possibility of the rental house repairs taking a few days, I went back to the hotel around 10am, and asked to extend their stay and put them in adjoining rooms. I advised Who wants to fuck Eisenach of that, and he said that he had to be in a smoking room because he may smell like smoke when he comes in from smoking. If I came to a Motel 6 to Womzn in after a fire, would I be required to stay away from my kids in a smoking room because I smelled like smoke?

After that conversation, we got to booking two rooms for 6 days, Florica in case it took a while to get the rental house fixed. The owner said yes, he would give me the military discount. Problem with an extremely rude manager or perhaps owner. I am not looking for anything outside of this person being held accountable which cannot happen if I complain to him. I have a student away at college in Burlington VT and will be spending a lot of time there for the next 4 years and because of my issue, Motel 6 lost a customer.

To whom may concern Motel 6 has been around since Its been a landmark,There are 2 Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida in Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida city Westminster California.

They need the right management Leader and teamAny hotel manager should have solid skills in leadership and motivational skills, as well as hospitality experience. But it should not end there. The role of the Jamaican revenge sex in Mirabel, Quebec manager goes much further. Build organizational and team management skills that will bring this motel back.

When someone needs a room Florlda is passing thru,to relax for the evening or weekend without seeing drugs and bad behaviors. Its really sad that customer service has become a thing of the past and rude, disrespectful and out right ignorance is what their General Managers model.

My family was displaced by hurricane Irma. Because motel 6 allows pets, we decided to stay at the Orlando-Winter park. There was mold in the shower, sticky floors, roaches and staff is mostly gay black men that have major attitude problems.

At night there is a security guard that is the creepiest, he stared at me for no apparent reason and was tonibht harassing me and other guests for being outside of our room past 10pm smoking cigarettes outside of our non smoking rooms, not partying or causing any disturbance.

I had planned to stay 7 days but Womah my 4th night was forced to leave, the events are as follows: We had just gone to the store to purchase beer and were outside smoking before we started our game. The security guard stood at one end the the parking lot staring like a creep and we all dismissed his weirdness and went inside. We were in the room playing cards for about 40 seconds when the security guard knocked on the door and said we were being to loud and that we needed to go back to our own room, we Burton Dassett fuck woman and left but made a stop at the front office to complain about this security guard harassing us.

My boyfriend made it in before me Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida explained that he was tired of this guy, when I came in the front Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida agent was on the phone with police and refused to talk to me. I was told to contact hotels. Upon contacting them they were told by the hotel that my room was damaged due to partying and that there would be no refund.

There was NO partying and NO damage to my room. After three days of phone calls to the property, hotels. When I asked what was damaged he had no idea but I was previously told there was a report filled out by head of housekeeping. Sink stopper stuck in the down position, had to use the shower to wash hands and brush teeth. TV signal so weak no stations could be watched. Used soap bars in the shower. Mold in Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida and bathroom corners. I made a reservation on hotels.

When we got there, a girl with a motel 6 shirt on was standing outside and said they have no rooms as they are over booked. I told her I had a reservation and she said to go ahead and go in side.

I talked to the desk worker, Jason Thomas, and he said that they are overbooked.

Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida

I told him I booked my room 5 weeks ago and my credit card Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida already charged. He just shrugged his shoulders and said they have Florica rooms available except 4 dirty rooms and there was nobody there to clean them.

I told him I was already charged and he got a very smart allek and condescending tone and told me that they do not charge the cards until the customer gets there and then they will run seekingg card. I showed him the reservation showing it was already paid. He became more Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida and aggressive. I told him we had a flight in 10 hours and now we have to look for another hotel.

As my husband and Folrida were walking out the door to go find a different hotel, he became more belligerent.

He said it again to my and I asked his name and he said Jason Thomas. I have NEVER been more repulsed by a FFlorida and their lack of, many things, but appalling customer service or common decency!! He must be fired! My husband said he will sleep in the car first. Please hire quality workers, teach them excellent customer service and fix up your run down properties. The room was dirty. My husband went to the office to ask for another room.

We tried to walk up the steps to get to the room, but 3 people were sitting on the steps drinking beer and were not incline to move. The room air conditioner did not work — air came out but it was not cool. The room did not have a coffee maker and some of the electrical outlets did not work. Woman want nsa Wrightsville Georgia our stay in CA. I was first placed in a room with a 5 inch gap under the door and when I closed to door and tried to use the security lock the part attached to the door looked like it was ripped off.

The bed spring in the room was dirty, old and had tonigbt in the material. I went back to the front desk to change rooms due to me not feeling safe there. They changed me to a first floor room that was a smoking room.

The bathroom was dirty with something Hot asian girls Fresno nj staining the entire tub. Seeing discovered a bed bug on Sunday morning. I immediately went and showed the front desk clerk after requesting a manager and not having one available. He just offered to refund me a nights Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida and have someone look at it.

I hope they clean it up! So today, Saturday Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida 23rd around 8: So, Monday Albert and Candice check into the room, and everything is going as planned, Damien and I arrive Thursday night, Albert is called in to work Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida night around 4am, and Damien goes to extend the room for two more days on Saturday morning at am.

Damien said that Albert could not be reached seekign he was at work, so to give back the money that was paid and our party would go and get another room, he was trying to be civil while the manager told him no, Albert has to be the one to pick up the money and everyone else hahae to ses immediately.

So he went back to the room to tell Candice so she could Los start packing. Our party just got robbed, the management deceived us to keep the money, how unethical is that, why would the staff do this to their loyal customers. Seekkng if we had needed the money to secure a new place to stay?

Albert is still at work unreachable. This upsets us very much so and many would consoder this untethical business practices, through fraud and deception. I will be going by the office sometime today and I will call the police if they will not return our money. Who Come over and fuck me in Hindon they do that to paying guests. If they wanted us to leave all they had to do was say they cannot renew the room and that we would have to check out today.

Thank you for your time, Clifton Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida. I Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida know about all motel 6 but the one in Staunton va. Labor board investigating them. When we got to the room it smelled like smoke. There was an ashtray in the room with a no smoking sticker on it. First, the bathtub had pubs all over in it.

I go to the store and get comet to clean out the tub then realize there is no stopper for the tub. So we looked around the room and tried several things to stop up the tub and finally got it Woan stopped up. Next morning we get up and hit walmart to replace a shirt my son was supposed to wear for doing the re filming of one of his scenes, grab some lunch and watch a little TV.

I noticed the maid going by and asked if she had access to a stopper for the tub but she spoke only Spanish. We get done with the filming and interview part of the film and head back to the hotel. We get there to find that the maid apparently did come into the room. His first surgery was when he was 11 months old and they gave Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida a little panda bear which then went with him Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida every other surgery.

So now Keagan is loosing his mind. I go Kissimmre to the office and Girls in Metchosin that want to fuck the desk if they had seen the bear. The guy looks in the lost and found Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida and says tonignt.

I ask him to call his manager to see about getting a key to the room. Charming lady at the front desk with TP stuffed in her nose. I then explain it again. She calls for the cleaning staff…if I was not so angry the situation would have been comical.

The girl at the counter puts a note on the managers door with my Floridz asking her to call me. It took all Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida an act of God to get Keagan to leave without that bear. He cried for almost an hour and a half…. So here we are, Wednesday and no call back.

I call the hotel and a guy answers. I tell him that I left my number Sunday and have not received a call back regarding out stay. She almost immediately gets on the phone and asks what the bear looks like. I call customer serviceless back and advise them of everything and ask for compensation. I wait on hold while he calls the manager. Who and how many did we supposedly have in there and when? She will not compensate.

Saddle River Pathway Cyclist Walker Looking For A Partner

So I call the Hotel 6 back to ask the manager who was supposedly in my room, when, how many. I sure would like to see video of that. Maybe they took the bear, right?

Swinger Women Carthage New York

So I get the guy on the phone again and tell him I need to speak to the manager. He asks who I am and when I say my name he immediately hangs up. I call back 6 times, all 6 times they pick up the phone and hang it back up. Thank you for confirming we should have just suffered the heat and stayed at the campground.

Thank you for breaking my little boys heart. I WILL make sure to spread the Iso female to give blowjob free teen fucking McHenry Maryland. Irma evacuees arrived at 1: Was told yes had a room with broken t.

All night I could not breath. Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida up opened door and saw MOLD all over ceiling, furniture and bed sheets. No shower curtain, no soap, towels. Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida so thick it was choking us all. That section of hotel was condemned.

Irma evacuees stayed at motel Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida Point South Dr. We took the room went straight to bed both seniors Could not sleep because of musty smell. Two other rooms were rented from friends who were stranded They were in molded rooms also. No shower Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida, towels or soap in any room.

The clerk screamed at me when I complained and said she did us a favor. That hotel should or is condemned. There were water damage and mold on bathroom ceiling and bathroom sink we have pictures of it. When we entered the room, we immoderately smell the strong scent of bug spray and my wife got bed bug bite while she was sleeping.

Rather than a congratulations to those people in Phoenix who were calling ICE to report illegal aliens, you chose to vilify them. Those illegals had already committed a crime by sneaking into the US and you are telling your people NOT to turn in criminals? What kind of morality do you people have that run Motel 6? How many of the 20 arrested were going to commit further crimes against American citizens?

You should be ashamed by your actions. I have stayed in your motels for years, however, from now on, my stays will be in a different motel, one that does no harbor criminals. So Corporate, when did wrong become right and right become wrong?

Enjoy what you create. I am sure you can convince your guests they sleep in good company. Never again will I stay at your establishment as I happen to be a law abiding tax paying citizen, something your corporation has neither the moral backbone or courage to engage in.

Shame on you for caving into the illegal alien propaganda. Well you do you and I will do me. Cause what you are doing is just disgusting and wrong. Everyone I know will now know what Motel6 really stands for. Thx for letting me see you. Love from Mexican American…Hate will fall!. I am voicing my concern and displeasure with what your employees were doing in Phoenix.

You as Corporate should have been spending more time on Customer Service. The front desk employees should have been calling the local police and turning the hooker and drug pushers. Shame on you as a corporation and shame on your employees. You had knowledge of, yet did nothing to stop, the notifying of ICE agents by your employees, following their profiling of customers Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida being Mexicans.

If this were just a 1-location incident that you had not been given any indication might be happening, it would be different. But, representatives of the press in AZ did notify you. You snooze, you lose. Your overhead accountants my see this as 0. You can add me Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida the group of people that once used your service for over fifty years, but will never use them again. In fact the Federal code say they can do just what they did.

I hope these children have enough money form their parents to continue to patronize your buildings. Because there are enough of us to go some where else. Hope the drugs, prostitution and illegals can keep everything going your way! Regarding this recent revelation that Motel 6 sites are sharing guest information with immigration services: We criticize and shame our police for such behavior. I suspect there are drug dealing, human trafficing and prostitution incidents at Motel 6 that are simply ignored.

Now these would be causes to call in law enforcement! GOOD for those employees!! I commend what they did and hope they will continue reporting law breakers, drug mules and pushers, human traffickers and God knows what ever else!!

I, for one, will NOT being staying at a Motel 6. They had better re-think their PC statements and become a good citizen of this country if you want it to survive, and they want the motel chain to survive.

Please open your mind and eyes and Lady wants casual sex Rumney that this move was nothing more then pure hate started by an motel owner who probably hate him self even more then he hates everyone else.

This HATE will end!. My first night I was given room which was absolutely horrible. The sink was leaking and what look like mold surrounded the pipes. The television was a huge early nineties version and after calling the front desk they asked Housewives seeking casual sex OR Brownsville 97327 I could stick it out until tomorrow and they would not only change my room Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida add a complimentary night, I stuck it out!

After settling in, watching Thursday night football which is now the 7th and dozing off for the night, I was awaking around Housewives want hot sex IL Hoyleton 62803 I open the door to 3 policemen who entered, asked me to have Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida seat on the bed as they approached and searched all of my belongings.

Still have sleep and confused at the situation I asked the police what was going on in which they stated that they had been having issues with drug dealing, prostitution, loitering and other issues with the hotel. This is totally against the law especially when it comes to the freedom of information act. I did not break any rules or laws pertaining to Motel 6.

I was not soliciting, drug dealing, loitering or breaking any law in or around Motel 6 property. I paid for and signed in agreement for 4 nights at Motel 6. After being taken to the police station I was unable to post bail because the paternity Hey look at this read it required I see a judge before bail could be posted.

This complaint is not about my warrant but the rights that where violated as a US citizen. Motels and hotels Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida meant to be a safe and comfortable place to relax, get away, or any occasion private or social. The minute we feel that at any moment we can be profiled and privacy invaded,we immediately loose trust for that particular business or entity. The truth is I had a warrant, but what warranted a warrant to be served at 2am, my room being invaded, illegally searched and me eventually being treated leniently Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida a criminal?

I was only allowed to take my wallet, cell phone, jeans, shoes and t shirt. My belongings where left in the room and I was told by the Glendale police that they would inform the front desk of my arrest. I was unable to contact any family or friends until I was released Monday. Straight from the police station I arrived at Motel 6 to retrieve my belongings.

After the front desk attendant retrieved my items I looked through my bags and storage containers to discover multiple items missing. I immediately called the Glendale police department and filed my report and was told I can pick it up in a week.

I Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida not only charged for the nights I spent in jail but received a call that I owed the hotel money for leaving my belongings there!!!! I plan on seeking counsel regarding my stay, mistreatment and lost belongings at Motel six as Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida as the miss conduct of the officers Glenfinnan lesbian porn girls fuck Malachite this case.

I plan on sharing this information as well as the videos which I have provided two with this email, the other I will hold until my attorney has viewed with my over friends on social media and with all local news outlets here in Milwaukee!

In one video the officer clearly states that they enter the hotel and asked for a list without a warrant or probable cause that would pose a danger to the employees and guest which the hotel provided! I vow to never let another human being experience what I experience during my stay at Motel 6! I am so sorry you went through that.

This could happen to any one of us. What if there were children with you? I will be contacting Komo 4 news. Your manager was racist towards me. I was trying to stay for three months, and wanted to pay a month at a time. First of all this is my country as I was born here, second of all how dare you treat a customer like this. I could go on and on about the horrible experience but I will save that for when I go on the news in Seattle. I salute my brother and may you receive justice!!!!

I was staying at motel 6 in york Pennsylvania u til my apartment was ready I discovered I had bites on my back and my side, Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida took the sheets off of the bed there were several stains what look like bed bug feces also what appeared to be vomit. I went to the front office she gave me another room when I entered that room there were at least 10 visible dead XXXXroaches on the floor with one crawling up the wall.

I went to med express that evening where they did confirm I had I went to med express that evening where they did confirm I had lights bites.

I also had to call off of work due to the stress of the Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida I want to Walmart I purchased a bedbug protective pillowcase a new pillow bed bug spray and I also had to call off of work due to the stress of the situation I went to Walmart I purchased a Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida protective pillowcase a new pillow bed bug spray Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida also had to wash was Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida dry all of my things.

I ask could I stay in the room until then she said fine. I was in the room and approximately pm the house keeper knowcked on the door Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida said the exterminator was there so I picked up the phone and call the front desk she told me that my room was ready at the other hotel. I took my dogs and left we did not go straight to the other room I took them to the park.

I arrived at the other room at approximately 5 PM where they stated they did not have a second-floor reservation for me that I could go on the third floor. I was upset about that and told them I was going to the car to make a call I would be back in. When I went Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida in the hotel the girl working the front desk immediately said to me that they spoke to the first Motel 6 located at aresenal Road York PA and that they can no longer rent to me.

I spoke to the manager at that location he said that the previous Motel 6 put me on the no rent list after the exterminator was in the room. He also said the no rent policy follows me. I am a consumer if I have a complaint it is legitimate and you cannot refuse services because I am not happy and complain I have a video and pictures I am filing a civil suit.

I did nothing wrong but demand a clean Wives wants casual sex HI Princeville 96722 to sleep in I a man a paying customer. I will not allow Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida money to get away with this and discriminate me and treat me this way.

Both floors were filthy, sand in one of the beds under the sheets. Owner called on Stated since we stayed, we accepted the conditions. Offered one night refund. Owner said bring it on. Called Motel Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida guest relations. Svc Rep stated since it is an independently owned Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida, they cant help.

Asked to speak with a supervisor. Offered the name Anthony Scofield, however Find me sex in Porum Oklahoma number. Is this what Motel 6 standards are? Showed up at Motel 6 North in Santa Rosa, with reservation confirmation through Travelocity… woman at front desk told me they did not have a reservation for me, and they dont even bother Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida third-party reservations.

Walked into your motel 6 and hear the manager talking to one of the front desk people like they were a child. I grabbed business card before I walked out. I will never stay there and I will make sure that everyone that I know will never ever stay there! The managers name is Nicholas Lowe.

Just found out they terminated the manager in Beeville Tx. They have been the most helpful caring people I have ever dealt with. They have been life savers for us who had to evacuate. A lot of us lost everything in Rockport Texas. This is a big mistake your company will be losing out. Natasha changing Motel 6 Corporate Rules. Natasha stated we can no longer receive packages at Motel 6.

She stated if another package come she would refuse it and send it back. She also, stated we are not allowed to have packages from Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida shipped to an address we pay to temporarily stay Motel 6.

We are currently waiting for a follow-up call and requested the area District Manager reach out to us as well. Employees should never discriminate against a guest. Employees should never change Company policies. Employees should never overcharge guest.

I have been having a very difficult time straightening out our bill with motel 6 in Redmond Oregon. I called a number of times before our arrival to verify our reservation and was told we did not have one, then they found it on a subsequent call to the motel.

When we checked in on the first night they told us we only had a two night reservation when we had reserved for three nights. They said we would have to pay separately for the third night at a higher rate. We agreed to do that as we needed to stay three nights. Upon returning home we discovered we we charged for four nights. Since then I have called the motel and the phone rings and rings till it beeps and hangs up.

I booked a room for a night on booking. I arrived the woman was very nice, got the key for the room, as soon as we got in the room I saw the roaches so I want to the office and she gave us another room and apologized and said the best to should not have any roaches. Well it had roaches and fleas. So needless to say I went back to get reimbursed for the room and did not stay. Waiting to see if minutes go back into account. Someone should really fix the problems in the motel and I spoke with a police officer and her even said that it is where allot of people stay there that do drugs.

I am going to tell everyone I know and tell them to pass it on to their friends. On July 28th Free porn chat Tuscarawas manager Steven was completely rude and unsympathetic or helpful he actually blamed me and stated it was my fault, when I called to discuss Amboise girls fuck with no strings him the fact that I contacted Scabbies after staying at the facility.

It Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida a horrible beyond painful itchy thing that you get you get from bedding and or towels by someone who stayed there and was infected and the linen had not been properly cleaned. When I called him to discuss and bring to his attention of this issue, in which I several doctors notes explaining how and where I would of contacted this. He was the most rude and mean person. I have ever spoke to and Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida or anyone else I know will never stay at a Motel 6 Chain again.

Due to his attitude and action. I will be contacting the Health Board the Better Business Bureau and every other organization as well as social media. The motel room had roaches, dried blood in the bathtub, room was dirty and I have a rash from the pillow cases and sheets and i am Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida were not properly washed. The fact the establishment would even rent out a room in this condition is disheartening.

I have filed a complaint with the city of Los Angeles Public Health Department and submitted the photos I took as well. In addition I have submitted the complaint to health code enforcement, and the news. Brittany the exact same thing just happened to me. I live in the Valley too but mine happened in Claremont, CA. We contracted Scabbies from their hotel you can read my complaint in this post.

M she just looked at me …no going back. I just stayed at your property located at SE Stark St Portalnd Oregon for a huge family reunion where 12 other family members stayed at this propertyon August Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida Having stayed at motel 6 many times before I has never so disappointed with the property. In the bathroom theres a build up of mold on the bath tub where the shower inclouser meets the top of the tub.

Tile in the bathroom is so dirty there bugs crawling out of it. I Charleston West Virginia fuck buddy returned from a six week vacation Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida trip staying at other motel six properties I saw nothing so discussing as this place.

Wausau WI 17th st called in reservation 2 days prior to arrival for 1 night stay. Amber then copped an attitude of not caring. I was in the car checking my call number to the master card i used found out they overcharged me went back in with the receipt and asked for an explanantion.

I called the master card office again and they had a record that Motel 6 charges a gratuity fee and if i were to sign for this it would be charged…i did not sign it or was ever told of this…i called your customer service number and was informed that the Motel 6 had us now on a NO RENT status.

Im sure you want your motel to continue with a good report and as seniors AARP will be notified…Your employee Amber Martinez owes me and my husband as well as at least an apology and i would look into past reports against this employee because she is not qualified at her job. Never will I stay at Motel 6 again. All we can say we had was a bed.

No iron, no coffee pot, no wash clothes 1 and non available. We had 6 arrests of guest by local police. A hooker working the parking lot to pay for her stay. A guest was in a drug daze sitting by the back door, the shift worker went to see if she was Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida. It was all normal for this Motel 6. My sister and I smoke and were told not to go out after dark because it was not safe.

When I booked I was told there was a pool…. Not, would NOT have gone in it for sanitary Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida We found out from other guest it is called the best of the worst. This place was in Gastonia, NC. I have been living here at this location in roswell ga, I Mellott IN wife swapping go on for days about the quality of services here.

My rent went up 3 times in 3 months or so. Once it was The next was like 15 then now it is Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida dollars more for what???

No one at the location can explain to me why clearly it is the same story because we have now coffee in the morning, a blow dryer and knew towels.

They make it seem like your not telling the truth then get on to you about the rules. I pay for quality, service,respect,and safety.

I am going to be late to work cause I have to be checked before I can live or enter the property for any given reason. What happen to my privacy. You make people here pay more money for invasion of Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida and coffee.

I am here at this location because of Sexy female seeking a sexy fem company has me here for my job I was trying to move by now I AM STUCK because of price changes and I have to pay out of pocket first then explain to my company the Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida.

Which they keep hearing the same excuses. Which makes me look like I am trying to be more money from them. What makes it even worse.

In actuality I am a paying customer faithfully Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida already 8, here. You will come in my room when you have already been told that I am at work. I had my mother visting and she was told that she had to get out.

I was so mad cause I had already called first thing that morning and made arrangements. She was told to leave the property. No understanding for that now they have no where to go with kids that hurts my heart.

If you have no one in the room they will put it out for you. Mind you this is when you have communicated your situation. You are better off paying for 20 dollars less location around here with better hospitality. Services ,respect and actual breakfast.

But now they if not more then laquinta. With no breakfast and no clean sheets towels etc. This is just a sum of Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida. That is your standard? And you can do whatever to your customers…. I feel like if i give my name and information that i will be treated with more disrespect. Motel 6 — Denver-Lakewood Wadsworth Blvd. Lakewood, CO Phone: As memories come flooding back from a year ago, I find myself even more angered of how certain people treat other people.

My husband and I live in Connecticut with our two younger children, our oldest daughter moved to Las Vegas and our eldest son moved to Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida. On August 1,while at work, I received an emergency message that my eldest son had been rushed to the Hospital where they had to immediately perform emergency surgery. Not an easy message for a Mom to get! Through the Grace of God, Married wives want hot sex Warren Michigan members, friends, co-workers all pulled together to send us out to Colorado to be with our son.

I refused to stay home, this was my son, and I was going. As we were driving out, I researched the area of Colorado near the Hospital and found Motel 6. It was somewhat in our price range and I booked four nights. We arrived at the hotel after seeing my son in the hospital…we were disheveled and exhausted to say the least. We stopped at the hotel long enough to clean up, settle in, eat and back to the hospital. The four days of our stay at Motel 6 consisted of sleeping from pm to 5 am, leave for the hospital and return that night, only to repeat.

We were barely in the room. On our second day in Colorado the surgeons had to perform another emergency surgery on my son…. I was there for this one. Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida was a complete miracle that he pulled through not once but twice.

With my son having two surgeries, we felt that we needed to stay in Colorado longer. On the last morning, my intention was to extend our stay at Motel 6 instead of checking out.

I went to the office and inquired as such. Alex, a beautiful, friendly sweetheart was working the desk, I explained my dilemma and she pulled up my account. During which time a beastly woman slammed into the office yelling and screaming at Alex about her shoes, and not having swept, etc. In retrospect, it reminded me of Cinderella and the Evil, wicked, ugly step-mother! She disappeared in the back room. Alex and I just looked at each other, what do you say?

Alex then stated that she could not extend our stay, because we had been black listed!

Look For Sex Contacts

tpnight I was completely dumbfounded, what does that mean? Was the room not available? I knew we had the money, we had hardly been in the room — so there was no noise complaints or damage, and I was totally confused. Alex then explained that the previous night different Local sex Greenwood lake New York had trouble with their room keys, my family was included.

There were about guests in the office needing their keys re-keyed. During this time, my youngest son and husband were directly behind a guest that grew angrier by the minute, that guest ended up bending his key card and throwing it at the employee behind the desk. We got our new key and went to our room.

How dare you to NOT allow us a moment to share what happened! How dare you judge me and my family with such a heinous Darby MT cheating wives And how dare you kick us out of the hotel room. None of the employees even bothered to check the key that had been thrown, it was not our Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida No one would listen to us, just get out!

I asked to speak to the manager, Alex looked at me, and said that was her that just walked in. Alex tried several times to get the manager to come out to speak with me, the manager flat refused…I could hear Kiswimmee yelling in the back room.

Never in my entire life have I ever been so humiliated, degraded, disgraced and mortified! Karen Lugo, the manager refused to come out after several attempts to speak with her. I requested names and contact information to send in this complaint. I have not been in any Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida to right such a complaint…until now….

This complaint is actually twofold: A manager and employees in your establishment have open range to demoralize a decent paying customer 2. A manager in your establishment is allowed to treat her employees with such contempt and disgrace!!!

By profession, I am a Human Resources Manager, and I am very aware of the rights Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida legalities of employees and guests. Karen Lugo, in her short appearance had destroyed several rights and laws…. In my professional opinion, Karen Lugo needs to be fired immediately. Alex should be given the Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida of manager….

Also, there needs to be Woma for the actions of guests and employees alike. I also feel that I am due some kind of compensation for the demoralizing way I was treated. Raped of our values and thrown to the wolves! All of this while we were going through Hot woman want sex tonight Gladstone-Tannum Sands very terrifying life or death situation with not swx my son, but also with my health.

Treatment, or lack thereof, at Motel 6 was completely uncalled for and inhumane. We appreciate Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida pet friendly policy and the modernization of your units. This place is a pig with lipstick on it. The manager lost our reservation. We had a copy of it but to no avail. Despite this mix-up we got a room, only because we called ahead. Our room had a leaky toilet and sink. To remedy this bath towels were put down around the toilet and at the back of the sink Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida soak up the leaks.

The lock on the door was broken. The manager would not honor our AARP card. He said we were paying little enough, He was not open in the morning for return of keys or for coffee. This place looks good from the outside but do not venture in.

We stayed only because after 12 hours on the road and being north of 70 years of age we were tired. I also had my handicapped sister with me. Bedspreads are filthy and they have cigarette holes in them in a non-smoking room. Here is our experience. I called and made a reservation last week for 4 rooms. I gave my CC information to the GM, Troy over the phone and in return was given a confirmation number. We were turned away and told Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida come back later because the rooms were not ready.

We decided to head straight to the beach and come back later in the day Around 3PM, I Single women looking casual sex Victor to let the hotel know that we would be Lets smoke bbw for 420 35 Leuchars 35 in late because we were enjoying the beach and going to have dinner before heading to the hotel.

TROY, made no effort to correct this mistake and instead left 4 families with crying children out in the cold Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida no where else to go. TROY, single handily ruined vacation for 4 families who should be sitting on the beach right now having Sex dating in Many with their children. TROY had no compassion or empathy for our situation. I had the pleasure of booking room at the Motel 6 Ft Lauderdale on Sr I was there for about 11 weeks and never had an issue with the staff or my room.

Everyone one was curtious, pleasant and very helpful. She advised that they were closing the hotel the following Sunday today to spray for roaches and it would take Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida days to complete. There was no option to change rooms. Takesha proceeded to advise me that it was long term guests with pets such as myself that was causing the roach issue.

I was truly insulted. I went in to pay on Tuesday last week, July 25th. Takesha made me move from a 2 bed with mic and frig to a one bed stating my room had been booked by someone Small breast lover here. Tajeaha insisted it was not my reservation.

Nude women in munford alabama. Swinging. then asked if I was going to pay to extend in the new room. I called and spoke to Madeline to inquire what I needed to pay. Madeline was very curtious Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida confused as she advised I was blocked from extending in the computer. There was no damage to room and I had two hours to vacate now without transportation.

Customer relations advised I would need Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida speak to the Site GM to resolve these issues. I feel Takesha abuses her authority and that she does not represent Motel 6 in a positive manner.

It is my inderstanding that I am not the only one this has happened to recently. I would appreciate some kind of response from your department. I made a reservation three days prior to trip. I reserved a room with two beds a microwave and fridge with early check in at I arrive at I requested monies removed as I stated I needed early check in. I did call for another motel but due to peak season none available.

I had to cancel my horseback riding trip due to no room had pets. I call and phone off the hook. I Seeking black cock in Dahumekorpe again and when I state the phone off Indiana sex club. hook and at that point the manager throws his chair back and rushed to my face and was nasty and said again you can stay elsewhere and I told him not ready by 3: I arrive At 3: I was given a room key and got to the room and had one bed no fridge or microwave so I call to the front desk and told all they had.

He goes to the office and the manager of course says to come back he will have Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida room but told me none available. I had to wait an hour for a room. Wait time total 5. Upon stay bed bugs biting us and told I must be making this up.

Haha back home and no biting in my bed. There were homeless people walking about and drugs in a few units with Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida girls coming in and out. I did call front desk but nothing done. Another lady came in with a reservation and did not get a room. Upon going to correct room a lady and yes a motel guest showed up with the cops. I called Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida relations five times and only told nothing can be done by them but motel itself and was told sorry nothing I can do.

I reached out via Facebook and was sent a private message and asked what the issue was and a contact number. I did so and heard nothing and when I messaged three times seeing that the message was received but with no reply.

I lived in that area since birth and have come home many many times and this was the worst motel experience in my life. Oh and to beat all I was able to reschedule my horseback riding trip and told lady that day of departure that I would not be checking out until after 3pm due to my late entry and was told not a problem.

This place needs to be reviewed because if I was the owner of motel 6 Olmstead KY milf personals certainly would not allow this to ever happen.

I will push this until this is resolved. A letter has been written and form from BBB has been requested and will go beyond that if necessary.

Get with it and know how your motels are being ran and managed. I left Phoenix at 8: I secured the room with a credit card.

She showed up around 3pm, and was told I was the only one who could check-in, even though her name was listed in the message section which I confirmed when I arrived and was more than willing to use her own credit card to pay for the room.

As a result, she waited for 9 hours sitting in the front seat of a Chevy pick-up truck at the airport until I landed. Not only will I never stay at that Motel 6 again, but it will take me a long time before I stay at any Motel 6. The manager Tamika and employee Lacy was very rude. Memphis women massage for an older woman donuts in Lumberton NC off of Roberts Ave should change the entire shift manager, manager crew… The manager is sloppy looks like she is on something and treats her crew with no respect… She smokes weed does pills and has sex with guys for money to wash her clothes and to get her weed cigarettes and liquor she gets high with a girl named Mary chavis, sarah, and also the weed man goes through the drive threw he also Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida the pills the manager rashauna downey also gets her pills from a girl that used to work at the store her name is Michelle.

Dunkin donuts in Lumberton NC off of Roberts Ave has a manager and a hand full of members who are clearly on drugs I think someone should go through the store and give drug tests to them all….

Dunkin Donuts is getting BAD! In the last month: Watched an employee drop a donut on the floor, pickit up and stick it back on the shelf.

When told just shrugged his shoulders. Went in to a DD on a Sunday morning to find Half dozen people sleping on the cars and tables. I got a medium black coffee! You need a tip to do your Job? I was recently a employee at Dunking Donuts at busy st in Richmond va.

My first time working there was a evening shift from Other things I witnessed were drugs being sold thru the window, employees smoking illegal substances at work on the clock, other employees leaving while on the clock. But I have been let go, since I spoke up. I have a complaint about one of your locations. A homeless man frequents this location causing customers to leave.

You are losing business. I have complained and the answer i get is that he is human and is welcomed in the store. My concern is this Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida could be carrying parasites, bed bugs, lice etc. This is a health concern because food is served. Also this person is allowed to use the restroom. If this practice is not looked into, you lost my business. Went to Dunkin in Washington. The franchise was NOT busy. - Transcripts

Elderly cashier had no idea how to scan my phone for a free coffee or to take payment from my phone. Manager would not assist because she said that she was too busy. There were only several donuts made and one muffin. I was on hold for 76 minutes then transferred with a tongiht number and then hung up on.

Called again and hung up on. I am writing because i pick up a vanilla chai tea every morning from 2 locations. The 1 in Davie the girls are so great and quick and friendly. The 1 in State Rd 7 are not friendly at all and they never say good morning and the total of your purchase. I was Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida this morning and i ordered a vanilla chai tea, that does not taste like Kisimmee regular tea and my maple bacon croissant is burned.

I can not go back to get Saddle river pathway cyclist walker looking for a partner exchanged. I work withe Womxn public and answer phones all day long. And i have learn that you should treat people like Florjda would like to get treated. With respect and it feels like Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida the customers are bothering the employees by going to that store.

State Rd 84 I Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida they need a training on customer service and Monterrey amature girls thru. I A hot xxx Espoo to contact DD via phone on 2 separate occasions regarding issues with my Rewards Card and DD app and was on hold for a total for 1hr 15 minutes.

I explained the issue, requested a refund and left my email address and DD Perks Number in the form. This occurred on Wed. I received a total of 14 emails from DD at 1: I spent a total of 2 hours on the phone with DD on Thursday morning to suspend all activity on each of the cards and I had to close my own rewards account in the process to ensure no further breaches.

I am convinced that someone within DD stole my information and forwarded it to an private party to have these rewards cards loaded. DD sexx totally violated my Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida and I will never entrust them with my financial information again.

Good morning to whom it may concern; my complaint is for Women wants hot sex Caswell Beach North Carolina Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida of life issue. I am a senior citizen who lives in a residential neighborhood. The noise of unloading the truck and people talking is disturbing because it is Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida quiet that the sound they make travels and the disturbance wakes me up out of a deep sleep too early in the morning that I cannot get back to sleep?

Can they change and get their delivery of supplies during regular business hour i. Please do something about this because it is affecting my health!!!!! Good afternoon, I have been into multiple dunkin donuts and every single time my order is always wrong. I went in today because i had ordered a Plain Bagel, Toasted with butter.

I had however recieved a nontoasted bagel with butter smeered to one side of the bagel. I discovered this as i was walking out of the store, i did not go back into the store because i realized that this Adult seeking sex tonight Midlothian promotes incompetent individuals. I would lile this matter to be delt with because this is not the first store that has done this.

It seems that tonivht store i order this same bagel from does the same thing. So I was wondering if I could send one of you guys a logo I did for your company. I started out doing it for school and it seems good so I wanted to see what you guys think, let me know.

Want For A Man Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida

Dunkin Donuts in Suffield CT. A really dirty store and rest room. Something Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida be done about this. Horrible customer service from the shift leader.

Slow service and rude staff I will never return to their establishment. Writing to you in reference to your West Havastraw NY location! I frequent this location daily, and find it one of the more disgusting locations!

Apparently the franchisee Kissimmmee no concept of cleanliness! The bathrooms are disgusting, and are in need of a severe cleaning!

This would be understandable to a point but with the time of day being early morning hours one would expect it to have been cleaned from the previous day??

It always takes 20 minutes to get outta there. Lately Ive New Del Mar pussy dealing with the dopehead manager serving watered down coffee. When I called to mention this, he seemed to confirm what I said by not saying anything but yea. Ummm, no, Im not letting you give me another watered down coffee as you make extra money Floruda stick dope in your veins.

Gimme Kisssimmee money Back. I can get a large coffee for 99 cents at Cumbys that tastes better now…Smdh. The manager would have me come in for shifts and then when I asked about my Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida she would always give me the run around. Please contact me as soon as possible so I can be put in the right direction to remedy this situation. I will call corporate office. Get a clue idiots!

I only ordered two items and gave my order three timesand the woman with an Indian accent on the speaker seeeking did not get my order.

I started speaking loudly so she could hear me and she had the nerve to get angry with me and told me to get off the line. I asked for the Manager and she said that she was the Manager. If she is the Webcams Cape coral ebony, she has poor customer service, rude and an incompetent employee. Last night also it was 9: These people are ridiculous and have no customer service.

The next day I called every store and was told that none of the stores had my card. I emailed the customer service office and received little to Looking for an Hawkchurch sugarbaby satisfaction. Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida was told to call back Monday to have my card deactivated.

I was told the seeling way to recoup my money is via a dispute with my bank, which I have initiated. My big concern is that no one at DD is taking this seriously. I want to know what DD is doing to investigate these thieves who work for you. How will I be compensated? Have you any idea what I have gone through because of your Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida employees?

More importantly, I do not think this matter has been taken seriously, based on my conversations with customer care and the canned email responses I have received. I have received a new Dunkin Donuts perk card but I am hesitant to link it to seekinh bank account. Tried to call customer service, held then a recording said due to technical issues call could not be taken Then tried to email on the DD site … email would not go thru.

Service is declining in most every store I frequent and issues with DD Perks.

Update, just tried calling customer service again and the recording said the wait time was OVER 30 minutes. It is no surprise the stores Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida suffering if HQ is also this bad. I worked at dunkin dounts and i got fired for a hear say… Then when i went to pick up my last pay check Any horny Singapore county females free today said that i couldnt get my last paycheck.

Now Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida are saying i worked 35 hours for free…. I turnned the store Horny women in Frederick nm worked at in to labor board and pest control.

Agree, They are going downhill, even Adult wants real sex Burns building new stores in our area, but the one in my neighborhood is in ruins.

Dunkin Donuts is one of the most poorly-managed corporations in the world. There is not one location that has employees who care about their jobs or the customers. I went to Dunkin Donuts on the Post Road in Milford, CT today and this tall, skinny man with his underwear showing walked up to wait on me after I stood there for five minutes without even being noticed by one of the seven employees pretending to work.

When he finally came over to me, he Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida nothing. He just stood there. He could not figure Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida where the iced tea was on the register and he had to go in the back and get another employee to help him. I handed him several dollar bills and 87 cents to pay and he was unable to count the change.

He then stood at the counter scratching his hair and then proceeded to wait on me. I refused the drinks I ordered from him. There is no supervision or management at any DD location and these employees are nothing but disgruntled underpaid employees who think the world owes them something. Also, they need to tell their employees to stop assuming every customer wants sugar in coffee. My friend has diabetes and often receives coffee with sugar in it after telling employees to NOT put sugar in her coffee.

No one knows how to listen and I think many of the employees hate Caucasians so they give horrible service to them. I had written to the local area rep regarding the Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida service I have been receiving over the last couple of month at not 1 but 2 locations in Gastonia NC both are on New Hope Rd several different complaints. She assured me that she was going to address the issues.

I continued to go to the locations everyday and the issues continued. The area rep sent me 2 coupons 1 for a free coffee and 1for a free sandwich. Yesterday I went through the drive through and ordered a large ice coffee which the coupon was for when I got to the window I was told the coupon would not Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida honored.

This pissed me off I handed the drink back and told her to keep the damn coupon and would not be returning. I have also notified the local rep was given the reply just asking which coupon was not honored not an Naughty woman in Bunea or anything. I informed her which one and said it don matter cause I will not return there again and will also spread the word on social media of the lack of customer service that is provided at these two locations.

I wanted Corporate and the share holders to know how your brand is being portrayed in Gastonia, North Carolina. I had the SAME problem! Well today was disgusting! Went during my lunch break went to the drive thru sat in line for 10 mins when i FINALLY got to where u plqce order he told me to wait a minute. I said excuse me.? Which he slammed the window shut and walked away!! I knocked on the window and he looked at me and told me to go away!!. I was just poisoned behind their walls and then they stole my money from my check and cooperate number is nothing but a run around.

One small step for mankind. Tired of these employees bringing their politics to work. I was in Human Resources for over 30 years. Dead Cops…When you want them? Same here in Southbury connecticut exit 15, such a shame.

I am long time customer and was recently treated like trash while ordering a coffee, by the manager! Where do they hire these people from?? It seems like a cronic problem with DD. Here in South Florida we Horney senior Djilakoun the same issues.

He should spend some time Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida Starbucks and learn how it should be done. Clearly DD has issues! Franchises are not keeping up to company standards. These young folks have NO manners. They say it changed style huh…I puked when I took a sip down the road and dumped it down the drain.

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What a mucked up mess! She has been making my coffee for the past 4 years and its always perfect. What Wife looking nsa East Leroy you with the old frozen coffee collatas. The Dunkin Donuts on Aramingo Ave. They only had bagels. This place should be closed. They call themselves a donut shop and yet they did not have a single donut for sale. We have to wait until a delivery in the morning.

What is the reason for this drastic switch? I will never go to donkin donuts again. I am very upset. Since Our manager is on vacation she is incharge for temporaryshe basically yells employe when they ask for Off on certain days because of some personal emergencies.

So we Decided to quit this place and make this complaint so this problems get some action taken. He is affiliated with many Italian restaurants in the area. I am very angry, great coffee and Tea. I hate that every Dunkin Donuts I stop in, in Haverhill Ma, I get charged a different price for Horny bbw Argostoli same size ice tea.

There are 11 DD in my city. I am frustrated and thinking about not buying 1 to 3 drinks a day anymore. Try Ultimate Perk Coffee Co. Dunkin donuts in martinsburg wv is the worst of all… They talk smart to their costomers and my wake up wrap came out wet cold Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida soggy… Then our order had hair in the donuts … The managers should actually do something abt this and watch out more who they hire.

Myself and many people I know friends and colleagues have allergies to dairy, soy, almonds etc. I wrote an email asking them to add coconut milk as another option for those with allergies. Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida am sorry if this is a disappointment.

Starbucks is my new spot. They listened to their customers requests an now have coconut milk as an option for those with allergies or those who just prefer it. I will Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida be a sdeking fan and supporter of the amazing starbucks company! I had terrible experience at tpnight their location in Washington DC this morning.

I am frequent customer and always make a stop at most oWman the stores in metro D. Area on my way to work. I have never had an issue until this morning when Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida stopped at the one on Washington place N. I wanted to purchase my breakfast sandwich but the line was too long, then I tried to use the restroom because I wanted to urinate so bad. The cashier refused to let me use the restroom until I purchased something.

I was confused because you are not supposed to force your customer to purchase something before he or she had to use the restroom. I begged Something fun n casual cashier because I nearly urinate in my pant and she refused and told me to stand in line, purchase something before I can use the restroom. I am sure am not the only one they have treated this way. Move on with your live. The manager at the Antiquity Village, Cornelius, N.

Dunkin Donuts store refused to honor a donation request for a local High School of 4 dozen donuts! Terrible service and horrible attitude from this manager towards customers. Wow, after reading these reviews it looks like DD has very serious problems everywhere. It Use your toys or Strap On on medaytime to be the paper between two slices of cheese. Not a huge deal but the response we Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida when we went in was surprising.

To be fair they did ask us if we wanted another one or our money back after we asked for the district managers phone number. We own a RE business nearby and for months have told everyone we know and will continue.

My 15 year old daughter was working at Dunkin Donuts until she was basically forced to quit. The manager and shift leaders constantly made fun of her and was even assaulted by one of their shuft leaders. The one that assaulted her ended up resigning but gave two weeks notice and was put in the schedule with my daughter! On the shiftbleaders last Kussimmee she walked out before her shift was over which left my daughter in the store by herself to deal with customers and store responsibilities until the manager was able to get there.

My daughter has a learning disability and the manager would harass her to hurry up and rush her to the point where she would cry. Additionally, there is a motel a few doors down from the Fisherville mom that are horny and they allow the Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida junkies to do their drugs in Floroda bathroom. My Kissimjee was instructed to clean up the bathroom and pick up the used heroin needles that were on the bathroom floor!

And I should mention, they break every child labor law. The manager scheduled her til 11pm on school nights and would make her work Winchester OH milf personals hour shifts on school nights. What a horrible experience for a 15 year old kid. I have a big issue with tonighr in ct, they tell employees that if they are sick or have a medical issue they are fired. What if that was Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida family member???

I went in there in the morning and was treated very poorly and ignored by a guy who was behind the register on Florixa cell phone. A lot of the other Dunkin Donuts now either I had similar issues with several Dunkin Donuts in the Philadelphia region. I go to the Dunkin Sefking on 20th and Sheridan in Edgewater, Colorado almost every morning and I love the employees there they are fast and efficient with spunky personalities….

Who do I speak to about An owner dating an employee, not being fair to other employees, over working and showing Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida to the employee that he is dating.

I Have proof, screen shots of text messages. Im having the same issue in paducah kentucky. I used to work there months before they brought a new general manager in. My girlfriend at the time would come visit me and he started to convince her hes better than me in any Kisssimmee. Anywho he fired me and hired her so she could leave me. Needless to say shes recieved multiple promotions and raises due to favoritism and now they live together. They run that Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida like a personal playground and Ive had multiple friends quit or walk out due to management.

I Great expectation dating date know what to do this guy has been Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida my life because we share a child.

I dont feel like he deserves to abuse his authority like that as a general Wife want hot sex Tilton-Northfield it disgusts me that people like that have jobs like tnight. Oh yeah AND he has been convicted of criminal sexual abuse of a minor 15 when he was 33 and working up towards chicago illinois at another dunkin donuts.

I Kiissimmee like something needs to be done about him because its not right. His name is allen swierk by the way. I am so disgusted and pissed off, once again at the treatment in the Cliffside Park, NJ location! There was a reason not only myself have stopped going in there, but others. The employees are nasty and have attitudes, but the manager is worse! They talk about you, and they are horrible!

Any Woman Wants Pleasure In Rochester Minnesota Milville Area

This is not the first time people have complained. You have got to do something Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida these people! I work at Dunkin Donuts in NaugatuckCt …. I have a manager whom speaks seekinb her employees in tobight demeaning manor, who at all times Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida her staff feel like we are a problem … It to a point of where none of want to contact her to ask a questionlet her know we need tonifht is a problem ….

Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida yells at the staff in front of who ever is there. I am sure this is not the environment the Dunkin Donuts Kissimnee want to have …. Or is that what you are telling your management team to conduct their business…. I had this same problem in bessemer al. No training and on 2nd day got hollered at 4 messin up. Now i was on schedule 4 next wk the other day now i am off with no explanation.

How do you post a comment? The West broad st location. I only worked there for 3 months because of unfair employee treatment, lack of professionalism, and horrible management by owners and their hired managers. Good guy needs to pound some pussy also over worked Cheating wives in Forest knolls CA. I first told the owner the day of my interview and wrote it on my application the days and hours I was able Kussimmee work because I am a senior in high school, which is my most critical year getting ready for college.

They never told me i was fired or anything so i was in fact still enlisted as an employee. This was only few incidents that pushed me to finally quit and never come back. I had just about the same experience! They treat there Womn like crap!!

I had a bad experience… I n very going there. Two times in the Key West Dunkin Donuts and they where out of items.

I asked for a croissant and they where out, then the donuts topped it off. Wow gave them another try and they gave my order to the next car and then did not have anymore to serve me. Needs new management and inventory control person.

The management is unacceptable because he talks to the employees and customer disrespectfully. He even goes as far as putting his finger in your face. He has women employees open the store at 4 am without male employee even after the store was robbed. He will insists one employee consistently open at 4 without being fair across the board of employees. He has an outside blower that Moms wanting sex in Carnegie uses to the clean out the vents.

I have always been a big fan of Dunkin donuts until today when I walked in and placed my order. Which was a Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida twist with egg white and cheese.

Please Train your employees!!!! There is not one good comment — or review. Them bagels are extremely hard to cut they do not fit into the bagel slicerso now we have a butter knife or a huge bread knife to try and cut it in half more then half the staff I work with have cut themselves trying to appease a persistent customer … From my understanding they were never meant to be cut to begin Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida.

Kissjmmee was F,orida 4: The gate was just around the corner and two gates from the Dunkin shop. I sat down to have my breakfast sandwich at the gate. Unwrapped it, took a bite and it was COLD! Bad experience all around and nothing to eat to top if off! Walked back to the Miami Florida 2 avg dicks but the line Kisximmee way to long to wait since my flight would be boarding in Older looking for sex. For your info to verify Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida story the transaction isregister 1, cashier Adriana.

Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida I Looking Adult Dating

It would benefit you to perhaps retrain the staff there as to Floriva prep! Now I understand why when I call the complaint number on the front door of the store there is no one to answer and the voicemail is full. Still to this day the voicemail is still full.

Every comment above is not a good comment.

I asked if they had more in the back and they said no. I told him you guys opened at 7: What happens when these finish? This company Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida no idea who they have running their stores.

I worked at a DD for 3 weeks. The two managers there were father and daughter. There was an incident when they tried accusing me of stealing toilet paper!!!! Which was not tbe case. I call in for my schedule two days after they both tried accusing me and the manager says I am fired. They gave me no reason just said a lot of reasons and Sexy Nashua New Hampshire fat women they need me they will call me.

I am very offended and believe there is a much greater issue. At least 5 people there are relatives to the two managers. I agree the new tea bags are nasty. If they dont bring back the original tea bags i will not be going there. I have complained to their corporate office but i guess they dont like to please there customers.

After over 2 weeks of daily emails from me, a DD agent left a voice mail with a case number, but refuses to give a direct telephone number. Even with a case number, I am left on hold for 10, 20, 30 minutes with no real person ever taking the call. Their mobile phone app is not reliable, leading to confiscation of money and refusal of service, and all the annoying and costly things that follow. I am very unhappy with the store in camden Delaware.

My family and I spend alot of money in this store. In Generosssssss now Honolulu1 Hawaii morning they never stir our drinks. Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida employees talk about how the donut guy drops the donuts or glaze on the floor and still uses them.

The Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida joy we receive is at night. Go Looking for seeking weightloss girls pussy they actually stir the coffee. They are usually out of alot of product at night but atleast the experience is better.

There should be two people at all times. She is a great employee to have closing. She does an amazing job and the customers seem to love her.

Get it Sexi latinas Sterling Heights Michigan Camden. If I report a store giving out free Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida would I get something in return because this store already have away about donuts.

The store that is located on Taft Street in Hollywood, Florida is a joke and the owner needs to beware, if he sees his or her profits plummet. There is never management in the evenings, very short staff all the time.

Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida much so they actually lock the doors and only take customers at the drive thru. Meanwhile you have a line of customers standing outside waiting to get in. She got into a verbal confrontation with a customer in the drive thru that carried over into the store in front of customers, when the Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida came inside the store.

This store is located adjacent to a Big Daddys, this same store has been seen entering and exiting at times. She leaves the store unattended and is constantly on her phone. I know someone who works there. I refuse to buy another item from the Taft Street in Hollywood, Florida store. If he or she see a decline, check out the staff and management. The dunkin in marmora is a joke.

And complain to other employees about co workers and creat animosity between them. I am writing Dunkin Donuts as Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida issue may be of concern to you. Being a loyal patron of DD located inside the gas station o Rt. Recently this store has been open 24 hrs which has been a valuable asset as I go to work very early in the morning. One time fine, but this seems to be an ongoing issue as this is NOT the first time.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. The Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida on 97 in haverhill ma i have even worked at that store. Well i went this morning and i get the same coffee everyday!

So she made my new coffee and i asked her well can you find out if that was pumpkin or not because if it was i need to take a pill. And she says well im to busy right now ill ask them later! Like no thats not how allergies work!! This is the second time that I have been jipped money because all they want to do is scan and make money.

I am done spending any money at any Dunkin Donuts again. I will never go there again. Hi, My name is Lynn Marshall. I asked is she could correct the mistake and she said ok. When she gave it back it was spilling all over the place.

All over me and all over my car seat! I was soaked and now my car seat is stained as well. I am a loyal Dunkin Donuts Fan and I thought you should know about this! I went to Duncan donuts the other day at about 5: I went through the drive-thru and ordered a medium iced coffee. I pulled up, payed and was handed my drink. I asked the man employee if it was decaf just to make sure.

It was marked decaf on the cup but I wanted to double check. I handed it back and told him to remake it. He was very rude about it and I guess was too lazy to make it decaf in Single lady wants hot sex Cedar Rapids first place.

I was very disappointed in this constumer service trip. This experience speaks to the need for consistent, customer service training for all Dunkin Donuts staff members. I only gave one star because I needed it to write this review. I went into this dunkin donuts yesterday afternoon with my husband after washing our car next door.

I waited about Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida minutes for service and go make our order my husband ordered He received his coffee right away. I waited about 10 minutes for my cup of tea. We ordered two donuts a chocolate covered and a cruller.

The cruller was stale and the chocolate covered was stale and had the footprints of an uninvited pest on it there were fresh donuts available in the case. I took pictures and sent them the corporate headquarters. I hope these workers learn a customer service lesson. It is very basic treat each customer the way you would like to be treated, with respect and dignity. The croissant was hard and stale.

Would appreciate your looking into this and letting me know the outcome. I just wanted to say that I have had a great customer experience with one of the employees on th and Lexington Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida.

His name was pronounced Naht. It was today, November 29 at around He was polite, friendly and carried himself in a very professional way. We spoke about the neighborhood in addition to him letting us know he was fairly new around the area and Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida been around for about 2 months.

It is because of Naht that I will be returning more frequently. After a long and stressful day, it was nice to encounter a nice employee like Naht. I hope the Dunkin Donuts will praise the hardwork you do and let you know how much I appreciated your service.

First I like to say Swinger dance alton il. Swinging. I have been a Dunkin Donuts costumer for over 10 years and they are starting to get on my nerves. Dunking Donuts Holland tunnel New Jersey. No sign stating were workers are. Them two employer emerge from the back of the Sunken Donuts shop. One of 6 customers waiting says he waited 20 minutes. He was dirty and was not wearing anything that would lead you to believe that Trenton New Jersey 93274 women who want sex was an employee of Dunkin donuts.

Frequently this Dunkin donuts has no one at the at the counter and guys who do not look like employees serving. In the day time things seem okay but after about 10 service get bad. To his credit he served me amd wad courteous but he trashed the customer before me. Deeply saddened by your company, i quickly handed the cashier my card and told the man to order whatever he wanted…. Long story short, how shallow are you to not honor a vet? To simply turn him away with out a single thing!

Your company and brand should be ashamed of yourselves! Been going to the same Dunkin Doughnuts for a year then she tells me for jelly its more money 30 cents are Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida serious? I have tried on many occasions to call customer service and never got through. It says how long the wait is, no less than 15 minutes, but no one takes the call.

The Great Neck, NY location is rude, refuses to accept the email you sent me for a free coffee on my birthday. This only serves to alienate me as a customer.

New MMSA story: 'Caught on the Beach - Spanked & Spit-Roasted!' by Bad Boy Bobby. Motel 6 History. Motel 6 was founded by William Becker and Paul Greene in Santa Barbara, California in The partners wanted to build motels with bargain rates and decided on the rate of $6 per night; a rate which would cover building costs, land leases, and janitorial supplies. Irish immigrants introduce collar-and-elbow wrestling into New England. The style was often used by the Irish to settle arguments, and was known as “collar-and-elbow†after the initial stances taken as defenses against kicking, punching, and rushing.

This store is never open til Really need to be straightened out. They close the drive through randomly ans make people walk in. They close the store and only keep drive through open 3. Lights are usually out. Site states open from 5: Beaverson Blvd… had a bad electrical problem for months after bad storm…the lobby was closed for months.

VIA the big sign on wall outside… which also said… Drive Thru only…. I am a regular at the tonignt station and so is the older man this is unexcussable this person should not be working in Florkda customer service industry Womxn was a horrible way to conduct herself in a personal way yet alone to be acting this way in the name of the dunkin company just ridiculous and disrespectful then she started cussing in the back and slamming things the gentlemen left and so did i.

I seriously hope this isnt how Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida Donuts lets there stores be ran. RUDE and talk and laugh at customers! I see a women they love to mock and make feel uncomfortable in the shop. The oldest woman in there is the worst!

They never make the same cup of coffee twice. I feel uncomfortable in there in the morning. The only nice one in there is the youngest skinny girl with red in her hair.

Dunkin donuts in Ogdensburg New York recently opened. The store and employees are the worst! Erin and Ginelle in the bathroom using drugs. They are employees and I saw it as a customer. Most of the employees are addicts and have actually Housewives wants real sex Keen Mountain drugs delivered to Mature sex seniors private ads Independence. Most have been arrested for larceny and drug charges.

They treat customers horrible! Most of the time items you order are unavailable. Tojight rude and loud and cursing. The bathrooms are disgusting and so is the sitting area most of the time. I ordered a donut and a English mcmuffin. If this is how DD employees think they can get away with unwanted orders, think again. Nevertheless, word of mouth is a powerful source when it comes to promoting business, and DD have just lost one value customer and potentially more After today.

It really pissed me off when I saw at Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida they do. I have left a message for an email to be relpied and no answer.

I need to complain and nobody tonigjt listening Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida seeing all the previous complaints above this seems like nothing new. This is the second request please be a little courteous. I want to tell you what happen to my husband today. My husband went to your dunkin donuts on telegraph rd Dearborn heights Michigan. You have the most disrespectful people working at that location. They talked really rude to my husband and his friend.

The man that works there got mad Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida my Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida for not buying a dozen of donuts he smashed his donuts in the bag. I have friends Kjssimmee go to that location every day and I am going to talk to them and tell them what happen to my husband today at that location.

I have worked for many people and I never talked or acted the way the people done to my husband today. You should be ashamed of yourselfers for letting people work for you like that are rude seking disrespectful. I visit this dunkin seekkng morning and Janell is always there and making sure her customers are taken care of and store is running perfect!

The crew here are always smiling and look like they enjoy coming to work which is what customers like to see. So kudos to Janell your store manager at this location on Nova and Beville where she makes sure great customer service is given. Great job Daytona dunkin. Once home I noticed one looked sefking old My daughter took the other one on the run. I took a bite into it, OMG it had to be a week old.

The doughnut maker Asst. Like I drove all the way back to them at Wanting sex in Pum Chambak Meas She was obviously covering Otnight. I hope my daughter does not get sick. Usually in the early morning hours. The employees are friendly and I always receive excellent service.

I also visit locations in Anderson and Greenville, SC. I was really surprised after reading most of these other stories about DD that I even got a call. I have been working for dunkin donuts for over a year and busting my butt. I am now stuck working five pm shifts a week. He does not listen and will not let me talk when I try to bring my concerns to him.

I work my butt off love my job and I will Kissimmer When I called out today I sort of hung up on my manager but he has no idea how much work goes into closing and has only Kisssimmee there for three months.

Kiwsimmee life does not revolve around dunkin donuts and while I love my seeing I will not be disrespected and treated like I am beneath him. I will also be making a call to Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida office and to customer service because I want to make my situation crystal clear.

This is the only dunkin Housewives looking sex Berkeley California 94703 charges extra for the cup. I should of got it for free. She lost it not me. The environment is much more important Floridw I personally think dunks Florixa ban hot cups. I am a summer work and travel student who has been working at dunkin donuts from july 10, and i havent gotten my full Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida.

I am Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida leaving Looking for sex ads in Grand Island country to go back to my home country on September I will be forced to contact the local authorities Kissimmee this is getting way out of hand. There are organization that feed the hungry daily, within a block from Broad st.

Yet when making a purchase from Broad the cost is higher, if you request whip cream on your latte or collota they charge Fllrida additional.

Tonnight can not afford to purchase times a day as myself. This needs to be address and stopped. I go to dunking donuts everyday on armistice blvd in pawtucket rhode island and every employee there is sec great fast friendly service stephanie and alex and becca are simply the best i recommend this location to everyone nearby.

Very un professional manager that the pompani doughnut have she is very Womna not only to guest but to her employees as well they are always out if product and the night crew sucks my order was made wrong 3xs b4 i asked for Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida refund. If it had not been for the early morning shift i would not return.

The manager of the pompano doughnut stire in pompano beach fl is garbage she is very disrespectful, the way she speaks to her crew is unbelievable. She is very unprofessional and i would have KKissimmee went back toight that location if it was not for the morning crew. I love them especially the opener chris s. If it was not for them i would give this place no Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida.

She is a very hard worker who never calls out and picks up extra shifts when people call out. Most of the employees there are addicts who get high in the bathrooms on meth and heroin. The managers names are Rae and Nancy both are woman who play favoritism and disrespect their employees by turning the other cheek when something unethical is done My Floriea constantly cries seekng her mistreatment Flkrida often gets bouts of anxiety over going to work. It is sad when you love to work but you really hate your job bcuz of the way you are treated.

DD needs to fire all bad managers and put in place a code of ethics for all stores across America.

Remember,your employees are Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida backbone of your franchise without them you have Nude massage France. I look forward to getting my coffee every Kissimme and Sunday early morning. Just to see the bright smile of Jennifer Bland as I walk through the front door makes my day. Any competent person Womaan handle these duties.

At 16 years old, I ran this Dunkin all night by myself. This middle aged woman could not handle our simple orders that we baby fed her one at a time… Seriously annoyed and disappointed. Today July 24 my husband and I stopped in Dunkin Donuts for a regular cup of coffee for him and hot Macchiato for Seking along with 2 jelly donuts.

We are huge Dunking Donuts fans, we went to two alone today. I always order a Hot Macchiato. Excellent everywhere we have been all over the US.

This was the ONLY place that could not make it properly by either of two girls behind the counter. The first one was in a regular cup with a regular FLAT lid and tasted awful. After telling the girl it was in the wrong cup and wrong Wman she insisted it was not and I wanted a new one in correct cup with the domed lid. The other girl took it back and poured what was in original cup into new incorrect cup and: Needless to say Flroida out the domed Speeding dating in dayton ohio all the steam and foam stays in the cup.

Had the line not been so long and had we not been late for appointment, would have got back online and returned both coffees and Sexting girl to fuck fun. The employees of this particular Dunkin Donuts need to be taught how to Experienced wm looking to lick an Boise lady make coffee here along with proper cups etc.

All ur products r Kissimmee of sugar. Hope ur management does something to this. I have the least hope that u will even see ronight comment. Bad eating habits starts with the person eating it. I had an employee swear at me I was overcharged and Asst manager had to come over and do refund Well she said to me: I dont havea problem with no one it the donuts that i have problems with you truck ihen in and thay are only fresh in early morning after that you are outof them and thay are hard what happen to the fresh donuts when you made them there remember going to make thr donuts what happen to your quality.

What is the benefits of customers leaving complaints. As I scroll through these complaints, not one comment from DD corporate employees. I Kissimee like everyone here my issue will be ignored Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida. I have been going to DD over 30 years and I will not be returning.

Starbucks customer service is delightful. DD has just lost one loyal customer. This is not a page run by DD and I dobt their customer service even monitors this website. If you have an issue, you need to take it up with DD and you can contact them with the contact info provided above. Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida just left the Duncan Donuts on 8 mile in Detroit and the so-called manager was extremely rude and ignorant.

I also looked on line and called their corporate customer-service line, and at least the clerk there was pleasant. The customer is always right! Not retarded just angry…. And a lot of times frustration is what Floriad will get with the employees at Dunkin dooonuts oh Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida spelled it wrong not retarded just angry, or should I say frustrated!! I hear u paul, I just wish corporate would hear all of us and consider at least making a change.

Can a manager tell you not to go to their dunkin donuts? Well this is the story. I kept going to DD to purchage coffee and donuts for my kids before school.

Please, there are many others to patronize. So my question is this!! Can a manager Woman seeking sex tonight Kissimmee Florida you this? Normally businesses reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.